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MAGA Conservative Kristina Karamo Wins MI GOP Chair Race

Conservative All Star Kristina Karamo, whom we endorsed in her campaign for Michigan Secretary of State, has been elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Michigan, making her the first black female chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

Her victory appeared to be an upset of Matthew DePerno, another vocal champion of former President Donald J. Trump who had his backing in the leadership contest.

As Patty McMurray explained in an article for the Gateway Pundit, “ Karamo won the chair race with 58% of the vote to the former MI AG candidate Matt DePerno’s 42%. The final vote was tallied after three rounds of voting that took place over 11 hours at the MI GOP State Convention, where thousands of delegates gathered together to choose the person they believe will do the best job of reinventing what many believe is a broken party that needs to be burned to the ground and rebuilt in the image of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, and not billionaire bully Betsy DeVos or former useless GOP chairs like Laura Cox or country club GOP Chair Bobby Schostak.”

As Ms. McMurray explained, Karamo’s election put the Democrat stenographers in the news media into full meltdown mode, “The media will continue to lose their minds throughout the night, as Karamo has repeatedly called them out for pushing fake news or refused to speak with reporters like Craig Mauger or Detroit News Editorial Editor Nolan Finley, who once told me he has “no use for Trump Republicans.” The truth is Republicans in Michigan no longer have any use for fake news reporters or cowardly Republican elected officials who are afraid to stand up to the Left and are only looking for their next cocktail party or opportunity to advance themselves while ignoring the voices of their constituents. As Michigan’s next GOP leader, Karamo will be a breath of fresh air. She is a humble public servant who is sincere about fighting to restore a broken party that no longer trusts its leadership. If anyone can restore trust in the party, it is Karamo.”

A few examples of the over=the=top media reactions will suffice to make Ms. McMurray’s point:

From the Associated Press, “Election conspiracist Kristina Karamo, who was overwhelmingly defeated in her bid to become Michigan’s secretary of state, was chosen Saturday to lead the state’s Republican Party for the next two years.”

From the UK's Gaurdian,” Election denier Kristina Karamo chosen to lead Michigan Republican party.”

From the New York Times, “Michigan G.O.P. Installs Kristina Karamo, an Election Denier, as Leader”

What really set the Lefty media off was Kristina Karam’s plan to investigate and fight the systemic vote fraud and other election crimes that have plagued Michigan for decades.

The New York Times reported, while Mr. DePerno had nabbed the big-name endorsements, including that of Mike Lindell, the MyPillow chief executive who ran for Chairman of the Republican National Committee, it was Ms. Karamo’s fan base that ultimately delivered her the victory. And to them, her refusal to accept defeat last fall seemed to be a factor.

“To a lot of us, that makes her somewhat of a heroine,” said Mark Forton, a Trump loyalist who dropped out of the chairman race and said he would support Ms. Karamo instead. Mr. DePerno eventually did concede his defeat in the attorney general’s race.

Jordyn Hermani, writing for reported that for delegates like Abigail Hicks, of St. Clair County, uniting the party is important – but so is continuing to pursue election security.

“She resonates with the people,” Hicks said of Karamo. “They see that she’s sincere. They see that she has the same passion that most of us delegates have – to see things change in the Republican Party.

“We feel that the Republican Party has not supported our values and that they’ve kind of gone off in their own direction. And that’s not the direction we the majority of delegates want.”

From our perspective Ms. Karamo’s election is crucial to restoring election integrity in Michigan, which is an important first step on the road back to winning elections for Wolverine State Republicans, but it has the added benefit of making Far Left “journalists” crazy because Ms. Karamo happens to be black, and conservative.

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Mike M
Mike M
Feb 21, 2023



What would lefty journalists be able to write if they didn't have words such as "conspiracists" and "denier" to insert here and there?


Mike M
Mike M
Feb 21, 2023

Although I know absolutely nothing about her, apparently her election is driving the liberals crazy. And for me that's more than sufficient. Because anything that drives liberals any more bat s*** crazy than they already are is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

Replying to

We need 49 more like her . . . !

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