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McGary: To Fight the Deep State and the Globalists, Trump is Our Only Choice

America has reached another critical “time for choosing” and must delicately tread as we exercise extraordinary wisdom. While facing ominous crossroads, many have grown weary of

combatting hysterical “wokesters” (those embracing cancel culture, censoring and targeted abuse of dissenting voices) as they rule over workplaces, courtrooms, legal systems, political “leadership” and machinations of global masterminds.

Tired and confused by shrill “movements” proclaiming “justice,” many faithful Americans are wearing down. Many want to be relieved from constantly feeling on the defensive, fighting on behalf of someone who evokes utter derangement from mindless masses (with just the mention of his name). So many Americans are tired of defending “mean tweets” and other messages from someone who always seems to perturb instead of uniting people. Many are now saying, “It’s time to move away from Trump.” It’s an understandable sentiment … but not so fast! Let’s make sure we don’t fall for the purposeful misdirection of nefarious forces.

Misdirection Could Scorch Us

One of the most powerfully compelling ways to take advantage of weaknesses is through misdirection. For example, basketball superstar Steph Curry’s dribble and passes around the court are designed to incorporate misdirection; if his opponents can’t keep up and anticipate his deceptive use of misdirection as fundamental to his basketball skill, they and their teams’ defensive game tanks — Curry scorches them!

Many are now saying, “It’s time to move away from Trump.” It’s an understandable sentiment … but not so fast!

Misdirection can apply to any domain of life. These days, misdirection has been a potent tool in politics. The “J6” committee deploys misdirection by decrying “insurrectionists” while they hide vital exculpatory information that could set many imprisoned Americans free. Misdirection is Biden’s tool when he blames “predecessors’ failures” while his failures abound (with Afghanistan withdrawal, economy, border security, crime, and almost every arena of his policy-making). Now, anti-Trumpers, Leftists, globalists, establishment GOP, and others are using misdirection tactics that encourage the American electorate to focus on “trauma” and inconveniences endured over the past several years to undermine a Trump 2024 presidency.

But we must ask: Has America devolved to the point that because we’ve grown weary of fighting constant aggravations from “wokesters” and “Trump,” we succumb to the clever tactics of political insiders? Due to notable provocations (via woke culture and Trump), have we become weak, easily manipulated, and gullible? Will “new shiny objects” (like DeSantis and others) blind us from focusing on menacing imminent threats that require a “fighter” for president instead of a “kinder/gentler” candidate?

The DeSantis Distraction

Indeed Gov. Ron DeSantis is a successful governor and an incredible example of leadership, statesmanship, and prudence. Gov. DeSantis will undoubtedly make a great U.S. President someday. But, even with his incredible stature and bona fides, his “day” is not now. The emergence of DeSantis is being used as a new “shiny object” to distract; he is being positioned as a way to misdirect us, not to help us.

Nefarious forces understand that a DeSantis 2024 candidacy can disrupt and disorient the fervent Trump base. And that’s the goal! Unscrupulous forces need more time to fully incorporate global governance schemes and collapse the “U.S.” so it is readily absorbed into the utopian dream of the “Great Reset.”

First-hand Experience at Ground Zero Matters

America needs a president who will take immediate action to decimate corrupt and ineffective government departments and agencies and then extricate the U.S. from unconstitutional global partnerships. Unfortunately, it will take a minimum of 2-4 years for any reform-minded President to understand the current “lay of the land” in Washington, DC. That delay plays into the hands of the deep state and globalists, who are firmly entrenched, well-connected, and happily abetting the global reset.

The overwhelming evidence of myriad fraud, malfeasance and abuse at the hands of the “deep state” (unelected government officials operating extralegally to uphold government bureaucracies), demands we elect a president with current experience in Washington DC, and who has witnessed and undergone unlawful targeting and abuse by the deep state and globalists. First-hand experience at ground zero builds a comprehensive understanding of the depth and threat of the deep state; a person so experienced would act with haste to dismantle and stop extra-constitutional bad actors.

Additionally, we need a president who will immediately work to extricate America from onerous global schemes that undermine the U.S. constitution and sovereignty. Finally, we need a determined “fighter” who (because of direct experience) already fully understands America’s foes, including conniving “Washington insiders,” myriad deep state threats, ineffective departments/agencies, and exploitative globalist threats.

Unite and Fight

I will happily support anyone who is willing to take “immediate action” and is a “fighter.” To be sure, only one presidential candidate meets the demand for a confirmed “fighter,” has undergone targeting, threats, and assaults (from Washington insiders and globalists), and is still committed to sacrificing his life and liberty for America. That’s Donald J. Trump! This is not the time to get squeamish and quit on him, it’s time to unite and fight for him!

Defending petty tweets, hyperbolic antics, and always being on the defensive when confronted by our woke culture are trivial inconveniences compared to the urgency of the moment for America! The decision calculus is simple: we decide to get back into the “fight” for America by uniting behind Trump, or we succumb to misdirection/delay tactics of nefarious forces, as they demand rejection of Trump. Hence, they win by leveraging more time toward implementing the Great Reset.

Let’s not allow ourselves to grow weary. Let’s not be deceived by contrived schemes of misdirection. Instead, let’s demonstrate the American spirit again by taking the “fight” against all tyranny. We must unite to elect the one well-equipped and determined to eviscerate all evil and oppressive forces undermining America. America is worth it, so let’s unite and fight … for TRUMP 2024!

Author Kevin McGary is President of Every Black Life Matters, Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California and is an executive with the Douglass Leadership Institute and the Northstar Leadership PAC. This article first appeared in The Stream and appears here by the kind permission of the author.

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Dec 05, 2022

Trump spent 4 years doing trial and error with his administration and he had it working. He now KNOWS who the real Patriots are within his party and he KNOWS what the far left and fake news has in store for him during campaigning for the next election. No other candidate can step up and weather the storm better than our good old flamboyant hard assed New York businessman.

He is a gift, let's not throw him away.


James Bryson
James Bryson
Dec 05, 2022

Noted: The Demonfrauds have many modes of election fraud, HOWEVER, until we move away from hackable-selection machines, and restore paper ballot, same day, voter ID elections, until then THERE IS NO ELECTION INTEGRITY.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Dec 04, 2022


Excellent Article. Let's not let Trump's personality traits override Trump's understanding of the problems in the United States of America. Trump recognizes and understands what needs to be done to SAVE AMERICA. He knows to put US Citizens' interests first, Clean up the Deep State (The entire Federal Government), Control our borders, restore trust in Elections, reduce Crime, make our Military strong, reduce Inflation to 1-2 percent (restore a strong Economy), make the US Energy independent, and restore trust, confidence and respect for United States of America throughout the world. Perhaps there are others who can accomplish what needs to be done but at this time Trump is in the best position to do what is necessary to SAVE…


Dec 02, 2022

Trump is like the "Western"gun fighter the town hired to kick out the crooked "Mayor and Sheriff Cabal". Like in the movies the "town" did not support the gun fighter to stick around after he did what he promised. He was "uncouth"? Now the town is back in trouble with an even worse new "Mayor and Sheriff Cabal". Maybe this time they will give him the chance to prove his methods actually are in the best interest of the towns people.

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