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Momentous Supreme Court Decisions Powered By Relentless Engagement With Grassroots Conservatives

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Today's Supreme Court victory reversing Roe v. Wade is once again a reminder of the significant impact of the grassroots conservative activists and donors who have supported and our prolife clients.

· How many prolife organizations have been clients over 57+ years? A dozen or more.

· How much money did we raise for them? Millions of dollars.

· How many supporters did we reach with the message that Planned Parenthood and the related forces supporting the abortion of unborn babies (and now even outright infanticide) could be fought? Millions.

· And how many individual's spirits across the country did we bolster with our messages that Roe could be overturned? Millions more.

· And that good can still triumph over evil, even in light of the disintegration of the culture we see around us every day. An untold number.

We know we and our clients have engaged tens of millions of individuals in this great crusade and that their energy and financial support were directly responsible for gathering the resources to litigate cases, like Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and to create the political environment in which conservative originalist jurists could be appointed to the Supreme Court.

Without the unwavering energy of the prolife and pro-family organizations, and their supporters, this week's Supreme Court decisions wouldn't have happened.

Stop and think for a moment where we might be if prolife and pro-family organizations had not been able to rally millions of voters who stood up and said “no” to the confirmation to the Supreme Court of Far-Left Democrats like Merrick Garland and values-free Republicans, like Harriet Miers.

If public opinion were different, and our side weaker, we would not have even had today's justices on the court. And it would have been easy for SCOTUS to rule otherwise.

And the same can be said for the result in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen.

When the late Bill Richardson came to me with the plan to launch Gun Owners of America the Second Amendment was a second-class right that was regularly under assault in state legislatures, city halls and Congress.

Since then, millions of activated conservatives have responded to our work and given money to fund litigation, elect pro-constitution candidates to office and lobby to ensure that there is no further erosion of the natural right to self-defense guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

While we express our thankfulness to God above all others, and to prolife and pro-constitution leaders, unwavering grassroots activists, judicial constitutionalists, etc., I offer our staff, past and present, my heartfelt gratitude for their part in these historic victories for life and for liberty.

Without your work and leadership, we may have never seen this day.

So only second behind our prayers of thanks to God, we say thank you to all our employees, past and present, and to the friends and donors who fought the fight with us and helped to preserve our rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment and made the reversal of Roe possible.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jun 27, 2022

Maxine Walters, Alexandria Cortez (AOC) Speaker Pelosi, caught trash talking against the high court decision overturning Roe vs Wade. could this be a different type of infection, spreading from monkey pox? effecting the minds of democrat women in politics? What could be causing such violent outrages behavior for public officials?


I hope everyone who believes in freedom and autonomy over one's body unites to fight back with the same menace and alacrity the gun nuts have.

Replying to

I'm like an old school Republican, I believe one's liberty extends as far as one's nose. So if one didn't exhale in public, I'd argue they shouldn't be subjected to vaccine mandates.

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