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Must-See Christian Movie ‘Nefarious’ In Theaters Tomorrow

Nefarious, the must-see movie by the Christian entertainment team of Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, is coming out as a Limited release tomorrow – Friday, April 14, 2023. Click here to go to the Nefarious website to find a theater near you.

Konzelman and Solomon are the real deal in entertainment that explores Christian themes. Among Chuck Konzelman film credits are God's Not Dead: We The People, Unplanned, and God's Not Dead 2. He also was a producer for Unplanned and God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness. Cary Solomon’s credits include writer and director of Unplanned and God's Not Dead 2 and a producer for Unplanned and God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness.

It may seem counterintuitive to many to find a Christian film within the horror genre. However, one of the biggest criticisms about modern Christian films is that the portrayals of real life are so overwhelmingly uplifting that it borders on parody.

It is rare to see a Christian film or even a modern Christian sermon that covers the topic of sin. Because, as Jacob Smith observed in his review of Nefarious, “Whenever anyone shines a light on the evils that consume our world every day, people tend to get uncomfortable in the face of defined definitions of right and wrong.”

Nefarious isn’t the kind of horror movie that features Freddy Kruger popping out of every closet door to lift you out of your seat, rather it is an exploration of the roots of evil and how they manifest in our world.

Everyone reading this has heard of the term “culture wars” when describing the effects that entertainment has on our society. Nefarious lives by the creed that we are not in a “culture war” but a “spiritual war” for the souls of every human being. Forget everything you know about modern horror films when discussing this movie because the rules of secular Hollywood do not apply here, observed Mr. Smith – and he’s right.

We here at CHQ prefer the term “spiritual war” to “culture war” for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that the withering of our country’s spiritual life is expressed not just in the cultural degradation manifested in the artifacts of modern American society, but the apparent triumph of evil on our streets, and in the halls of government and our courtrooms and legislatures.

The move stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Jordan Belfi and Tom Ohmer and the premise of the film is about a man, Edward Wayne Brady, sitting on death row awaiting the last moments of his life after committing a series of horrible murders.

However, Brady (Sean Patrick Flanery), claims to be a demon as he speaks with psychiatrist Dr. James Martin (Jordan Belfi), who has been ordered to determine whether Brady is mentally fit to withstand execution. Brady, who refers to himself as Nefarious, tells the doctor that by the end of the day he will be responsible for the death of at least three people.

We are not going to do any spoiler alerts, but the plot and framing of the movie give it a power beyond its relatively small cast and set. The movie succeeds through gripping audiences with masterful dialogue and a showcase in character-to-character storytelling.

Jacob Smith observed there are not going to be very many films released this year that are going to make you think on the level of Nefarious. It is a film that is not only entertaining, but also makes you question what side of the battle between good and evil you are truly on.

Mr. Smith concluded Nefarious is one of the best movies to come out in 2023 and at this point should be considered one of the best movies of the year – and we agree. Click here to go to the Nefarious website to find a theater near you.

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