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New Florida Connection In Biden Corruption Probe

Paul Sperry has just broken the story that the House Impeachment Inquiry has now sent Biden crony and Ukraine auto magnate John Hynansky a letter requesting he come in for a

transcribed interview to explain his sweetheart loans to the Bidens.

Property records revealed by Mr. Sperry prove Ukrainian luxury car dealer Hynansky, who stands to lose some 50 dealerships in Ukraine from the war with Russia, helped Biden family pay off liens on their South Florida beachfront property with a $500,000 sweetheart loan.

The property is located on Keewaydin Island in the exclusive Keewaydin Club enclave. The island is only accessible by boat and is located on the south side of the Gordon River Pass across from Port Royal, where homes listed for as much as $174 million front one of the most sought-after beaches in America.

The letter states in part:

As part of this investigation, the Committees have reviewed bank records related to President Biden’s brother and sister-in-law, James and Sara Biden, and an entity associated with them, the Lion Hall Group. According to these bank records, on June 3, 2016, the Lion Hall Group received a $75,000 wire with the memo, “LOAN FOR PROMISSARY NOTE,” from Winner Imports Inc., an entity associated with you. Furthermore, it is reported that you and your family donated over $100,000 to Joe Biden’s campaigns and causes associated with him.

The same article also indicates that in May 2015, you, through an entity, provided a $500,000 loan to James and Sara Biden. The Committee is interested in the nature and purpose of these alleged loans that occurred while Joe Biden was serving as Vice President. Accordingly, we request that you make yourself available for a transcribed interview with Committee staff so that you can be questioned about James and Sara Biden’s business dealings, including the $575,000 that they appear to have received from entities associated with you.

So, what’s the relationship between Joe Biden and John Hynansky?

As Freddy Gray of the UK’s Spectator explained, it has been a long one, and very lucrative for Mr. Hynansky:

There’s also the curious case of John Hynansky, the Ukranian-American businessman in Delaware who Biden in 2009 called ‘my very good friend.’ After the 2014 Ukraine crisis, Joe Biden’s brother Jim and his wife Sara received $900, 000 in loans linked to an entity controlled by Hynansky. Is it a coincidence that, from 2009 to 2012, Hynansky’s company, the Winner Automotive Group, received more than $20 million from the Overseas Private Investment Group, a federal body that gives out international development loans?

Nobody knows. In the fog of the Ukraine war, such questions seem to get lost.

But we don’t have to rely on Mr. Gray’s reporting as our sole source for these allegations. As Paul Sperry reported back in April of this year, Hynansky family members have been guests at the White House, and Hynansky has floated hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans to Biden family members, property records show. Hynansky’s son, Michael, who helps run his car empire, lent the use of his Lear jet to Biden when he was a senator.

Mr. Sperry reported, the Biden administration helped Hynansky’s team in Ukraine prepare for the invasion, including placing calls to his top executive in Kiev 13 days in advance of Russian tanks crossing the border. It has sent billions of dollars to help rebuild war-torn cities where Hynansky operates the largest share of the country’s car showrooms and service centers specializing in Porsches, Jaguars, Land Rovers, and Bentleys, among other non-American brands he imports.

Mr. Sperry further reported, the connection between Joe Biden and Hynansky’s business ventures dates back to 2009, when the then-vice president made his first visit to Ukraine. In a speech in Kiev to government officials, Biden singled out Hynansky for praise, noting that he had just had breakfast with “my very good friend, John Hynansky.” (The previous year, Hynansky had individually contributed more than $33,000 to the Obama-Biden ticket primarily through the Obama Victory Fund, according to FEC records.)

Within months of his hobnobbing with the vice president and local officials in the Ukrainian capital, observed Mr. Sperry, Hynansky scored his first international development loan from the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation, or OPIC, a federal body whose board was appointed by President Obama. Hynansky used the $2.5 million to break ground on a new headquarters and massive distribution center outside Kiev that prepares 8,000 cars for sale every year. In 2012, Hynansky landed another $20 million in OPIC funding to expand his dealership facilities, federal records show, helping him corner roughly 25% of the luxury car market in Ukraine.

"The proceeds of the loan will be used to construct and operate two new, state-of-the-art dealership facilities for Porsche and Land Rover/Jaguar automobiles, and repay any outstanding balance of an existing OPIC loan,” according to a 2012 OPIC financing document.

So, just to be clear about who benefited, Mr. Sperry reported the terms of the OPIC loans state that all cars sold at his dealerships would be imported from Europe, not the United States, which meant that American-based automakers would not benefit from the taxpayer-backed venture. Under "U.S. economic impact,” the loan summary states that the jobs created from the deal would be created in "the host country, Ukraine,” not America. The terms of the loan also deferred Hynansky’s paying the principal on the loans for almost three years during construction, according to the OPIC document, which called the deferment a “grace period."

Once again, evidence surfaces that Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, James Biden and their cronies have what amounts to a parasitic relationship with the American taxpayers, with Joe Biden being the vector that allows them to grift from foreign rent-seekers and plunder the American Treasury.

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If Biden is impeached and convicted, we end up with President Cackle. She might be worse than Biden. We need to focus on making sure Biden is not re-elected next year. Impeachment without conviction might actually galvanize his supporters and other Democrats.


The bottom line is this: nothing will ever happen to crooked Biden. The Deep State--which includes a lot of swampy Republicans--will not allow it. To paraphrase Bush 41, read my lips--no charges or indictments . . . ever . . .


It becomes clearer every day that Joe Biden and his brood of criminals don't like the American people. They arrange for the American taxpayer to give away money that benefits several commercial enterprises in foreign markets, but not any American companies or American citizens, except the Biden's who benefit financially from the deal. Do I have that right? Congress needs to impeach that SOB, then Justice needs to indict him. I have little faith in the former and none in the latter.

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TRUMP 47 . . . !

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