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Predictions and Election Watch: Water Cooler Vignettes From Steve Stockman (11 through 21)

Just as Alice in Wonderland experienced, the Democrats have created a surreal environment for us. President Trump is fighting such insane notions that logic slips away amidst withering

attacks by the press and Democrats.

The burning cities you see live on CNN are not really burning; nor are statues being toppled. No. You’re seeing peaceful protests. In the underworld of Alice, elected Democrat officials blame President Trump for not stopping the violence of "peaceful protests" that the Democrats support and promote while refusing help from the president to stop the violence. It's Trump's fault for the violence that's really "peaceful." Our collective heads want to explode.

Below are some helpful predictions of events you may see unfold that may help ease your surprise at the zoo. Perhaps you can share them at the water cooler and your colleagues will be wowed when they come to pass. I call them “bites of Tapas” – thoughts inside the goo of political machinations.

11. Only in the Democrat world of dystopia do you find the governor who puts infected seniors in a virus-free elderly home, killing thousands of elderly; or does that governor get to write a book on what a wonderful job he did protecting people from the virus. Three Democrat governors replicated the insane action of putting infected persons into a virus free environment of the elderly. It should be noted that a patron of a Big-Box store was outside the store giving "Covid-19 hugs." He was criminally charged for spreading the virus. Why are the three Democrat governors not charged or even investigated? If a Republican put infected seniors in virus-free homes and they died, there would be hour-long television specials on families who lost loved ones because of the policy.

12. Democrats and the press say the Russians and President Trump are promoting the fact that "voter fraud in elections is real." According to the left, vote-stealing is not real - it's just Russian propaganda to make people believe there is vote-stealing. The left’s claiming voter fraud is fake is like saying rioting is peaceful. Government taxpayer-funded radio NPR even refuses to believe voter fraud is real.

NOTE: If they are willing to burn down buildings, they are willing to do massive vote stealing. I'm old enough to remember the 2020 primary in New York. Reportedly 80,000 ballots are still missing. That was just one congressional district. And we must not collectively forget dead people voting in Mayor Daley's Chicago or Duval County in Texas in which vote cheating changed the outcome of those elections. There wouldn't be Presidents JFK or LBJ, if it hadn’t been for Democrat vote-stealing. Vote-stealing is in the DNA of the Democrat Party. Cheating happens and Republicans need to counter the belief that vote stealing doesn't occur.

13. Former President and community-organizer Barack Obama is neck-deep in the radical-communist movement of Black Lives Matter. He brought BLM to the White House and helped with their first organizing and fundraising efforts.

14. Just days before the first votes cast, a wild claim from two years ago that President Trump hates the military was magically spun up through the liberal Atlantic magazine by an author and hardcore Obama supporter with no accuser on the record, they claim. The press went crazy and even Fox news became lemmings, repeatedly running with the unverified claim that had no one publicly went on record with documentation. Never mind that Democrats called our military men Nazis or that President Obama cut our military by over a trillion dollars, while President Trump has rebuilt our military by increasing spending by over a trillion dollars and gave three pay raises to our defenders of freedom. This unchecked claim was followed with false accusations that it's President Trump who has brain problems. So the press ran with it, again with no proof, never mentioning that Biden had two brain surgeries and has "mini strokes". (Tapas #8)

15. Democrats cut the police budgets, falsely claiming that will lower crime. When President Trump wants to reduce federal funding to those same insane leftist political figures of the "less police means less crime" crowd, they scream “illegal;” “not fair for cutting budgets during Covid-19;” “he’s destroying our country.” Irony is lost to the sycophant lemmings of the press core that cutting budgets is okay only if you are a leftist activist politician.

16. The shut-down caused a record number of suicides; increases in mental illness, massive depression, alcohol abuse, child endangerment, divorce, hunger, lost income, collapse of the food service industries, loss of airlines; and bankruptcy of thousands of companies. The secret no one wants to talk about is that, according the Economist, Sweden never closed anything down and has about the same number of virus cases as nations of the rest of the world.

17. Republicans need to stop promoting the Democrats’ groundwork to set the stage for taking weeks to decide who will win the election. This will only back the Democrats’ plans to process vote stealing. Most of the Republicans’ repeating Democrat talking points only helps the left. Republicans should sue any state that adopts policy that open-end voting, unfinished voting, ballot harvesting or vote rigging. These practices hurt America and erodes belief and confidence in our elections.

18. Ms. Kamala said the Russian's voter interference was the reason Donald Trump won, that President Trump is suppressing the vote, that the post office boss is President Trump and he’s using it for voter interference. Of course, Ms. Kamala’s bad mouthing the integrity of the elections is Mr. Trump's fault. Just like Sanders-Biden supporters burning down the cities is President Trump's fault. So understand and clarify: Ms. Kamala talking down the vote and insulting voters is President Trump's fault for voter suppression.

19. Mark Zuckerberg declared he will decide who won the election and it wouldn't be official until his social media declares the winner. That that “his company and ‘and other media’ should work to convince the American public there is nothing illegitimate, strange, or suspect about the results upcoming presidential election taking days or weeks to be tabulated due to mail in voting.”

20. Biden must win at all costs, no matter how many lives will be lost, votes stolen, individual freedoms lost, or degree of constitutional destruction. Power is the only thing that matters to the left.

21. Burning down buildings in a plan and systematic method is a crime. The DOJ should use RICO to prosecute.

A word in closing to all who have forgotten Ms. Kamala Harris’ history as head prosecutor in California. Her tenure was 100% politically driven as attorney general. She focused many times on prosecution of Christians and conservatives. If she wins, expect the DOJ to run full speed with investigations and indictments against any accomplished successful conservative or Christian.

I can speak firsthand of retribution. Shortly after I took office in 2013, Politico’s headline named me as “Obama’s Number One Needler,” a crime worthy of the death penalty in liberal world. I exposed President Obama's illegal ransom payments to the Haqqani terrorist network for American traitor Berg Bergdahl. I exposed Hillary Clinton's actions to circumvent American law to sell specialized steel to the terrorist nation of Iran. Against the Republican Speaker’s wishes, I pushed via a discharge petition to set up an independent investigation of Hillary Clinton's involvement in the American lives lost in Benghazi, Libya. I followed with another cardinal sin of publishing the unemployment rate of African-Americans and other economic failures of President Obama outside our Congressional office on a fail-o-meter. (The Republican Speaker ordered us to take it down.) I called for disabled veterans and other vets to tear down the wall built with barriers by President Obama around the open air WWII monument, denying American WWII veterans the opportunity to visit their monument during the president’s government shut-down.

Now back to the water-cooler to expose your co-workers to mind-numbing logic. Expect, after exposing them to logic, that your leftist colleagues will resort to calling you names.

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