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Quiz for Republican Candidates for President: What’s the Number 1 Issue?

Recently, former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson announced his campaign for President, describing himself as a “consistent conservative.” He ran through a long list of public offices

he’d held and issues he thought were important – the economy, crime, border security, fentanyl, computer science education, Social Security and Medicare – but he didn’t say one word about the most important issue facing our country today.

That failure prompted me to take a look at the other Republican candidates for President and what they are saying.

Running through the list – former President Donald Trump, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, I couldn’t find one of them talking about it, let alone promising to fight it.

In fact, comparing their stump speeches and announcements they all missed it, or probably avoided it, and consequently they all sounded very much like poll-driven, consultant packaged politicians, not the leaders we need to win the great Spiritual Civil War that is upon us.

Because the Number One issue facing America today isn’t the economy, border security, fentanyl, computer science education, Social Security or Medicare: It is the great war for the soul of America being waged against us by the anti-God, anti-traditional Western values Marxist Democrats.

And it often looks like they are winning this Spiritual Civil War, because few of our national political leaders on the Right are willing to stand up and defend our Judeo-Christian values, laws and political traditions based on constitutional liberty.

Where is the Republican leader willing to stand up and say abortion is evil, abhorrent and wrong and that no civilized society can allow abortion up to the moment of birth or laws guaranteeing a dead baby to a woman who wants an abortion.

Where is the Republican leader willing to stand up and say euthanasia is evil, abhorrent and wrong and that no civilized society can allow, much less encourage, medical practitioners to kill their patients.

Where is the Republican leader (beside Ron DeSantis) willing to stand up and say public school teachers and the entertainment industry promoting Marxist transgender ideology is evil, abhorrent and wrong and that no civilized society can allow, much less encourage, medical practitioners to castrate little boys and mutilate little girls – and to keep the first steps in these “transitions” secret from their parents.

And where is the Republican leader willing to stand up and say that crime, drug use and the sexualization of children are symptoms of a society in a state of rapid moral decay and that winning the Spiritual Civil War to preserve the Judeo-Christian foundation of our country is the Number One issue in America today.

What’s at stake right now is not the power to divvy up the money government extorts from taxpayers, although that’s important, nor is it the power to hire and fire government bureaucrats, although that’s important too.

What’s at stake is the power to direct and protect, or destroy, the Judeo-Christian foundations of our country and our culture.

Democrats, and their Far-Left Marxist allies, understand that.

And when Democrats win elections, they set to work using the power to divvy up taxpayer funds and directing bureaucrats to attack the moral foundations of our country.

That’s why we see the Biden Justice Department trying to force religious organizations to employ homosexuals and siding with and defending abortion on demand and the secret castration of little boys and the mutilation of little girls, and the State Department pouring millions of taxpayer dollars into homosexual and transgender grievance organizations.

Saying on day one you are going to close the border or end birth tourism, cut the federal workforce, or impose this or that restriction or sanction on Red China or Russia is all well and good, but it doesn’t address the Number One issue facing our country today – the Spiritual Civil War the Democrats and their Far-Left Marxist allies have declared on the moral foundation of America.

The silence of most Republican politicians in the face of the outrageous attacks, policies, and programs to undermine the moral foundation of our country advanced by the Democrats and their Far-Left Marxist allies is maddening, but hardly surprising.

It’s just not in the DNA of the Republican establishment to talk about uncomfortable things, like the castration of little boys and the mutilation of little girls, but it must be done if we are to save our country.

What may be even worse is that, while national and state conservative leaders have their principles and heart in the right place, too many have low energy and have become complacent. They have failed to act and lend fire to the opposition to the Democrats in recent years. The sad truth is most conservative leaders are not acting like the America we know, and love, will disappear forever if the Democrats and their Far-Left Marxist allies aren’t stopped.

So, if you want to save our country – the Shining City on a Hill the Founders envisioned – don’t let the Republican candidates for President get away with telling you the economy is the most important issue or that on Day One they are going to get tough on Red China.

Democrats laugh when they hear that pablum from Republicans, because they know why they are running and winning elections – it’s to have the power to fundamentally change America.

It’s time we conservatives demanded that Republicans talk and act like the opponents of that change, rather than merely playing the role of brakemen on the train to Hell Democrats are driving.

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Not enforcing our already written laws.

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Steve McBride
Steve McBride
08. 6. 2023

Number one issue is holding Obama, Hillary, and the rest of the Russian collusion cabal accountable for election interference and conspiracy. That will bring in the rigged elections as part of the coverup of their attempt to deny the results of the People's democratic choice. They are still doing it. If the ballot is continually denied then resolution to the corruption will end up coming from the bullet.

To se mi líbí

The vote is rigged. Until it is fixed, only trans issue will be #1 priority.

To se mi líbí
letmepicyou only
letmepicyou only
08. 6. 2023
Reakce na

It's been "rigged" for over 100 years now.

To se mi líbí

THE single fix for ALL ills is this; Election...DAY with NO machines. Paper ballots, hand counted. We could elect the people we actually want instead of who they SELECT. From President down to county executive, there is no way of actually knowing. I was a field tech for Election Systems and Software during 2020 election. I can tell you that these devices CANNOT BE SUCURED! Too many city "workers" have access. Too many USBs and "software updates". Modems and out of country servers. Installed politicians in charge of election "integrity" (think Kati Hobbs). County by County we need to harass the County Executive or whoever is in charge to lock up these machines now before 2024. It can be do…

To se mi líbí

Buster Noggins
Buster Noggins
08. 6. 2023

IMO the biggest issue above all others is the rampant corruption in Washington DC. This corruption leads to almost all the other problems in some ways shapes or forms. Term limits for Congress and the Senate would go a long way to end this corruption, also outlawing lobbyists and special interest groups which is just legalized bribery and strong arming. Last but not least end ALL earmarks and omni bills making it illegal to pass a bill with these.

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Reakce na

Yeah for term limits. Also, how about term limits for Government Employees?

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