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Republican Lavern Spicer Running for Congress and Against CRT

Lavern Spicer is a small business owner and runs a food bank that serves her community in

one of the poorest congressional districts in America. Florida Congressional District 24 is 2nd in Florida out of 27 other congressional districts in income below the poverty line. Nationally, it is 34th out of 436 other congressional districts in Income below poverty line.

FL24 is also 1st in Florida out of 27 other congressional districts in female residents and 1st in Florida out of 27 other congressional districts in percentage of residents who are Black or African American, so you’d think that if there was a place where Critical Race Theory might sell, it would be in the poor areas of Metro Miami-Dade County that make up Florida 24.

But that’s not how Lavern Spicer sees it.

An unapologetic conservative, Ms. Spicer says “Broken promises and failed policies have left Miami starving, so I stepped in to help. The truth is, my food bank has helped more Black people in Miami than Democrats ever have.”

And she’s with us on the RINOs who voted to advance the Biden – Pelosi $1.2 trillion pork project bill, tweeting from @lavern_spicer:

To the 13 spineless Republicans who helped Biden pass his socialist infrastructure bill, I hope Dems paid you enough because next time we vote, you’re out!

However, it is on the issue of teaching Critical Race Theory that Ms. Spicer should be garnering national attention, as she tweeted:

I'm Black & I been black all my life.
That's why I know firsthand the damage the Critical Race Theory is doing to black folks.

And as part of her campaign to stop the teaching of CRT she has now launched a petition to stop CRT not just in Florida, but in all 50 states. As Ms. Spicer’s petition says:

The Democrats have spent YEARS indoctrinating our children in schools.

In the last few years, CRT has become a part of the national curriculum and liberals want it to be MANDATORY in all curriculums.

They want to keep PARENTS out of schools and put racial indoctrination in.

So, why isn’t Lavern Spicer on national TV every night and at the head of the RNC’s target list?

The short answer is because the National Republican Congressional Committee has given up on fighting for conservative values and candidates in districts like Florida 24.

It hasn’t always been like this. There have been conservative Republicans, such as Jack Kemp, who got the concept of fighting for every vote in every precinct and who campaigned on economic opportunity for all – and went to districts like Florida 24 to meet the people and sell our conservative policies.

And President Trump understood the concept, and he made it a point to campaign on that theme, and, as Lavern Spicer is doing, point out that Democrats and their policies have been abysmal failures for poor people of every ethnicity and color, but they have been especially bad for Black Americans.

In 1981, in his first inaugural address Ronald Ragan addressed the country's Democrat-caused economic malaise arguing: "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem."

Today, Lavern Spicer has made a similar analysis and commitment in her campaign for Congress:

We need representatives who understand that the government is the cause of our problems, not the solution. In Washington, I’ll keep the government small so our kids can dream big.

We think Republicans and conservatives should run – and support – a conservative candidate for every office in every district from Mosquito Control Board to Congress. We enthusiastically endorse Lavern Spicer as the Republican Candidate for Congress in Florida’s 24th Congressional District.

To learn more about Lavern Spicer and donate to her campaign go to and follow her on Twitter at @lavern_spicer.

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