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Revenge of the Snake Oil Salesman: Part 2 of our Celebration of Richard A. Viguerie’s 90th Birthday

Today, we are reaching back into the CHQ archives to July of 2011 for our celebration of CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie’s 90th birthday.

For the “crime” of bypassing the liberal media gatekeepers and fake news “factcheckers” Mr. Viguerie has been regularly pilloried by the Leftwing media and attacked by Democrat-aligned lawfare organizations and officeholders who have filed specious complaints against the Viguerie companies and clients.

One of Mr. Viguerie’s most relentless pursuers was former Arkansas Democrat Senator David Pryor, who once summoned Mr. Viguerie to a Senate hearing to accuse him of being a “snake oil salesman” for sounding the alarm on the impending bankruptcy of Social Security due to Democrats raiding it to pay for their boondoggles and deficit spending.

However, as this article indicates, it was Mr. Viguerie who was right, and it is the Democrats who have been selling Social Security snake oil and deceiving America’s present and future retirees.

Who Are The REAL Social Security Snake Oil Salesmen?

“As a long-time conservative activist, when I point out the failures of liberal policymaking, I’ve come to expect the personal attacks and character assassination that are the stock responses of liberal politicians and their establishment media allies,” said Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of “And nothing will generate more vitriol from the left than telling the truth about the bankruptcy of Social Security.”

“Since the 1980s I’ve been sounding the klaxon, warning that Washington big spenders of both political parties were raiding Social Security funds to grow government and fund pork barrel boondoggles intended to advance their election prospects,” noted Viguerie. “For this, I was summoned to a Star Chamber-style kangaroo court hearing of a U.S. Senate Committee, investigated and hounded by various government agencies and personally attacked by government officials.”

“Liberal Democrat Senator David Pryor publicly called me an ‘opportunist’ and ‘snake oil salesman’ in the Chambers of the United States Senate and those are merely the printable examples of the invective liberals heaped upon me and others who had the temerity to expose their misuse of Social Security,” said Viguerie.

“Now comes word from President Obama that Social Security is broke, and checks won’t go out unless we borrow more money from the Chinese to pay the promises liberals have been breaking for the past four decades,” concluded Viguerie.“So, who are the real snake oil salesmen? Conservatives who have been sounding the alarm about the bankruptcy of Social Security, or liberals like former Senator Pryor or Senator Bernie Sanders who recently claimed Social Security has a $2.6 trillion surplus or Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who said it was an ‘outright lie’ that Social Security was headed for bankruptcy?”

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