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Steve Stockman: Predictive Analysis or How Establishment R's are Really Bad at Connecting the Dots

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

I write this before the 2022 election has occurred. I use observational analysis, not smoke and mirrors, to uncover corruption and make projections.

In 2014, I wrote that Putin would invade the eastern half of Ukraine to build a land-bridge. The invasion of 2014 had nothing to with the weak excuses by a dictator. It happened because Putin has always waged war of expansion. I suggested then that, just as the Second Amendment helps prevent US government overreach at home, in order to prevent the further Russian invasion of Ukraine, we should help supply Ukraine with their own strong military defense. Had we have taken care of the problem early on - it would have saved the suffering, lost lives and lots of money this year.

Again, in 2020, I forecasted regarding another dictator and without evidence other than observations of Xi’s goal of world dominance. I projected that Xi could not let President Trump win re-election.

Now, Catherine Engelbrecht has uncovered hard evidence of communist Chinese interference with our elections. She connected the dots, providing evidence of election fraud, conspiracy and corruption. Therefore, like a witness to a crime becomes a target of the criminal, Catherine has become targeted herself. She is a threat to those who would end our Republic.

What should have triggered a massive DOJ investigation has actually turned into a U.S. coverup of clear crimes by the Chinese. And Catherine has become the prey, locked up by a federal judge for not disclosing the source of the intelligence concerning Chinese interference.

I make forecasts by putting various pieces of evidence together to predict what will occur before it does, exposing corruption as I go. Part of this scheme is the American press that is in bed with those who want to destroy our nation. Remember, it’s the job of American press to cover up any activities of the Marxist takeover of our nation. Their goal is to end our Republic. Many in the press are taught in college to hate America. Our Marxist college journalism professors view America as an evil empire.

In an effort to stop the socialist takeover, I exposed their greed and avarice behavior while in Congress. I successfully exposed Obama’s illegal ransom payments to the Haqqani terrorist network for American traitor Bowe Bergdahl. I also exposed Hillary Clinton’s facilitating the sale of specialized steel to the terrorist nation of Iran, helping Iran with its nuclear program. She helped an oligarch, the biggest donor to the Clinton nonprofit, to make millions by allowing his company to ship specialized steel tubes to Iran.

If you expose the devious or maniacal intentions of those subverting American liberties, it can land you in the cross hairs of those very people. Just ask Catherine Engelbrecht.

A closer look at the elections raises great concern, and Republican leaders McConnell and McCarthy are oblivious to what Democrats are doing. Obama and Biden cannot allow the elections to be a referendum on Biden’s record of his last two years.

The red flag I see, and probable deterrent in many of our close elections this year, is illegal collusion between China’s TikTok and the Biden (Obama) administration. Together they have been targeting young American voters. Young voters are easier to propagandize and persuade.

TikTok has built profiles of young American viewers and has a powerful algorithm to identify impressionable youth. China’s TikTok demonstrated its ability to interfere in our elections when the social media company promoted a video to millions of American youth to explain how to falsely request tickets to one of Trump’s first rallies after the COVID scare.

Readers may recall AOC (Sandy Cortez) thanked TikTok and mocked Trump’s failure to fill the stadium because of the thousands of TikTok users who had bogusly applied for tickets.

Biden actions and messaging is for young Americans, these messages are then promoted on the platform. Republicans are puzzled at the obviously blatant illegal Presidential action to declare all student loans forgiven, marijuana users pardoned (even though not a single person was released from prison), abortion outlawed (even though abortions have not significantly declined), and loss of freedom and end of democracy should Republicans be elected this year. All these deceitful items are designed to motivate the youth. After Biden’s PR stunt they are then promoted by TikTok.

Biden’s hand-in-glove relationship with TikTok sending messaging to their pre-targeted young American audience is China collusion. Hence, the confidence of many leading Democrats that they will do much better than polling suggests on Tuesday.

This activity by China is illegal. TikTok’s activities constitute unreported corporate in-kind federal campaign contributions, giving Democrats free advertising and clear interference by a foreign country with our elections. TikTok and President Biden could also be charged with conspiracy, organized crime in violation of the RICO Act. China, in collusion with Democrats, is subverting our elections and our Republic. That is a crime.

If Republicans were colluding with a foreign government through TikTok, Merrick Garland would already have indicted members of the board of TikTok and President Donald Trump.

Rep. Jim Jordan has his hands full and, even when he finds crime, there’s no government agency that will prosecute. DOJ is fully comprised because its hiring practices instituted under Eric Holder have been to hire nefarious ill-willed ideologues who now occupy all levels of the DOJ.

If the roles were reversed, Democrats would have filed a complaint and taken TikTok to court. But not Establishment Republicans. Establishment Republicans don’t even protect their whistleblowers. Establishment Republicans run from them. We need to rally behind those like Englebrecht who expose crimes and corruption.

Republicans can’t connect the dots of evidence of crimes. Even today, after substantial interference in our elections has been evidenced, Establishment Republicans’ policies reflect fear of our press. So many Establishment Republicans think submission to tyranny is a fix. It is not.

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