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The Biden Democrats’ Fake Border Security Plan

The Biden administration announced an executive order Tuesday that it claims would shut down the US-Mexico border once border crossings hit 2,500 per day between points of entry for seven consecutive days — a “crackdown” that will still permit 1.75 million new arrivals into America every year even if enforced properly.

The order, which is expected to take effect immediately, would lift border restrictions two weeks after the number of crossings averages 1,500 for seven days straight, senior administration officials said in a background call previewing President Biden’s announcement.

Rodney Scott, who served as Border Patrol chief in the Biden administration, told FOX News on Tuesday that Biden's executive order is "all political theater. It's not going to change anything at the border."

Scott went on to say that "the Biden administration created this border crisis with the stroke of a pen by shutting down the Remain in Mexico program, and shutting down the asylum cooperative agreements we were building out with a host of other nations."

The phony restrictions include several exceptions, such as allowing illegal aliens to cross the border who use the CBP One mobile application at a port of entry, as well as “lawful permanent residents, unaccompanied children, victims of a severe form of trafficking, those who face an acute medical emergency or an imminent an extreme threat to life and safety and other non-citizens who have a valid visa or some other lawful permission to enter the United States,” the officials said.

Even if illegal border crossing is limited to 2,500 per day for a full calendar year, the number of crossings would hit 912,500 — a historic high compared to the rest of the century.

Hundreds of thousands more have been allowed into the US using the CBP One app, with CBS News reporting in February that 450,000 illegal aliens had gained admission in the 13 months since the program was announced by Biden in January 2023.

Additionally, Biden has ushered in roughly 400,000 more illegal aliens into the country through a mass parole scheme allowing Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans to fly directly to America.

Scott said: "As long as people get released into the United States, the flow will continue and this mediocre response is not going to send the message that we need."

Biden's former Border Patrol chief concluded the FOX News interview by saying, "We're basically locking in now over 2 million illegal entries a year... we can't sustain this."

If Biden cared about securing our border, he could have left in place the successful Trump border policies that resulted in the safest and most secure border in history.

There's only one reason that Joe Biden and the Democrats are launching this fake border security “crackdown”: his poll numbers are dropping faster than Hunter Biden’s pants.

While 56% of Americans disapprove of Biden's presidency altogether, a whopping 7 in 10 Americans disapprove of Biden's handling of the border.

A recent Gallup poll found concern about illegal immigration is higher now than at any point in the history of the survey.

The Biden Democrats can pretend to care about border security, but Americans can see this for what it is: a desperate attempt to buoy his poll numbers.

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That directive is full of so many holes that it leaks like a ceive. What's so magic about 2500 anyway? Why not 3000 or 10,000 or 200? The whole thing is about the upcoming election in which Biden is in big trouble, nothing more, nothing less.


What about Biden and the Biden administration isn't fake and bull crap . . . ?

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