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The District of Columbia Gulag Archipelago

A proper dictatorship must have political prisoners. And so the Biden-Harris regime, whose

November 3, 2020 coup de fraude was certified by all three corrupt branches of power by January 6, 2021, has exactly that: a burgeoning Gulag in the militarized nation's capital.

Politico reports:

Most of the 300-plus people charged with participating in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot have been released while they await trial, but dozens of those deemed to be dangerous, flight risks or at high risk of obstructing justice were ordered held without bond. D.C. jail officials later determined that all Capitol detainees would be placed in so-called restrictive housing — a move billed as necessary to keep the defendants safe, as well as guards and other inmates. But that means 23-hour-a-day isolation for the accused, even before their trials begin.

Dozens. Held without bond. In 23-hour-a-day isolation. Before trial.

Welcome to the District of Columbia Gulag Archipelago.

Politico's description of the Jan 6 Prisoners plight continues:

D.C. government officials say the pandemic already has sharply limited freedom of movement in the jail where most Jan. 6 defendants are held. In fact, the entire jail has been subject to strict lockdown procedures since the onset of the pandemic, a determination that has caused broader controversy about prisoners' rights. But restrictive housing is a maximum-security designation, and the blanket designation for the Capitol defendants — which isn't expected to ease even if pandemic era restrictions do — is a notable decision for a large group of inmates who have yet to be tried for their alleged crimes.

In a dictatorship, we expect political prisoners to be thrown into solitary without due process -- and that is exactly what is happening here in our former republic. This is how a dictatorship survives, how it justifies itself. How it creates internal enemies. The criminal charges don't matter -- no more than glorified trespass in most of these cases -- it is the thoughts that were committed. These "criminals" dissented from the theft of the 2020 election -- the theft of their votes in the 2020 election -- and they took their dissent against this coup de fraude to the final crime scene, Capitol Hill, where the "certification" session, presided over by Benedict Pence, was taking place. Like their counterparts in communist or Nazi dictatorships, the officers of this regime understand that it these thoughts that must be extirpated from the (militarized) public square, and so it is that the Jan 6 Protestors are being punished with months of maximum-security solitary confinement, whether they are in the end convicted of insurrectionary activities or not. It is another aspect of their torture that their harsh incarceration has no end in sight. "Prosecutors say it could be months before they fully scour the evidence they’ve obtained from the insurrection," Politico reports.

Like heads on a pike in days, their example not only criminalizes public dissent but goes a long way toward ending it. More important for the great dictatorial and rest future, it also feeds into the regime's greater plan to turn such dissent into domestic terrorism.

Who will speak up for these poor patriots, good old boys and small businessmen, mothers and senior citizens?

President Trump's silence is unconscionable.

So, too, is the silence of the Right, from the Republican Party to most conservative media and think tanks. In fact, the Politico story was written to note that concern for these defendants is coming from an unusual direction.

The headline:

Jan. 6 defendants win unlikely Dem champions as they face harsh detainment.

They're talking about Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Dick Durbin.

The heart of the story:

“Solitary confinement is a form of punishment that is cruel and psychologically damaging,” Warren said in an interview. “And we’re talking about people who haven’t been convicted of anything yet.”

The Massachusetts Democrat, a member of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's leadership team, said that while some limited uses of solitary confinement are justified, she’s worried that law enforcement officials are deploying it to “punish” the Jan. 6 defendants or to “break them so that they will cooperate.”

Her sentiments are shared by Durbin, who also chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee and expressed surprise that all of the detained Jan. 6 defendants were being kept in so-called “restrictive housing.” While their defense of accused rioters' rights as criminal defendants is unlikely to change the Justice Department's handling of those cases, it's a notable case of prominent progressives using their political clout to amplify their criminal justice reform calls even on behalf of Donald Trump supporters who besieged the entire legislative branch in January.

Durbin, who has long sought to eradicate solitary confinement, told POLITICO that such conditions should be a “rare exception," for accused insurrectionists or any other prisoners.

“There has to be a clear justification for that, in very limited circumstances,” he said.

Some previous posts on the Jan 6 Protestors below.

NB: Politico reports that Richard Barnett, featured in the "Envelope" posts below, is one of the unnamed "dozens" being held in solitary confinement.

Diana West, is the author of the must-read books The Red Thread, American Betrayal and Death of the Grownup

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