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The Right Resistance: 2022 should be the year that identity politics is finally put to rest

Will 2022 be the year that identity politics finally dies?

For years, many conservatives have wondered the same thing. For as long as I can remember Democrats have openly promoted segregationist ideology and policies -- first as the party of secession, then of Jim Crow laws, then open reverse racism (CRT, “safe spaces”, race-based set asides and preferences, Affirmative Action in hiring, etc.) in more recent times -- so it only made logical sense that they’d face a reckoning at some point. Just like with certain white ethnic groups (such as Irish and Italian immigrants) in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, liberals have long sought to divide and conquer based on genetics and surface characteristics alone. The traditional demographic breakdown of Democrat voters hasn’t changed much in almost a century (at least since the end of the New Deal), either. Democrats’ electoral strength depended on earning almost complete political unanimity and support from African-American communities along with two-thirds or more of Hispanics (and when you say ‘Hispanic’ in Democrat-land, you mean Mexicans and central-American populations above Venezuela, not Cubans), a similar percentage of Asians (again, a wide classification there) and a significant majority of other minority groups such as Native Americans. Thrown together with white, college educated leftists/statists, which, thanks to America’s nearly worthless liberal arts higher education system and the complete indoctrination of university faculties, is a growing subset of the whole. Largely on the strength of populist Republicans such as Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, the so-called white working class has mostly switched parties, probably for good. But it’s not a skin color thing for these people. It’s all about economics and America First. Thankfully there are signs that the Democrats’ fixation with ethnicity is finally working in reverse and could ultimately lead to the demise of the liberal party as we currently know it. The transformation is hardly complete, but don’t be surprised if the inevitable backlash that would ultimately doom identity politics is already here -- or at least well on its way. How many old crows are there on “The View”? Democrats might soon start counting, because old and bitter liberal women might soon be all they have left. Kristin Tate wrote at The Hill:

“As President Biden’s approval ratings have tanked with nonwhite voters, the Democratic Party increasingly has become dominated by liberal white women who virtue-signal with suburban lawn signs and then henpeck people in supermarkets to pull their face masks up over their noses. Or, put more simply, the Democratic Party is at risk of becoming a party of ‘Karens.’ Recent polling suggests that Hispanic and Black voters are abandoning the party — many of these individuals are being harmed by the surging inflation, anti-business COVID measures, and exploding crime rates in urban areas brought about by a year of left-wing measures...

“If the Democratic Party no longer has Hispanic and Black voters as electoral locks, it is left with a diminishing constituency of its most consistent members: single, college-educated white women, who dominated last year’s social media slacktivism and protests. It is possible that this liberal woman demographic would be able to hold enough sway to choose Democrat nominees for the foreseeable future. And yet, party bigwigs must understand that as offensive as much of the electorate considered Donald Trump, morphing into the party of ‘Karens’ who are more concerned about your carbon footprint than keeping your community safe, likely will further alienate Hispanic and Black voters.

“The coming ‘Second Great Awokening’ not only threatens the fabric of America’s history and future, but also threatens to rip apart the Democratic Party coalition…”

Democrats have always depended on receiving fairly steady percentages of votes from non-white voters. For decades, political scientists have been warning that if black Democrat support dipped below a static level in places like Florida or Texas that it would be nearly impossible for them to win there. Now that it’s happening, you see a lot of worried Democrat establishment leaders. They haven’t changed their behavior accordingly, though.

Democrats automatically assume every African-American is solely preoccupied with racism, statistically insignificant police brutality, discrimination in the workplace and anger over the treatment of freed slaves after the civil war. According to them, black Americans are all in favor of reparations and systemic preferences to right “historic injustices”. And Hispanics are treated like all they’re worried about is ill-treatment of illegal border jumpers. Hogwash.

Minority workers want jobs and economic opportunities and to be treated with respect and as equals, not as pawns in the great phony political chess game Democrats are always playing. They want to fit in, to be seen and judged by the content of their characters, not because Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson shakedown companies and demand payments for purported prejudices. They also like safe communities. Defund the police? I don’t think so!

It’s funny. In the place that I live, which doubles as both a college town and a major tourist destination, it’s always fascinating to unscientifically examine who makes up the activists in the leftwing “protests” that semi-frequently break out, such as those two years ago in the aftermath of the George Floyd incident. More often than not, the sign wavers and blowhorn shouters are young white women, some with different shades of color in their hair, a healthy representation of tattoos, piercings and other indicators of political affiliation without needing to explore deeper.

Even today, there’s a “Black Lives Matter” sign in front of one of the million-dollar (my estimation) homes down a main thoroughfare near the college. Around the institution itself, rainbow and BLM bumper stickers abound. No wonder Democrats mine the territory for votes of the youthful and impressionable. A few miles away, however, the rural territory is almost certainly Republican in orientation.

I’ve relayed the tale before, but most of the female representatives participating in the “Black Women’s Lives Matter” demonstration outside of the college were pale as Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg and sounded like they had intellects to match. My wife asked one of them -- “What about black girl babies -- do their lives matter?” The young lass retorted, “All lives matter,” which brought a supplemental retort from the whitey standing next to her… “But especially black women’s lives.”

I’ve never actually asked a black person off the street what they thought of leftist white radicals giving up their free time to stump for “black rights”, but I’d imagine they’re not wild about it. This ain’t 1963 anymore. And the same goes for Hispanics and other minority groups. How does the Hispanic business owner feel about white Democrats and their “systemic racism” claims when the men and women are just trying to make a buck, assimilate into American society and try like crazy to make sure their kids excel in English and therefore vastly increase their chances of success?

How do all minority groups feel about public education after enduring two years’ worth of teacher’s union directed COVID lockdowns and restrictions that first kept their kids at home locked away from their friends and now “allow” them to go to school, only to be confined in ridiculous looking plexiglass “desks” and hidden behind stupid masks?

Like it or not, Democrats, requiring kids to wear masks is not only fruitless, it’s a perpetual distraction to the students who are always tugging at them, pulling them down and taking them off and using them as slingshots (that’s what I would’ve done!). And attempting to guarantee as little human-to-human contact among youngsters is another absurd and futile exercise. It just can’t happen.

The “Karens” don’t care about practicality, typically cowering behind the “if it prevents one person from getting the virus, it’s worth it” feel-good justification liberals always use with hypothetical safety situations. What is it doing to our kids, especially the minority students that statistics show are already behind in their academic progress?

I had a conversation with a family friend the other night who works in a public school with students’ (many of which are minorities) socialization problems. She indicated that the pandemic has been a total disaster for younger people, and that effects from robbing them of two years of social development will be felt for a long time. How? It remains to be seen.

Identity politics isn’t helping any of these kids, either. Being told that they’re disadvantaged because of skin color is leading to a whole generation of future workers and managers who have developed a chip that won’t easily be brushed off.

If Democrats are indeed losing ground with African-American, Hispanic, Asian and other minority voters, it’s easy to see why. Democrat policies developed in conference rooms through expensive and fruitless “studies” may sound beneficial at first, but social outcomes were never meant to be altered by government grants or through using reverse racism to combat past perceived racism.

Democrats are reaping what they sow. And they wonder why they’re losing.

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Identity politics gone? I'm not holding my breath . . .


Democrats may be losing, but Republicans are only winning by default. If the Democrats hadn't screwed the pooch all during 2021, the Republicans would continue to pick up the crumbs. They'd better get some fight and start doing things, or their ascendency will only be temporary.

Replying to

Exactly. They need a strong game plan. But I am not expecting much. They have always seemed more content being second fiddle. And their love of moderates and RINOs dooms them further, and has for years.


Nothing moves more slowly than the ideology of a political party. The Democrats won't change until they get destroyed at the ballot box; and it will probably take two or three election cycles. I left the Republican party decades ago (and ultimately ended up an independent) when I realized that the party didn't actually believe in conservative principals. There were millions like me. How did the "stupid" party interpret that? That the electorate was becoming more liberal and they moved to the left (not left of center mind you, although here in The Democratic Poeple's Republic of California, I'm not so sure of that point.). They thought Democrat light was the answer. Then more people left the party. They see…

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