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The Right Resistance: A Democrat consultant’s ultimate challenge -- making his party sound sane

If you’re a Democrat consultant in 2021, how do you construct a narrative?

The task is getting more difficult by the day. Just in the past week alone, it seems like the world collapsed and president senile Joe Biden and his press people are locked away somewhere on vacation. When Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, fell to the Taliban, the leader of the free world was nowhere to be found. Ol’ senile Joe finally addressed the matter on Monday afternoon, but not before practically everyone within spitting distance of a TV saw petrified Afghanis climbing on top of jumbo jets in a desperate attempt to leave the country before the 7th century mentality of the new rulers took them to task for helping the swiftly-departing Americans for the past twenty years.

The Democrat “there is no crisis, nothing to see here” narrative is also constantly challenged by the realities at the U.S./Mexico line where monthly records are being shattered in terms of the number of illegal crossings and apprehensions. Projections indicate the total will exceed two million for the year, a staggering figure considering the swampy establishment has been stuck on the eleven million estimate -- for the total number of aliens residing in the country -- for a long, long time.

Then there’ the spin job taking place regarding the would-be disastrous bipartisan “infrastructure” bill and its even more assuredly destructive sibling, Bernie Sanders and “Chucky” Schumer’s $3.5 trillion budget resolution proposal. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is walking a tightrope to keep her caucus in line to ensure passage of both travesties before either the “moderates” or kook fringe leftists carry out their threats to bail on her if things aren’t done in the proper order (according to them).

Lastly (definitely not the only narrative-busting topic, but you have to end somewhere), there’s the continually evolving power struggle within the Democrat party to determine who will succeed senile Joe once the man fails for the last time or is exposed and deposed as the idiot puppet who was the only alternative to keeping the wacko and establishment factions together.

There’s a narrative emerging that it will either be vice president Kamala Harris, or very visible Transportation secretary “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg. Morgan Chalfant and Amie Parnes reported at The Hill earlier this week:

“[Buttigieg is] the most successful openly gay presidential candidate in U.S. history, and his military background and centrist credentials have made him a valuable surrogate for Biden in building support for the bipartisan infrastructure deal. Buttigieg’s place in the administration also sets up a natural competition of sorts with Vice President Harris, the other 2020 Democratic presidential candidate in Biden’s Cabinet.

“Harris, the first female and first Black vice president, has long been seen as the natural heir apparent to Biden, who is 78 years old. Biden has said he plans to run for reelection, but his age means there will still be questions about 2024. And Buttigieg is another up-and-coming star who may see himself as the future of his party.

“The former California senator has also had a rockier start to the administration and is saddled with two issues — voting rights and immigration — that are valued by the Democratic base but are more difficult to see progress in the near future.”

There’s no way that Buttigieg had anything to do with “building support” for the mis-labeled “bipartisan” infrastructure deal. Buttigieg is no moderate, not even close. What free-thinking person would see the former mayor of a medium-sized midwestern city as qualified to oversee a national infrastructure movement? And what does his military service have to do with anything?

The whole premise of this article made me laugh out loud. Sure, it’s always fun to speculate on politics and the Democrats do have a particularly vexing dilemma to solve in just a few years’ time. Many (most?) observers have openly surmised that senile Joe won’t finish out the year let alone conduct another campaign starting in 2023. He’s often seen wandering around, visibly lost and his rambling impromptu statements -- when he’s set free by his handlers to make them -- don’t exactly inspire confidence that he’ll complete his constitutional obligations.

But if the Democrat “bench” is only as deep as deciding between either Kamala Harris or 39-year-old “I’m gay and I’m proud” Pete Buttigieg as the predicted next in line? That’s a heck of a hard story to concoct for the liberal narrative writers to spin into something palatable to sell the public. Both of the aforementioned are the epitome of twenty-first century “woke” affirmative action candidates, and neither would be in her or his position today if it weren’t for the “what they are” nature of surface identity politics.

Put it this way, if Bernie Sanders weren’t even older than Biden or there was a true heir to Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton and/or someone with a real resume to tout, would we even be having this conversation?

Despite the appearances of conflict, Chalfant and Parnes’ article indicated that Harris and Buttigieg are personally on friendly terms. Why wouldn’t they be chatty chums? They’re both ultra-liberal and from non-traditional Democrat backgrounds. Both of their husbands (yes, Buttigieg is legally married and has a spouse called a husband) allegedly hang out together and even travel together. How intimate does it get in Democrat-land? Maybe the two couples plan months in advance to have romantic get-togethers and double-dates. Just imagine the fun!

It was merely a trick of fate -- or was it by design? -- that Buttigieg is now attracting national media attention because he theoretically is in charge of “infrastructure.” He’s been going around talking about roads and bridges and AMTRAK, a child-like character enamored with choo-choo trains and big budget boondoggle transportation relics that have never paid for themselves and never will. Naturally, as a creature of 21st century politics, Buttigieg focuses a lot of his discussion on “green energy” and “climate change.”

Talk about a ticket to stardom in the Democrat party. “Mayor Pete” gets to handle the issues that everyone’s talking about these days and tailor his discussion to both sides of his party -- the ones at the extreme who demand to shut down all fossil fuel based energy production and the “moderates” who love climate change but still receive pressure from traditionalists insisting on improved “hard” infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Kamala has all-but dropped from sight of late, her utter unlikability and visible failure to move the “voting rights” needle in addition to the open border catastrophe forcing the Biden people to keep her hidden from view. She did speak briefly before senile Joe’s remarks on the “bipartisan” infrastructure package last week. But what connection does she have to any of it?

Democrats likely figure that the only way to elevate Harris’s approval is to give her more tried and true duties for a vice president. She’s making her second international trip in the coming weeks, heading to southeast Asia to talk with regional leaders about the China problem. You can bet if it were high-level stuff that senile Joe himself would do the talking -- or perhaps he’d send his son Hunter as a special envoy, since the man/boy’s always had a knack for consummating deals benefitting Chinese communists.

At any rate, it appears as though the establishment media is bending over backwards to find narratives on Democrats that don’t involve international disasters, be it the final capitulation to Islamic radicalism in Afghanistan or the legal and humanitarian travesty closer to home. If there’s anyone openly cheering for America to fail, they’re banking on the next president being Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg, for sure.

Democrats are clearly hoping that the bloated infrastructure agreement thrown together by RINOs and every liberal senator will result in political favor with the American people. They’re wrong. When citizens find out what’s really in the bill, they’ll be furious to learn that they’re sacrificing the future, mostly to pay for green energy nonsense and racial preferences in hiring.

Joe Biden isn’t the smartest guy in the world, but even he must see that most people who aren’t Democrats don’t want the government taking over every decision-making responsibility for average taxpayers. There will be a price to pay for this alright, and no amount of narrative or storytelling will make reality sound palatable.

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Oh. boo-hoo! The poor Dems have a leadership problem! Gosh, can't be because they offer NOTHING of substance that's needed by this country. All they have is 'wants', and baby, they want EVERYTHING their little Socialist-Communist minds can possibly dream up. NancyP: hurry, 'honey', the clock is about to strike twelve and you are going to be tossed out on your poor tired keister. No fear, though: go for that gourmet ice cream!! The real question is: are these insane idiots going to be tossed out under 'regular' procedures or will it boil down to some kind of mass demand, da_n the procedures.


All true, but they are destroying the country faster than the people are able to realize it is happening and do something about it.

Replying to

VERY good observation, Dave. Stay tuned for 'further adventures'.


Aug 19, 2021

Hopefully, Gavin Newsom will be ushered off the stage on September 14, ending his ambitions. Why do nutty California governors -- Jerry Brown, Gray Davis, Gavin Newsom -- ever get considered as "presidential" material?

The last competent Democrat anywhere in California was Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley.

Replying to

Modern Democrat candidates are not chosen for their "presidential" abilities. They are chosen for their ability to make insane leftist policies sound reasonable, and their ability to be controled by the persons behind the curtain. However, due to the control freak (both personally and ideologically) of the persons behind the curtain, they emphasize the controlable part much more than the ability to make insanity sound sane.


SloJoe says "the Taliban is going through an existential crisis." Really Roflmao "This is Saturday Night Live."...oh wait, no "Joe Biden is just plain crazy,"...oh wait...oh Shi------T! He is in charge!

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