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The Right Resistance: All eyes on Veep Kamala to see if she shows for senile Joe’s SOTU address

Get (politically) rid of Kamala Harris? What fun would that be?

Every elections cycle it happens – or at least it seems to happen – that someone within the party in power seeks to inject a little more excitement and intrigue into the upcoming presidential campaign by suggesting that the president’s right-hand-man (or woman?) needs to be replaced. Or removed. Kind of the same thing.

I recall, for instance, that there were murmurs about substituting Nikki Haley for Mike Pence on the Trump ticket sometime ahead of the 2020 Republican convention. I don’t remember what the rationale was for such a potentially bold – and incredibly stupid – move, but it likely had to do with adding a degree of ethnic and gender “diversity” to the 2020 GOP combo, since it was clear the Democrats were bent on doing something big to showcase their slavish devotion to the “woke” ideology/religion and Trump, well, he was just an overweight old white guy with a penchant for foul language and stylish orange hair.

As far as I know the switcheroo deliberations never got far and Pence remained in place. The election went down as it did, Trump and Pence visibly split over the counting of the Electoral Votes, and the rest is history. Would the outcome have been different if the veep coup forces had had their way in dethroning Mike? Hardly. Nikki Haley has no principles and is only in politics for the positive light it (supposedly) shines on her. At her first opportunity, she would’ve tossed Trump under the bus in a much more dramatic fashion than Pence did.

If anything, had Haley gone farther in gaining a foothold on the 2024 Republican primary race, she conceivably could’ve entered as the establishment favorite. She still might fulfill that role, especially since she’s apparently going to announce her own bid next week. Best of luck to ya, Nik! If she’d been vice president, here’s thinking Nikki would have turned out to be a lot like Kamala Harris.

At any rate, those same “let’s ditch Kamala for someone else” whispers are starting up again, almost right on schedule. First there were reports last week that a two-year White House observer who’s about to publish a book insinuated that the president’s closest advisors often wonder where the vice president even is. She’s like a non-entity in their estimation, and it seems like Harris doesn’t actually do anything.

Now it looks like potential rivals to the “big guy” himself are coming out of the woodworks to let it be known that Kamala Harris could not possibly replace senile Joe, should he opt not to run again for the office – or disappears by some other means. In a piece titled “Harris rivals 'under significant pressure' to run in 2024 if Biden doesn't”, Katherine Doyle reported at the Washington Examiner:

“As Democrats await President Joe Biden’s reelection announcement, some question whether Vice President Kamala Harris has the political acumen to succeed him at the top of the ticket should he decline, a doubt that could pressure rivals to enter the fray.

“Biden has said he intends to run for reelection in 2024 with Harris by his side, but the president has yet to make a formal decision, leaving members of his party to speculate about the prospects of the woman poised to succeed him.

“This includes Democrats otherwise inclined to take a pass on the race. ‘If Kamala Harris continues to be weak and irrelevant, he will be under significant pressure to consider running,’ said a source who has been close to Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) since the beginning of his political career. ‘She has never been a strong campaigner and has benefited from good timing and poor California opposition in the past.’”

Ouch! This close source to Gavin Newsom said something everyone knows but had dared not speak in The Golden State. And although this isn’t so much about replacing Kamala Harris anytime soon in her duties as vice president, it’s all about ensuring that her high heels don’t make it down the red carpet at Joe Biden’s second inauguration – or as president herself.

Here’s thinking there won’t be a second Biden term in any case, but Democrats are going through their “ditch Kamala” gyrations nonetheless.

As time goes on and senile Joe is increasingly embroiled in scandals surrounding his own person and corrupted, sleazebag family, poor ol’ Kamala has seemingly slunk to the background. This might be entirely by design under orders straight from the White House itself, but it’s not clear why the once promising (to Democrats, at least) first African-American-woman-to-be-VP has all but vanished from public view.

Doyle’s report includes a blurb on Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren’s less-than-encouraging reaction to another Biden/Harris go ‘round. The fake Native American said she wanted to defer “to what makes Biden comfortable on his team” before giving a half-hearted endorsement of the current VP a few moments later.

It’s no secret that Warren saw herself as a much better choice for Biden’s number two in 2020 but was forced to leap into the politically correct rubbish bin when the George Floyd fury was reaching its high ebb in big cities around the nation. Democrats couldn’t possibly offer up a phony minority candidate like “Pocahontas” to stand beside the crusty old goat who the party voters had decided upon, so that’s about the time when Kamala Harris’s name began being bandied about because she matched the desired surface characteristics and ethnic bloodline.

Doyle’s article also indicated that Kamala has suffered because none of the legislative initiatives she was assigned to shepherd through – “woke” immigration reform, so-called voting rights advancements (basically, federalizing all elections and ensuring that no fair balloting would ever be conducted again in the name of racial equality), the Biden administration’s National Space Council, and restoring federal abortion rights – were even close to being a success.

The only thing that might’ve been more perfect for Harris would be to advocate for slavery reparations. Oops, I hope I didn’t give them any ideas!

Some Democrats have hinted that Biden purposely set up Kamala to fail by assigning her topics that could never be resolved by the party’s own inane solutions, but is this really true? Couldn’t Harris have set the public relations tone by regularly visiting the border and being photographed walking along the line beckoning “undocumented asylum seekers” from all points on the globe?

The propaganda value alone would’ve justified the production costs, and by now, Kamala would be seen as a heroic character in Democrat circles rather than a bumbling moron who’s almost worse than Biden himself.

Of course, all of this conjecture circling Harris’s cackling skull like sand fleas on a beach at sunset will be moot the minute senile Joe announces his bid for reelection, which could come as early as sometime this week. Rumor has it that Biden preferred to wait to spill his intentions until after his State of the Union talk. It would be just like the half-century swamp dweller to conclude his speech with a rah-rah! Go Joe! preview. Who knows, it might even increase viewership to the Democrat indoctrination event if folks figure Biden plans to say something interesting.

Joe won’t say a word about his classified documents, son Hunter’s possible access to them or anything else that might say “contrition” where he is concerned. He’ll brag about Democrats being great because they provide non-stop taxpayer funded goodies to the American public. And, about how he saved the “soul” of the nation by turning the awful Donald Trump out of office.

In the meantime, it’s doubtful that possible Kamala replacements like Gavin Newsom will be in the audience. Others, such as “Pocahontas” Warren, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar will be there clapping along and being seen. Crooked Hillary Clinton could be reserving a spot outside the capitol building this very moment to spy on the rest of the Democrat hopefuls.

You never know.

Kamala Harris will be seated behind president senile Joe tomorrow night when he delivers his third address before a joint session of Congress (better known as the State of the Union). She’ll wink a lot and make small talk with Speaker Kevin McCarthy while smiling her best contrived grin and clap at all the times when Democrats stand up and applaud, and, for a night, there won’t be any talk of replacing her as vice president or pushing someone else to run if Joe isn’t able to – or if he’s somehow felled by scandal.

It’s all an illusion. The prospect of Kamala Harris running as the 2024 Democrat presidential nominee terrifies all liberals. And it should.

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