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The Right Resistance: Are Kamala Harris and Joe Biden unpopular just because they’re stupid?

“Kamala Harris is a trailblazer for women of color.” Or, “Kamala Harris shatters the glass ceiling for vice presidential candidates.” Or, “Kamala Harris will make this country – and the

planet – a better place because, by virtue of her election, it demonstrates to a whole new generation of young girls and women of color that they can reach the top of the world and never look back.”

True, I guess, but if said XX chromosome-possessor attains that lofty office on a proverbial mountain -- and they’re as inane and shallow as Harris has proven to be -- they’d best not look down either.

None of the above quotes are taken from any particular source other than the archives of my memory. I recall watching the post-2020 election coverage and listening to liberal commentator after commentator blubbering over Harris like a love sick school girl who just saw her crush pass by in the hallway before lunch recess. Back then, liberals couldn’t get enough of Harris’s skin color and professed gender (she identifies as a woman, and her pronouns are “she and her”) in the lead-up to the election, since if stumbling, bumbling, hair sniffin’ Joe Biden somehow managed to prevail, Kamala would win too!

The only problem being that once you journeyed below the visible surface traits that Kamala Harris was an empty shell of a human being who’s about as flawed as one could possibly get. But then again, Harris’s ethics seem stellar compared to senile Joe Biden’s, but we’ll address that below. Kamala from Cali has perhaps taken the “woke” race and gender thing farther than any other human in history, having first been elected as Attorney General in California (after initially entering politics due to her extra-marital (for him at least) dalliance with Golden State legend Willie Brown), then being pointed out as attractive by Barack Obama himself, then winning an open senate seat, then launching a presidential campaign based on her… “qualifications”, then being selected as the 2020 Democrat running mate because of her “qualifications” again, and then hitching a ride with broken down Joe to the office of the vice president.

Even the most skeptical of political watchers would concede it’s been a heck of a journey for Harris, who, all along, has only demonstrated a consistent aptitude for ticking people off, being extremely thin-skinned -- and rude. Kamala’s presidential campaign generated high expectations that were subsequently squelched by her awful debate performances and hypocritical record. Nonetheless, she bubbled to the top of the incredibly small pond of “of color” females, so, in an instant, Biden made her a big fish.

Two and a half years into Joe’s presidency, however, Kamala is attracting news coverage of the more realistic type. It was revealed last week, for example, that Harris is the most un-popular vice president in history, with a negative rating exceeding that of any of her predecessors. Not only is Kamala air-headed and off-putting, the luster from her “trailblazing” ascendence to (purported) power has been completely forgotten.

These days, when Americans view Kamala Harris, they don’t ponder a glass-ceiling shatter-er or the first of her kind gender thing in the vice president’s role. No, they see an empty-shell politician who lucked her way into prominence the way an unqualified schlep sometimes is added to a corporate board due to “diversity, equity and inclusion” requirements. When considering whether to elevate the un-tested (nationally) California senator in 2020, Democrats obviously didn’t put much stock into what would happen after the votes were (theoretically) counted.

The characteristics of a good vice president aren’t hard to decipher, or embody. A successful veep is there for signing ceremonies, delivering scripted speeches at college graduation ceremonies, attending state funerals that the president doesn’t want to go to himself, smiling a lot for the cameras and generally not doing anything that will dredge up headlines that make the chief look bad. Oh yeah – they stay alive so that they can raise their right hand at a moment’s notice like LBJ did on November 22, 1963.

That’s it. Not hard. Not complicated. Many political observers have suggested over the years that winning party nominees should select running mates based on geographic or ideological attributes, but I’d lecture a budding president-to-be should never opt for someone who “outshines” them. That’s what senile Joe Biden did when he bowed to pressure from the left and added the pigmented woman to his ticket. Think about it. Charismatic former actor Ronald Reagan chose the extremely blasé George H.W. Bush, a man who was nerdy and bookish looking. Bill Clinton selected Al Gore, a man so monotone and boring that he couldn’t possibly take away from the top of the ticket. George W. Bush went with a much older political pro with a history of heart attacks so no one would ever accuse the younger Bush of looking over his shoulder.

Barack Obama dragged senile (stupid?) Joe Biden out of his senate mothballs because he needed a nondescript old white dude to make his community organizer resume look more impressive. And Donald Trump brought in Mike Pence, a nice guy and a principled conservative, but one who seemed okay with letting Trump be Trump and not creating waves. We’re not talking about January 6, 2021 here.

It’s arguable that Biden’s choosing of Kamala Harris was the dumbest thing he’s done in politics. Or maybe it was the smartest, since no one, not even his Republican opponents, would be in a hurry to get rid of him so as to be replaced by his constitutional next-in-line. Or perhaps senile Joe didn’t actually make the call by his lonesome, since he was holed up in his basement during the summer of 2020 and didn’t come out much.

Everyone knows that Biden is senile. But there’s an existing body of detractors who argue he’s been stupid – not just senile – all along. Writing on the president’s most recent gaffes, in a piece titled, “Joe Biden Is Not Just Senile — He’s Stupid”, the inimitable Daniel J. Flynn argued at The American Spectator recently:

“If only [Biden] had added an ‘e’ to potato or failed to cite a publication he read regularly — perhaps then the press, Saturday Night Live, and every late-night comic would have associated him with his gaffes forever. As it stands, [Biden’s] notion of building a railroad across the ocean does not indict one as a dullard the way misspelling a word does…

“Not just June but every month one could pen a column on all the president’s blunders. Still, books, not columns, remain the appropriate format in which to document the president’s gaffes. They fuel speculation about his fitness for office that implicitly revolve around his age. Even Chuck Todd on … Meet the Press raised to Sen. Amy Klobuchar the question of the president’s mental and physical fitness for office.

“Is it possible that the same man unfit for office at 80 was also unfit for it at 45? If so, it means that stupidity, not senility, disqualifies him from high office.”

As always, Flynn makes a salient point. Unfortunately, half the American electorate apparently valued stupidity and a reputation for being a “good guy” above competence and a propensity for stimulating controversy. I recall raising the “intellect” issue with a friend before the 2020 election, and he replied with, “I believe that Joe Biden loves America. Donald Trump only loves himself.”

It's an old story, but the 80 or so million Americans who (supposedly) voted Biden into the presidency must not be storing an overabundance of neurons upstairs themselves. There was plenty of evidence that career swamp dweller Joe Biden was several cards short of a full deck, yet the “smarts” issue didn’t receive much due, along with Hunter Biden’s laptop that the Democrat controlled deep state passed off as “Russian disinformation.”

Leftists enlisted the Big Tech barons to suppress the truth and, in the process, prevented “educating” persuadable voters about what was really going on. Too many facts dispel “stupidity”, the one thing Democrats can’t afford.

Liberals are terrified of free speech because diverse opinions force people to consider alternatives to the conventional wisdom. Joe Biden himself oft-repeats the disproved lie that COVID was worth the trillions Americans spent to combat it. And the government mandated lockdowns and mandates will have long-lasting social effects well into the middle part of this century.

Biden is now touring the country touting his “Bidenomics” record to small gatherings of cheering empty-brains who don’t appear to comprehend that massive government spending along with equally massive subsidies equals inflation. Another four years of “Bidenomics” might just be sufficient to finish off this nation for good.

Flynn is correct – Biden is stupid. But he’s also senile, as the frequency of his gaffes is intensifying with no way to, for a lack of a better way to put it, regenerate his smarts. Settling for Kamala Harris as his vice president was perhaps his dumbest choice, but how can his snafus be categorized and ranked within the big scheme of things?

Harris and Biden both suffer from a cognitive and personality disorder that can’t be cured – arrogance. They turn conventional wisdom and teachings on their head to promote fantasies such as abortion being “women’s healthcare”, global shifts in weather being “climate change” and COVID guesswork being “science”. And that the Russia/Ukraine war is a vital national concern. No wonder neither Biden nor Harris is popular.

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James Bryson
James Bryson
Jul 07, 2023

The CCP bought off their vast hordes of compromised, FNM, Wall Street "old friends", UniParty stooges, TechTraitors to "INSTALL" this feckless duo. They got what they paid for... GROSS INCOMPETENCE and CRIMINALITY.

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