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The Right Resistance: Democrat nightmare scenario is America’s best hope in 2022 and beyond

I predicted that the flood of liberal legislation next year would be virtually unstoppable, especially if the upper chamber’s rabid leftist contingent (which, in reality, is basically all of them except senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin) were successful in casting aside the vaunted filibuster tradition. How bad would it be? Here’s a short list of awful things: Federally mandated mail-in voting from coast to coast, a vast expansion of Obamacare, hugely high taxes on productive people, a cavalcade of illegal aliens across the southern border, “woke” curriculum in schools, transgenders taking over women’s sports, codifying the Green New Deal and a reworking of the Supreme Court would only be the beginning.

It's the stuff that keeps decent people awake at night. Forget checking for monsters under your bed – the ogres will have moved to Washington DC bent on taking everything from you at the behest of the new wave of IRS agents, or even worse, at the working end of an FBI agent’s firearm.

Conservatives hope and pray such a fuzzy picture never clarifies. But Democrats in the senate are doing a bit of their own speculating about what their lives will be like if Republicans kick Nancy Pelosi out of the Speaker’s chair in January and wrest the gavel from her cold, bony, sandpaper textured fingers. It appears as though liberals are pretty worried.

In a report titled “Democrats brace for life with a House GOP majority”, Alexander Bolton wrote at The Hill:

“Democrats hope they can retain their majority in the Senate, where a number of political handicappers say the party is favored. That would give Democrats more leverage and congressional support for Biden over the next two years.

“But if the House does fall as expected, lawmakers expect partisan gridlock. Some Democrats are predicting government shutdowns and standoffs over raising the federal debt limit will take center stage.

“’If Republicans win control of the House, they will not be able to govern. It’ll be a cascading nightmare of dysfunction and horrible for the country and horrible news for anybody who relies on federal funding,’ said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Murphy predicted that if Republicans are in charge of one or both chambers, ‘it’s probably a series of shutdowns and funding crises… This new breed of Republicans are anarchists. They don’t really believe government should be funding anything,’ he added.”

Now THERE’s a big shocker – Democrats are using the possibility of House GOP opposition to threaten government shutdowns and ultimately, default on the growing interest payments on the exploding national debt as a reason to reverse the political course of history and give Nancy Pelosi and her band of malcontents, globalists, woke conformists and “climate change” scaremongers another two years of unfettered dominance in control of the nation’s purse strings.

When combined with the likely end of the senate’s filibuster if Democrats maintain their current numbers or even increase them by one or two in the upper chamber, and you’ve got a nightmare scenario of epic proportions! Government shutdowns? Heck no! Democrats don’t use the federal budget and government borrowing limits as leverage. Their position is simple: spend, spend, spend!

Let’s put Murphy’s statements under a microscope because they reveal the predominant Democrat mindset of all party members, not just privileged career nincompoop politicians from a safe, blue, New England state. Murphy said: “[GOP control will] be a cascading nightmare of dysfunction and horrible for the country and horrible news for anybody who relies on federal funding.”

Bingo! Thanks, Chris! Here, Murphy unwittingly (or uncaringly?) let his party’s worst-kept secret out of the proverbial bag. By admitting “anybody who relies on federal funding” will suffer, Chris suggests that Democrats’ sole purpose for living in the swamp and their various smarmy enclaves from Martha’s Vineyard to Georgetown (Washington, DC) to the North Shore of Chicago to San Francisco’s Nob Hill to Beverly Hills down south in California – is to get the poor and middle class so addicted to government handouts that these people wouldn’t dream of making trouble for the elites!

Of course, Murphy wouldn’t be a true Democrat if his “relies on federal funding” group didn’t include seniors who were put at the mercy of the national government decades ago. Whenever Democrats seek to get the old folks’ attention, all they do is demagogue social security and Medicare, scream that Republicans want to “cut” or “eliminate” these grossly bloated entitlement programs and pass over that someone, at some point, is going to have to deal with the mess.

To his credit, George W. Bush tried to get something moving on the intractable entitlement programs in 2005 by proposing that most earners be permitted to save on their own if the federal government would just allow them to manage their own contributions. For his courage, Bush was practically crucified at the altar of “NO WAY!” by Democrat leaders. And there were enough dumb and uninformed citizens taking polls to let them get away with it, too.

But back then – and today – the Democrats’ only mission was to enslave more and more Americans to the federal government’s check printing machines. Why else would they propose more and bigger new spending programs like Medicare for All, “climate change” clean energy subsidies, full forgiveness for all student loan debt and universal pre-K and childcare? They want mindless drones who vote their government giveaways, that’s why!

Luckily for us, Murphy wasn’t finished with his imbecilic inanities. According to him (in the quote above), Republicans are “anarchists” who “don’t really believe government should be funding anything.”

Bingo! Again! What are the odds of winning the game twice in a row? At any rate, Democrats like Murphy insist that desiring to hold down debt-financed federal spending translates to anarchy in the streets and a general view that government shouldn’t pay for anything. But wait a second, with Democrat-controlled inner-city jurisdictions across the nation being overwhelmed by senseless violence, isn’t it liberals who love anarchy?

After all, one of Antifa’s symbols is a capital A with a circle around it. Doesn’t this stand for “anarchy”? The least Democrats can do is be consistent, but schleps like Murphy are too dumb to realize what they’re actually saying, instead preferring to call House Republicans names and to brand them with false motives like abolishing the government through starving it of funding.

It’s not like the federal government hasn’t grown so large that it blocks out the sun and the bureaucracy so powerful that the regulatory state stifles every last bit of entrepreneurial energy. It’s arguable that the best thing that could ever happen to America’s people would be a prolonged government shutdown where Republicans convince the public that they don’t really need a federal handout for every possible contingency. Land of the Free, home of the Brave? These days it’s more like land of the dependent and home of the terrified.

Besides, who is truly impacted by government shutdowns? Who can forget years ago during one of the temporary work stoppages in Joe Biden’s boss’s tenure that private entities offered to contribute money to keep the World War II memorial operating in Washington DC, but the Obama goon squad erected barriers around the open-air sanctuary to keep 90 and 100-year-old veterans from visiting for probably their last time?

That’s what a government shutdown looks like to most “normal” people, but Murphy and the Democrat dufus contingent want everyone believing that their social security checks won’t arrive and Medicare won’t pay for their doctor visits, nor will the military remain on high alert and therefore terrorists are free to run roughshod over the fruited plain. None of this is true, but Democrats and the establishment media rely on the ignorance of low information voters to spread fear of a catastrophe.

Nor will the government default on its debt. As has been pointed out numerous times over the years by people without an agenda, tax receipts will continue to roll in through the doors of the federal Treasury, providing Uncle Sam plenty of money to keep paying for stuff. Payments would need to be prioritized during such a stoppage, but that doesn’t mean the government would default on its debt. What creditor is prepared to be rigid and demanding when they know they’ll eventually receive full payment from the feds, with interest and penalties tacked on?

Sooner or later the Congress and presidents of both parties will need to listen to the few fiscal voices of sanity in today’s political class and tell the truth about the challenges we face as a culture and a country. Just because some Democrat constituency mandates that government cover every little expense doesn’t mean their wish should be granted.

Senator Rick Scott’s proposal to sunset every single federal program after five years and to require every taxpayer to pay at least a minimum ($1?) in taxes are good places to start. Fixing the problem will take years and politicians with a spine who aren’t constantly looking over their shoulders to see what the special interests are up to every two, four or six years.

We also need leaders who are boat rockers, not establishment robots. But that’s a subject for another time.

The notion of complete partisan gridlock doesn’t scare those of us who believe the government doing nothing at all is preferable to Democrats in Congress using their version of power to do whatever they want. If it takes having Republicans controlling the House and pressuring Democrats at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue to quit transforming America, then a GOP takeover is entirely appropriate.

Let’s make it happen in November.

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