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The Right Resistance: Democrats know they’re losing. How to spot the signs

You and I know it and can see it, but thus far in the 2024 general election campaign, Democrats have resisted overt admissions that president senile Joe Biden and his fellow party members are losing badly in the public persuasion lead-up to this year’s crucial vote,

and unless something is done relatively quickly, it will be too late for liberals to maintain the ruse past this year.


The evidence is in open view. It’s almost like Democrats are color blind and therefore can’t see the number that’s plain as day to most of us on that amply dotted colorful piece of paper used to test for the condition. Democrats hesitate to admit to the proverbial writing on the wall, but the signs of decay and panic are everywhere. From the highest level of Capitol Hill to the lowest depths of local governance over feces and drug needle infested San Francisco, Democrat leadership has resulted in shocking deterioration and rot.


If you’ve ever been tasked with cleaning a garage or storage room that literally hasn’t been touched in years, that’s what the Democrats’ task looks like before them. Rather than committing a little bit of time each day or week to fixing some of the minor problems so that they can even access the major ones, liberals seem to want to just strike a match, burn the place to the ground, then begin the fill-it-up process anew.


But nothing will truly be repaired because Democrats will simply start doing the same things over again while expecting different results. Isn’t that called insanity?


How numerous are the signs of unraveling? How bad is it? We’ve got to start somewhere. Open the door to that cluttered universe, Democrats! In an opinion piece titled “Sonia Sotomayor Should Retire Now”, Josh Barrow wrote at The Atlantic (via MSN) recently:


“Justice Sonia Sotomayor will turn 70 in June. If she retires this year, President Joe Biden will nominate a young and reliably liberal judge to replace her. Republicans do not control the Senate floor and cannot force the seat to be held open like they did when Scalia died. Confirmation of the new justice will be a slam dunk, and liberals will have successfully shored up one of their seats on the Court—playing the kind of defense that is smart and prudent when your only hope of controlling the Court again relies on both the timing of the death or retirement of conservative judges and not losing your grip on the three seats you already hold.


“But if Sotomayor does not retire this year, we don’t know when she will next be able to retire with a likely liberal replacement. It’s possible that Democrats will retain the presidency and the Senate in this year’s elections, in which case the insurance created by a Sotomayor retirement won’t have been necessary… In other words, if Sotomayor doesn’t retire this year, she’ll be making a bet that she will remain fit to serve until possibly age 78 or even 82 or 84—and she’ll be forcing the whole Democratic Party to make that high-stakes bet with her.”


Sounds like safe logic to me! As if the Democrats’ odds for retaking a reliable liberal majority on the Supreme Court weren’t long enough already, now they’ve got their own people debating whether one of the most trustworthy of big government power advocates – Justice Sonia Sotomayor – should voluntarily remove herself from the Court before what happened to Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 2020 happens to her.


That’s a sad thing to make a pitch for, isn’t it?


But in advancing the argument, (assuming Josh is a liberal Democrat, since he writes for The Atlantic) Barrow is showing his cards – he’s terrified that Joe Biden won’t be elected to another term to then serve up another “I can’t define what a woman is because I’m not a biologist” kneejerk leftist like Kentanji Brown Jackson to replace a “living constitutionalist” like retired Justice Stephen Breyer.


Plus, Democrats aren’t at all sure their party will keep the majority in the justice-confirming senate where “Chucky” Schumer now presides. A couple seat swing this year ruins it for them, even if senile Joe somehow wins reelection. They can’t take that chance. The Supreme Court could ruin everything for the left. Why do you think Christine Blasey Ford has suddenly popped up in the news again?


More’s the pity. But facts are facts. And there are additional sure signs that Democrats are panicking, too. They realize that they’re losing.


Second, despite senile Joe Biden’s dominance in the party primaries, Democrats keep dropping hints that they’re looking to replace him as their presidential candidate.


Democrats aren’t even subtle about their schemes to ditch Biden, talking publicly about employing the 25th Amendment to declare him permanently incapacitated or speculating that he could save the party (and by extension, the country) by merely giving up his reelection bid – or more drastically, by waging a floor fight at the Democrat National Convention this summer in Chicago and installing someone else in a hostile coup d’état takeover of the party.


The last option being both the most likely to occur and least guaranteed of success. But the very notion that Democrats, on practically a daily basis, aren’t whispering their unkind opinions of him behind Biden’s back speaks volumes as to their level of respect for him – and their confidence in his reelection chances.


Third, Democrats seem more willing to admit that Biden is slipping mentally, as though they’re trying to sway public opinion to help them with their senile Joe problem and anoint a “savior” candidate in his place. That heightened level of Democrat anxiety is exposed through repeatedly bringing up Michelle Obama’s name not just as a possible, but preferable replacement.


Like her husband, Lady O does possess a big fat Obama mouth packed full of lies, distortions and race-bending nonsense, but there’s nothing to indicate that she has the type of political skills that could carry her through the grind of a national campaign. Yes, she is black, and she is female (supposedly), so Michelle automatically fulfills the two most important criteria for a potential senile Joe Biden fill-in (not named Kamala Harris, of course).


But Michelle Obama has never run for any political office, her celebrity is based on her husband’s fame, she has no established record on most political issues and she seems like she’d much rather stay on eternal vacation and enjoy leisure rather than fight with Congress over appropriations bills and continuing resolutions and the debt ceiling.


Democrats would favor any living being they thought could beat Trump. But is Michelle Obama really the one to do it? Cult worship only counts for so much when substance is lacking.


A fourth sign indicating Democrats know they’re losing -- they are increasing the urgency of their Biden defenses, such as in last week’s House Oversight hearing featuring Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski – a true eyewitness to the Biden family corruption – being verbally assaulted by none other than “The Squad” airhead Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (among others).


Clearly the ultra-leftists are taking it upon themselves to defend the defenseless so as to convince their gullible and hopelessly ignorant followers to join the senile Joe reelection train before it’s too late.


Democrats aren’t renowned for having honesty and integrity, but their most recent plays at defending the obviously mentally dilapidated Biden have been extreme even by their low standards.


Fifth, Democrats keep insisting that Kamala Harris is a great potential president while also trying their darndest to hide her from view – except on abortion, where her recent visit to a baby termination factory might as well have been a blinking neon sign reading, “WE LOVE ABORTIONS!!!” (If you click on the link, be sure to have an air sickness bag handy.)


At the same time, Biden’s recent trips to Arizona and Texas didn’t feature a tag-along by Harris, which is curious, since she’s still supposedly the administration “czar” in charge of immigration, isn’t she? Instead, the cackling one was nowhere to be found, which is yet another sign that liberals have acknowledged that they’re losing. Kamala is toxic waste to the electorate, and getting her anywhere close to an issue with substance automatically links her to it.


And that’s bad news for Democrats, who are already pretty darn frightened about 2024.


Sixth, the Democrats are pressing the proverbial accelerator on the timeline of their electric car mandates, figuring they need to get the policy etched in regulatory stone before the old geezer Biden is tossed on the pile of has-been leftist politicians.


Democrats understand that EV dictates would have little chance of survival if Donald Trump were elected – and they fear he will be – so whatever they can push through now could potentially save the idea later. Republicans don’t have a good track record of getting rid of government mandates once they’re enacted, so who’s to say future Republican congresses will grow a backbone and return consumer choice to the new car purchase equation?


Better to mandate and ban now while they have the chance, right? That’s Democrats’ thinking.



This emphasis on maintaining voter constituencies that should already be “safe” is a flashing blaring red “warning” light that Democrats know they’re losing. If Trump is actually as awful to the future prospects of Hispanics who are here legally, black voters and unmarried women, why are Democrats spending money trying to reassure these groups of how great senile Joe is for them?


Polls suggest that Democrats should be – and are -- very concerned about the future, specifically this year’s presidential election. But even more revealing is Democrats’ jittery behavior towards much of what is going on these days, including their inability to control the news narrative. They’re panicking, and it’s fun for conservatives to witness the fear fits.

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The foregoing ignores one important thing. Democrats own and control the printing presses and counting rooms. A repeat of the 2020 after midnight vote shift is not out of the realm of possibility. You read it here.

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