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The Right Resistance: Dems’ Chauvin verdict hysteria leads to ‘Dumbest Member of Congress’ award

Though it’s hardly surprising when a Democrat stoops to a new low these days, this week’s sideshow with Maxine Waters in Minnesota and various other party members’ reactions to

the George Floyd/Derek Chauvin verdict broke new ground for contemptible.

It isn’t news any longer, but Waters, the longtime California congresswoman, called for protesters to get confrontational if they weren’t satisfied with the verdict (which she said needed to be “guilty, guilty, guilty” -- or else). The 82-year-old is in the perfect demographic category to qualify for a leadership slot in Democrat Party politics, and she’s taken every chance to stir things up.

With the establishment media and all Democrats still expressing outrage over the “mostly peaceful” protest of January 6th, how can they live with the hypocrisy?

“Ms. Waters, with her incitement of protesters just prior to the jury receiving the case, may have put justice in this matter at risk. She has a history of encouraging harassment and social organizing meant to intimidate those with whom she disagrees politically. But now she is elevating herself to the status of a runaway train, crashing in the middle of a Minneapolis suburb without care as to the damage inflicted...

“Americans were horrified and appalled when we saw the George Floyd video. We came together and condemned that action by Mr. Chauvin and the other officers involved. Now, the just verdict could be upended by a court of appeal in part because of a woman who does not seem to care that incitement and intimidation have consequences. One thing is clear — Maxine Waters’ history of wanting more ‘confrontation’ to accommodate her political agenda continues to do damage to this country and to the rule of law.”

True indeed. A good share of conservatives felt justice was not done in Minneapolis. Chauvin clearly appeared to go way overboard on the fateful day last May. But to convict on second degree murder when Floyd was shot-up with a likely lethal dose of illegal drugs in his system? The emptiness will remain… but the system produced an answer, regardless. If we preach to trust the process, we must do so now.

As usual, Democrats couldn’t just take yes for an answer -- a guilty-on-all-counts jury verdict -- they wanted more. The whole episode calls into question the intelligence and motivations of Democrats in Washington. What are they really after? It’s hard to imagine it getting worse than this week’s happenings.

Perhaps a little satirical humor would add to the conversation:

--The day after the Floyd/Chauvin verdict in Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Buuuuzzzzz. Buuuuzzzzz. Buuuuzzzzz.

“Okay, okay, okay, keep your skirt on,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi growled as she slunk from her office’s water cooler to a desk containing the impatient and annoying phone buzzer to take another call. Depressing the answer button, the 81-year-old inquired, “What is it now? I thought I told you I didn’t want to be disturbed. I’m still in here praying and thanking George Floyd for dying so the nation could have justice -- or something like that. That, and it’s a victory for all of us who’ve sworn there’s a huge systemic racism problem out there. And it ain’t just Trump and his deplorables. It’s the cops, too…”

Her words trailed off as she mumbled a barely audible “Except for the anonymous capitol officer who nailed that QAnon freak Ashli Babbitt, that is.”

“Madame Queen (Pelosi’s preferred way to be addressed), you told me to let you know when the White House sent someone over. Well, she’s here. It’s Jen Psaki. And she wants to talk to you about who we should nominate for their ‘Dumbest Member of Congress’ contest. The big guy himself came up with the idea. She said it’s a crisis, so you gotta believe her.”

Pelosi’s assistant’s voice seemed more nervous and hurried than normal. ‘Maybe Psaki threatened to nominate me or something,’ Pelosi wondered.

“Send her in.”

The red-haired Psaki then burst through the door, breathing heavily. “Joe told me to be back in an hour and I only have a few minutes to devote to this. I thought it was a dumb idea, personally, since I know all of his cabinet secretaries and there’re some real dim bulbs among them. We’ve even got a transgender woman -- she’s a loon, and dull as bricks. But my boss is running this show. He said, “If anyone’s going to call someone dumb, it’s gonna be me,” Jen blubbered.

“Not so fast,” Pelosi shot back, more perturbed than before. The San Franciscan’s dander skyrocketed whenever she was challenged by anyone -- and she’d be an illegal alien’s nursemaid before taking any lip from this half-wit administration microphone smoocher. “I’ve already jotted down a list, and you’re going to take it. And you’re gonna like it, missy. A lot of our people want this designation, and frankly, they’ve earned it.”

Instead of answering, Psaki simply looked to the side and waved her hand in dismissal. ‘No one cares what I think, except for the gutless morons in the media’, she thought to herself.

“Fine then, let’s get started. I’ll do the talking. You get to talk and talk and talk at those inane press briefings of yours. Here, it’s my podium,” the much older woman condescended to the Biden lackey half her age, her piercing bird-of-prey glare cutting right through the woman. “I think the first nomination must be ‘Auntie’ Maxine Waters.”

Psaki’s eyes narrowed and a brief grin cracked her lips. ‘Yeah, that’s a no-brainer’, she thought.

“Waters has been in this place for thirty years, and she’s done nothing but spout incendiary racist spittle gibberish from day one. She lives in a big house surrounded by a big wall and iron gates in a wealthy neighborhood that isn’t in her district -- and her husband is a crook. Like me, the two of them made their money grifting off the government and special interests, so she can’t be all that dumb. But if the media is looking for a great anti-Republican quote, she’s the one. Incitement of violence? Heck no! She’s rallying our troops!” Pelosi could hardly contain her excitement for the nomination.

“Some people might mistake her for her ideological and aesthetic doppelganger -- the utterly clueless fool Frederica Wilson -- but that’s okay. ‘Auntie’ Max will just get more votes then. We couldn’t care less if the ballots are legitimate.”

Psaki nodded. “I don’t disagree with a single word, Nance.”

Pelosi frowned at Psaki’s disrespectful contracting of her first name, but continued, “Number two, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Make that the entire ‘Squad’ -- but we have to have a ‘dumb-est’ and there can only be one, right? So, we’ll use AOC, she’s the most famous.” Psaki nodded in agreement again. “The way AOC has grown her social media network has been truly impressive. Not only is she pretty frickin’ dumb herself, she’s managed to find millions of suckers who are equally idiotic. I loved the way she sent out a video of herself talking about the Derek Chauvin (AOC pronounced his name, CHOW-VIN) verdict as not being good enough. Man, she was on a roll that day, wasn’t she? She didn’t even wear a mask!”

Psaki beamed and nodded while thinking, ‘This is going to be fun!’

“Next, we’re always spouting all the crapola about bipartisanship and stuff, so we’ll need a Republican nominee for this honor. I think Mitt Romney fits it perfectly,” Pelosi added assuredly. “We tore him a new one back in ’12 when he was the GOP presidential contender, but now that he’s here with us, he’s shown real flashes of soulless woke-ness, just like a Democrat member of the club. Remember how he walked with Black Lives Matter protesters even though he looked absurdly ridiculous? The only way it would’ve been more perfect is if he’d donned black duds hanging six inches below his waist like a gangbanger, complete with an oversized ‘BLM’ cap worn sideways, temporary tattoos and added a ton of gold chains around his neck. Wow, love the vision!”

No longer able to contain herself, Psaki doubled over guffawing. “Stop! Stop! Stop! You’re killing me!”

Pelosi went on, “Anyway, Rom-com is the only Republican to vote twice to impeach the heinous Bad Orange Man. If that ain’t dumb, I don’t know what is! My only fear is he’d win the trophy (a unisex person with a dunce cap on) going away. We can’t have that. We’re way dumber.”

Psaki chuckled to herself. Wow, these are all good ideas. Maybe Pelosi hasn’t completely lost it in her trance-like state of political obsession.

“I saved the best one for last,” Pelosi giggled like a teenaged school girl. “Perhaps the dumbest of them all, Kamala Harris.”

Psaki stuck her index finger in the air as if to object to the nomination of senile Joe’s vice president, who is most definitely a Biden homie in the executive branch now and not a legislator. “I know she’s technically not in Congress and therefore not eligible for Joe’s contest, but here’s my thinking on it. Kamala was in the senate earlier this year and now she presides over the snobby old chamber whenever there’s a tie vote. Since the place is evenly divided, 50-50, she is like a member of Congress, and hangin’ out at Joe’s place too. Whaddaya think?”

Grateful for a chance to finally speak, Psaki replied, “I think it’s brilliant! For a few reasons. One, I know from working with Kamala on a daily basis that she is indeed dumb enough to win this thing. Two, as you point out, she spends a heck of a lot more time on Capitol Hill than she does on the southern border where she’s supposed to be. Who needs that crap? Crisis? Those naïve Republicans don’t know the meaning of the word! And third, if Kamala is nominated, it’s a distraction -- Joe might stop massaging my shoulders and sniffing my hair while relaying tall plagiarized tales of his decades in the senate. And that nude swimming thing of his? Gross!

“Besides if Joe were still in the upper chamber, he’d win ‘Dumbest Member of Congress’ hands down! Every year! Though Maxine Waters, AOC and Romney would sure give him a run for his money, wouldn’t they?”

Somewhat perturbed that Psaki didn’t mention herself and “Chucky” Schumer as possible stellar additional candidates for the accolade, Pelosi abruptly opted to close the floor to nominations. “Okay, you can get out now. Tell Joe that we’re still workin’ on the ‘Steal all elections act’ (otherwise known as H.R. 1/S.R. 1). We’ll be tapping our deep bench of dumb-sters to push the rest of his schemes through, too. There are a lot of ‘em! We’ll get together when this is all over, won’t we?”

Visibly angry at the arbitrary discharge, Psaki could hardly believe her eyes when Pelosi rose from her seat to hold the door open for her, all the while exaggeratingly gesturing with her head and eyes towards the exit. With a snarl, Jen got up and withdrew in a huff. Oh, the insult!

The End.

-- The George Floyd incident, last summer’s riots, Derek Chauvin’s trial, and Democrats’ response to it all has been truly telling. There’s no longer legitimate debate over the policing issue in America -- it’s now a one-sided narrative from liberals and a media that parrots their baloney. At current, there isn’t a “Dumbest member of Congress” award.

But maybe there should be.

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Bottom line is that Chauvin ***did not*** get a fair trial; even if guilty, the accused deserves a fair trial. Now I hear that he is on "suicide watch." What ? Does this suggest that he may "Get Suicided" like Jeffery Epstein did?

Unknown member
Apr 24, 2021
Replying to

Well of course, old Charlie Manson wasn’t a sadist in the way Chauvin was.


From the leftist troll dictionary:

fact \'fact\ n 1. Extreme right wing b.s. 2. A thing to be avoided at all costs.

mock n 1. Prefered tactic of leftists; prevents rational argument. 2. Baseless attack that cannot be refutted with facts or reason.

rational argument 1. See fact.

reason n \'re-zen\ 1. See fact.

progressivism n 1. Any of a veriety of socialist or communist forms that also contains a veiled mocking of anyone who disagrees as being against "progress", while actually being a regressive throwback political ideal of a ruling class with total control and no induvidual liberty being necessary for a society to function properly.

Jay Robison
Jay Robison
Apr 24, 2021
Replying to

Horse pucky... you're spreading it on thick, but no one with more than two gray cells is biting your shit sandwich.


"The whole episode calls into question the intelligence and motivations of Democrats in Washington."

No it doesn't; it highlights them. Sometimes the best way to confuse and overcome your enemy is to do irrational things. It didn't matter what the verdict(s) were, there was a gameplan in place to expoit the result; the more emotional and irrational the better. Rational argument does not work against irrational emotion; this is a big part of the leftist gameplan and is something conservatives must learn. This is also why the leftists are teaching our children to be emotional and irrational; it will make them easy to control.

"What are they really after?"

Simple. Total control. With the left, the issue is never the…

Jay Robison
Jay Robison
Apr 24, 2021
Replying to

In his first 100 days that would be Quid Pro-China Joe who has signed more illegal/unconstitutional executive orders than any previous president, attempting to usurp the constitution and laws passed by Congress and signed into law by a sitting president. Joe Biden is a senile, tin-horn tyrant doing his best to make over the USA into a Marxist, 3rd world banana republic.


" can they live with the hypocrisy?"

This is part of the reason conservatives are losing. Leftists are perfectly fine with being hypocrites; in fact, are likely proud of it. They have internalized winning "by any means necessary". Truth, facts, fairness, traditions, reason, ethics, morals, and pretty much anything else, take a back seat to winning. In fact, one of the leftists goals is to make it legal for leftists to physically attack you and illegal for you to defend yourself; it will all depend on the political ideology (at the moment) of the players involved.

Jay Robison
Jay Robison
Apr 23, 2021
Replying to

That's very well stated and highly a highly accurate assesment of the motives and tactics of radical leftists as they gain greater control and accumulate more power in order to subjugate us to their nefarious will.


Unknown member
Apr 23, 2021

If you look at the evidence, Derek Chauvin got the verdict he deserved. Though I agree, Maxine Waters had no business voicing an opinion on an ongoing trial or inciting a crowd.

Unknown member
Apr 23, 2021
Replying to

Disagreeing with extreme right wing b.s. is also the mark of a leftist troll. In fact, anything that disrupts your echo chamber of inanities smacks of progressivism, right?

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