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The Right Resistance: Desperate Democrats look to history to save them in the midterms

It’s old news by now, but Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

I’m not sure if it was a conscious effort by the establishment corporate media to suppress the shocking news, but the momentous occurrence didn’t receive a whole heck of a lot of fanfare or mention by the usual sources, all of which typically glory in reporting salacious tidbits of personal gossip about politicians (maybe only Republicans?). Here was Pelosi, the 82-year-old constitutional third-in-line to the presidency, having a potentially life-threatening (at least according to Democrats, the CDC and other federal health agencies and, of course, the hysteria-fanning media) ailment and the information passed unnoticed like an insect in the night without the moon dropping from the sky.

Of course, Pelosi had been at the White House only a couple days prior, socially mixing (not social distancing) with the who’s who of the Democrat party as they commemorated and celebrated another anniversary of the passage of Obamacare. The Big O himself was there, but he’d already had COVID (last month). So was cackling gal pal vice president Kamala Harris, but she’d already been exposed by her husband who had it. Jen Psaki’s had COVID at least twice.

Then there’s senile president Joe Biden who Pelosi was in close contact with on that day (she rubbed cheeks with the president) -- and thus far, has not contracted the deadly Chinese Communist Party (CCP or Wuhan, if you prefer) bug. As you probably recall, Biden was wandering around aimless and friendless at the Tuesday event, and he wasn’t wearing his protective surgical mask, either. None of them were, except for maybe the staff (I don’t know, I didn’t see, but Democrats always make the help wear them as a “precaution”, don’t they?).

From reports, Pelosi was symptom-free and presumably has already recovered. Obama said (at the time of his diagnosis) that he was experiencing a mild sore throat. Other name-droppers who’ve come down with COVID recently have also indicated that theirs was a mild case. All universally credited the various vaccines and boosters with saving them from the ravages of the Asia-based plague. To remind you, the vaccine was developed under Donald Trump’s administration.

Pelosi is so frail looking it appears a stiff wind could blow her over. Yet this mighty pandemic that’s practically blanketed, paralyzed and bankrupted the globe hasn’t touched her. San Fran Nan wouldn’t have even known she was sick if she hadn’t been part of a regular testing regimen. The woman came down with COVID despite all the stupid precautions that the federal government had dictated. And Democrats are demanding that Congress fork over another 20 billion to keep fighting it. What a crock.

Other than providing a healthy dose of comic relief, what does it mean to have Nancy Pelosi get COVID? Nothing, really. But it does imply that it will be harder and harder for Democrat candidates to make a big deal out of the CCP virus well over two years after the acknowledgement of the rapid spread of the virus and the inception of lockdowns. Then there was the multi-trillion appropriations spent by the federal government to fight it. It was almost like deploying a fleet of tanks to kill mosquitos.

Pelosi’s problem was yet another reminder of the difficulties Democrats will encounter later this year as they try to hold on to their House and Senate majorities, therefore giving senile Joe another two years to try and finish off what’s left of traditional America. Believe it or not, there are those who suggest a Democrat wipeout may not be a foregone conclusion.

In a piece titled, “History Shows the Democrats’ Midterm Doom Isn’t Preordained”, liberal political observer Jeff Greenfield wrote at Politico:

“The more accurate way to look at midterms is that there is no good way to summarize them. True, only two elections have seen the White House’s party actually gain seats, but there are several where the losses have been minimal, or non-existent, or where each house of Congress has produced different results. The problem for Joe Biden is that this more nuanced history provides almost no encouraging news. If Democrats are to survive November with their congressional majorities intact, they’re going to have to pray Republicans really step in it in a few key races...

“It’s true, as Democrats keep reminding each other, that the picture can change; maybe by autumn we’ll be back to normal. Maybe inflation will ease.

“But the more plausible gleam of hope for Democrats rests not with those factors, nor with shaper ‘messaging,’ but with the opposition. In past midterms, Republicans have done serious damage to themselves by nominating candidates who lost eminently winnable elections.”

Greenfield goes on to name the usual GOP suspects -- such as Christine O’Donnell losing the 2010 Delaware U.S. senate race after beating the establishment candidate in the primary. Then there was Richard Mourdock in Indiana and Todd Akin in Missouri and, last but not least, Judge Roy Moore being upset in Alabama by the visibly mediocre Democrat Doug Jones.

All of these races had similar scenarios: grassroots backed conservative won the GOP primary but then the Washington establishment opted to bail on them and starve them of campaign resources because of their “controversial” statements or positions. The Karl Roves and Mitch McConnell’s of the political universe crawl out of their holes like cockroaches at a seedy DC establishment dive bar at such times and pronounce that they can’t back someone so out-of-the-mainstream.

We’ve heard it all before. The same thing will no doubt happen this year if the primaries produce a collection of Republican candidates who actually appear to believe in something akin to the Trump MAGA agenda. Or, lord forbid, they are outwardly pro-Trump and don’t give a hoot about playing nice with the K Street lobbyists and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s preferred choice, or the neocon crowd thumping their chests and beating the war drums over Ukraine.

Greenfield was correct in pointing out that every midterm election is different and that statistically speaking, presidents generally go down -- and sometimes lose big -- in their first federal election after being inaugurated. Such was the case for president Big Bubba Bill Clinton in 1994 and Barack Obama in 2010. Both shellackings came after performing what was considered by the voters to be overstepping the big government line in healthcare.

Both lost the House for the balance of their days in the White House. Clinton was impeached because of it; Obama probably should have been.

Donald Trump also lost the House after his first two years -- and the Pelosi-led Democrat caucus impeached him twice. Is there a trend?

Where Greenfield loses his credibility is by hinting that the only way Democrats will not lose big this year is if Republicans self-immolate and nominate non-establishment candidates. In a political year where the grassroots is supercharged and polls show the GOP with a sizeable generic ballot advantage, the GOP needs office-seekers who want to go to Washington to rock the boat and defeat the stodgy, unsustainable status quo -- not perpetuate the malaise.

Americans are starving for new and better leaders who will fight, not go-along-to-get-along types like Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski.

This upcoming national midterm election already has a number of things baked into its crispy crust. Voters are being weighed down by inflation and are reminded of the results of Democrat policies every time they go to the gas station or supermarket. Unemployment is down to pre-pandemic levels and wages are said to be going up, but a two-percent raise doesn’t seem like much when consumer prices are rising four times as fast.

Meanwhile, many economists are forecasting higher interest rates in the near to medium term, which will slam the brakes on economic growth and could quite possibly cause a recession. When that happens, the unemployment rate will escalate and folks will be in a surly mood, just in time to go to the polls to elect a new Congress. The public will be clamoring for a change, and it won’t come in the form of more reinforcements for senile Joe and Nancy Pelosi.

Also, with the Biden administration’s ending of Title 42 (the Trump administration policy which allowed the border patrol to immediately return illegal border jumpers because of COVID concerns), experts are predicting waves of new “undocumented workers” invading the country. These people will be pampered by senile Joe’s minions, therefore creating an even bigger political hole.

A lot can and will happen between now and November, and yes, it’s not historically predestined that Democrats are going to receive their well-deserved beating at the ballot box. But 2022 isn’t like any other year and a perfect storm of conditions is brewing to sweep in conservative Republicans and kick out the arrogant Democrats. Bring it on.

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I hate to put a damper on things, but here goes. There have been several reports in the past few days of the media abandoning support for Biden, particularly in regard to the Hunter laptop scandal. At the same time, Obama has been making himself more visible. Also, the Democrats have lost their taste for Harris. I can see the following happening within just a few months. Harris will be pressured to resign and be awarded some other cushy position. Obama will be appointed as vice president. They will set a letter of resignation in front of Joe Biden and he will sign it, probably not even knowing what he is signing. Obama will assume the presidency and shortly the…

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