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The Right Resistance: Doomsday swing-state polls leave some wondering if Biden’s end is near

We don’t see ‘em nearly as much as we used to – that being random strangers on downtown streetcorners holding signs reading “The End is Near”. Not elaborating further, the message

spreading oddballs leave the true meaning of the warnings to your imagination and sanity assessments.

The End of what, you ask? Presumably these individuals foreshadowed the end of the world, an apocalypse anticipated by numerous religions and perhaps even by folks embittered by the state of politics on this strange planet today, where certain entities savagely attack without warning and commit atrocious atrocities yet still remain un-condemned – or even uncensured – by many nations with agendas of their own. For those raised on the concept of right and wrong, it’s frustrating and infuriating to see Israel encountering moralistic headwinds to their mission to shore up their own safety and avenge the dead against merciless barbarians.

The “The End is Near” sign here is the tangible feeling among Democrats that senile president Joe Biden has to go, the “end” being his faltering campaign for reelection. Democrats say nice things about Biden in public, not wishing to rouse their easily perturb-able party elder statesman, which undoubtedly could earn them a quick trip to liberal obscurity – or even a visit from Dr. Jill Biden’s ambition police.

It’s vitally important, after all, that the Bidens maintain the ruse that senile Joe is the only politician who could match and beat – again – the heinous bad orange man, Donald Trump, in the 2024 election. It’s not like anyone could forget, but in early 2020, having just defeated then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s first impeachment farce, Trump was riding a wave of good fortune and looked to be heading into a rather leisurely campaign season with mass rallies and making ample fun of the Democrats and their struggles on his path to a second term.

Then COVID hit and everything was knocked off the rails for Trump, aided in large part by groupthink hysteria, a friendly (to Democrats) federal government health bureaucracy, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s fuzzy little head and mind-trancing funny accent, and mass hysteria by the “Karens” of the world self-deputizing themselves to enforce the dictates from those who lectured how they knew best for us.

In addition, there were the ridiculous sellouts by state legislatures that granted “emergency” measures aimed at “keeping everyone safe” while voting in 2020, thereby permitting largely unvetted mail-in balloting to takeover. In doing so, even in red jurisdictions, the states paved the way for victories that couldn’t be secured beyond the margin of fraud – and the rest is (sorry) history.

Senile Joe is thus back for another go ‘round, he and his handlers maintaining that he’s just as invincible and un-conquerable as he’s been for his entire political career, the man’s “good guy” persona assuring he’ll trump (pardon the pun) anyone who gets in his way. No matter how bad it gets in flyover country -- i.e., Trump’s voter strongholds -- there’s always the hotly contested and vote count manipulatable swing states to put senile Joe over the top.

Well, Democrats received bad news recently regarding those toss-up states. The cognitively and age-challenged president is behind in all but one of those polled, according to one major tally. Even worse for them, the survey was conducted by a reliable establishment media ally of Democrats. Could the end be near for Joe Biden? In an article titled “NY Times Poll Shows Big Lead for Trump Over Biden in Almost Every Battleground State”, Joseph Lord reported last week at The Epoch Times:

“A new poll shows that President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in nearly every major battleground state. Specifically, the poll, conducted by The New York Times and Sienna, found President Trump is leading by substantial margins in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, while only slightly trailing President Biden in Wisconsin.

“An overwhelming majority, between 60 and 70 percent, of voters in each of the six key states told pollsters that the country is headed in the wrong direction, including the majority of voters from every racial, gender, education, and income class…

“The poll found that only 46 percent of black voters would commit to supporting President Biden—a significant cause for concern for the president, as black voters propelled him to the nomination in South Carolina and to the White House through their support for him in Georgia.”

Sheesh! Only 46 percent of black voters would commit, as of now, to supporting senile Joe in 2024? If true, this news is catastrophic to not only rickety old Biden’s chance of winning term number two, but also to the hopes of the legions of down-ballot Democrats who count on the top of the ticket’s coattails to drag them across the finish line in districts and states everywhere. It’s no secret to anyone who’s paid attention to American politics that Democrats are almost wholly dependent on African-American votes in most places – and dang, if these normally reliable participants aren’t wild about senile Joe, that spells trouble in buckets for the Democrats!

But conservatives shouldn’t get too excited – yet. As has been the case in a number of recent elections, black voters have indicated that they’re more and more skeptical of Democrats, yet when the ballots are counted, they seem to come through for them in most ways. It used to be that upwards of ninety percent of black voters would go Democrat in presidential election years. The tally is down a bit since then – due mostly to black men changing party allegiances – but black women are still Democrat through and through.

Nonetheless, it must be disconcerting for the ruling elites at Democrat campaign headquarters to see these awful numbers from a New York Times poll in swing-state tallies. And this far out from the actual election, it must make the worrying even worse. Democrats almost always come out strong in early surveys, most likely because of a number of factors. To have them even with the hated conservative/traditionalist enemy – or even behind (ouch!) – a year before the balloting must cause stomach pangs for the big government crowd. Better get those orders for ulcer medication in early, people!

But could the end for Biden truly be near? Lord’s report also contained this tidbit: “Speaking on MSNBC, Rep. Pramilla Jayapal (D-Wash.), chairwoman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, acknowledged significant concern about the poll. ‘This is the first time ... that I have felt like the 2024 election is in great trouble for the president and for our Democrat control,’ Ms. Jayapal said.”

In “Squad” wacko Jayapal’s particular example, she’s probably too busy organizing anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian protests to really notice much these days, but to receive such a confession from someone who’s normally lock, stock and barrel for the Biden “electability” façade, it could mean something prophetic. Senile Joe’s base – not only black voters, but also minority and young women voters – could be eroding beneath him.

It's significant that this survey doesn’t appear to credit/fault Biden’s age alone for his apparent vulnerability now, even with his own faithful. Economic factors and the state of the economy are weighing heavy on Americans’ minds, particularly inflation that continues to plague and impact the poor and middle classes. With the trouble in the Middle East, it’s a very real possibility that world oil prices could drastically increase. And it’s getting cold out there, folks.

Many political commentators have predicted that the end could be near for Biden’s reelection bid if such and such happened. Thus far, Biden’s deflected all questions about his age and competency while changing the subject whenever he’s challenged regarding the administration’s unemployment figures, which still appear strong despite stagnant wages and people losing ground in their personal savings and investment portfolios. Credit card debt is way up, as are interest rates, effectively consuming a large chunk out of family budgets.

And I could be mistaken, but it seems that the wave of illegal immigrant crossings has also begun to attract more attention, especially since the outset of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The authorities have warned of potentially increased terrorist activity all over the world, and how would those perpetrators gain entrance to the homeland otherwise? The nature of an illegal “gotaway” means just that – we haven’t a clue where they are.

The U.S. Border Patrol has apprehended greater numbers of individuals on the official terrorism watch list than ever before recently. And those are just the ones we catch – and presumably stop from entering the country. It’s common sense that it’s only a matter of time before something goes awry. And who’s to blame? The one tasked with controlling the border in the first place, that’s who. Taken together, do all these things mean the “end is near” for Joe Biden’s candidacy? As hinted at above, as soon as Biden’s perceived electoral invincibility fades, the justification for keeping his far-fetched quest alive similarly evaporates.

Biden’s dwindling band of (official) backers probably would counter that things will improve for him before next year’s election day arrives, but how? Any semblance of economic recovery will be stifled by the old goat president’s policies themselves, and his chances of fooling everyone again with his “restore the soul of the nation” hyperbole is practically nil. Presumptive GOP nominee Trump will have the issues on his side, won’t he?

And COVID’s no longer around to save Biden’s reason for being, though there could be an “October surprise” health scare again next year, couldn’t there?

Similarly, the likelihood Democrats could replace Biden as nominee is also diminishing quickly. Even with the presence of a new primary opponent (Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips along with loony nutcase Marianne Williamson), most commentators think someone like Michelle Obama is the only one well-known enough to supplant Biden.

So it’s hard to say if senile Joe Biden’s campaign’s end is near. With polls in swing states heading southward as they are and the incumbent president’s inability to make much of a case for giving him another term, the embattled Oval Office occupant is struggling for rationales to offer voters a year out from the election. Time isn’t on Biden’s side. Will he declare the end himself?

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Biden don't need no stinkin time. In 2020, they pulled out all the stops by employing Plans A and B. What most of us don't realize is that their creative juices have been in play all along. You can bet that there are already Plans C and D, that we can't begin to imagine, in the can. That's how Democrats do things. Look out world!


Priscilla Jones
Priscilla Jones
Nov 13, 2023

Conspicuously missing from this fine analysis is the significant Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. factor.

Priscilla Jones
Priscilla Jones
Nov 14, 2023
Replying to

He is polling double digits and has the Kennedy name. He will definitely be a factor. He is pulling votes from left, right, and center. He could be a bigger force than Ross Perot...ignore him at your peril. He is a brilliant man, and his very clear message is resonating with people from all political stripes.

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