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The Right Resistance: End of the long summer spells the beginning of the Democrats 2022 doom

Kids across the nation return to school today (if they haven’t already) after what seemed like a very long, hot summer of high inflation, COVID (senile Joe Biden got it twice), compelling primary contests and poll after poll showing that Americans are upset with the direction of the country.

Along the way, Joe Biden butchered a bunch of speeches and fell off his bike at the beach, told a ton of lies and then laid low, likely at the advice of his political handlers. Hunter Biden lives in a $30,000 a month rented house, paid for by you and me. Liz Cheney flamed out in Wyoming. Former president Donald Trump’s endorsed candidates did well, adding to his legend. The anniversary of the Biden administration’s disastrous pullout of Afghanistan came and went. The supply chain was still clogged. Hundreds of thousands of illegal foreign invaders flowed over the southern border. Some of them were bussed to Washington DC and New York City. Crime and murders continued in America’s major cities. The homeless population likely grew. The January 6 committee went prime time. Nobody watched.

Merrick Garland kept up his assault on the Constitution and launched more investigations into the Democrats’ political enemies. Nothing to see here!

Citizens went on vacations and tried to act as normal as possible after curtailing the family routine for months if not years due to government dictate. The Canadian truckers weren’t heard from again. Thanks to help from Republicans, Democrats passed huge new spending bills and gun control legislation. Donald Trump held rallies and had his home raided by the FBI. Joe Biden attempted to change the technical definition of “recession”.

Maybe the establishment media got tired of talking about Donald Trump all the time, since lately they’ve switched to going overboard on every little tidbit of information indicating that the Democrat party would do better in the upcoming midterms than originally forecasted. Republicans are still heavy favorites to takeover the House next January, but various pollsters and prognosticators say the senate isn’t looking as certain to switch for the party out of power.

Vladmir Putin is still in Ukraine, though Americans don’t hear much about it anymore. The shiny object has lost its luster. Joe Biden went to Saudi Arabia and was rebuffed on acquiring more oil. The military killed al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in a drone strike. Gasoline prices came down some from their all-time high. The FED raised interest rates a couple times. Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan, prompting China to increase its threats.

Life went on. But now it’s time to get serious about the fall election season. Democrats appear buoyed and confident despite the same failed leadership team in place at the top. Republicans are still having trouble uniting behind each other. The national debt gets bigger and bigger, with no urgency from either party to address its unsustainable growth.

What will happen? We can only guess. If death and taxes are the only true certainties in life, there’s at least one other thing that’s almost guaranteed to come true now – the media will cover for Democrats. In a piece titled “The media myth of Democratic momentum”, Joe Concha wrote at The Hill last week:

"According to NBC News, Joe Biden is polling at 42 percent approval and 57 disapproval, which is unchanged from May. Reuters has the president at 38 percent approval and 57 percent disapproval. His RealClearPolitics average is hovering around 40 percent approval.

“In the end, the perception of Biden as president is still there: too old, too slow to react to crises, as polls show. And inflation is still there. Gas prices are still where they are and could begin to rise again, according to top analysts. Crime is still a huge issue, and so is the U.S. border. This may be the reason why so many Democratic candidates don’t want to campaign with Biden or feature him in ads.

“Unless conditions on the ground change, don’t expect the president’s poll numbers or his party’s dim prospects to change much as it pertains to control of the House of Representatives. The party in power almost always loses seats. And don’t expect that to change in 2022, despite those euphoric headlines.”

Hear! Hear! Ever since West Virginia wishy-washy “moderate” Joe Manchin went back on his vow to sit on more spending so as to contain inflation a few weeks ago, the media’s done nothing but praise senile Joe and Democrat leaders for the brilliance of their tactical victories. The horribly deceptive “Inflation Reduction Act” won’t do anything of the sort, but what value is the truth when you’ve got Chucky Schumer bragging about hiking taxes on “the rich” and gloating about hiring 87,000 more IRS agents?

If you only listened to Democrats – and the establishment media – you’d swear the entire global atmosphere will be saved now that American liberals dumped hundreds of billions of additional slush dollars into green subsidies with the goal of reducing the earth’s temperature by .0001 of a degree over twenty years!

With all the “good” news centered on Democrats lately there’s been less focus on replacing Joe Biden at the top of the liberal party, but rest assured, Biden didn’t experience some miraculous restoration of cognitive function and he’s still whispering into microphones whenever he’s given the chance. And Kamala Harris, like her boss, has practically disappeared from view after a series of public relations disasters earlier this year. Out of sight, out of mind is the new Democrat credo!

But Concha’s premise is correct – Democrat “momentum” is a myth, and here’s thinking they’re still (hopefully!) destined to get buried in November. The reasons are many:

One, the summer is ending, Congress will be returning to Washington again soon, they’ll have to talk about the next fiscal year’s budget and the public’s attitude towards massive spending will return to its default position. Inflation will continue to rage, economic growth will be at near zero or below and Democrat enthusiasm for touting big spending will go on hiatus until after the next elections. Nothing like a national vote to get Democrats thinking about fiscal management!

Two, Joe Biden is still the president and Kamala Harris is still the vice president. Biden may have bottomed out in his steady approval rating freefall but it’s a long climb back to respectability and the career DC swamp dweller doesn’t possess the personality gifts to fool the voters for an extended period of time. There’s bound to be dozens of major gaffes on the campaign trail and Americans will remember just who is running the show in Washington. They won’t like it.

Three, horserace polls don’t mean much when voters don’t yet care about the horses in the race. As November 8 nears, Americans will once again awake from their semi-annual stupor and concentrate on federal candidate platforms rather than personalities, the number of houses someone owns and whether he or she is close to Donald Trump. Watch the Democrats’ support sink accordingly!

Four, elections are always about the future. Voters want to hear about how the next Congress is going to solve the current problems, not about the goodies Democrats produced during their two years of holding the White House and majorities in both the House and Senate. Democrats tried to demagogue the “voting rights” issue but came up far short of codifying mail-in balloting. Cheating will be much harder this time around.

Five, Republicans can remind voters of the multitude of failures of the Biden administration, starting with the Afghanistan pullout debacle. American voters don’t have long memories and can be susceptible to media spin if they’re not constantly reminded of how damaging Democrat governance has been and can be. Having kids in schools will reorient parents’ minds towards “wokeness” at the expense of the basics. Democrats won’t be able to hide from it.

Six, the public doesn’t care enough about “climate change” to vote for Democrats. When the heat index is above a hundred for the twentieth day in a row, it’s easier for liberal politicians to pitch the idea of “climate” mitigation. The sledding (pardon the pun) won’t be as simple when the mercury dips down below freezing and the poor and middle classes are taxed to death trying to scrape up enough pennies to turn their home thermostats up a notch.

Will the country still be wild about electric cars come December? Here’s thinking folks will start liking cheap energy production again when they really need it.

Seven, the summer’s slight drop in gas prices probably isn’t permanent and there’s only so long that the government can artificially lower pump rates by tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and leaning on states to suspend their gas taxes. These are only temporary relief measures. An energy starved Europe will be begging oil producers – and Vladimir Putin – to send them more natural gas and oil.

Eight, Republicans will finally get smart and nationalize the election. Rather than trying to run on personality differences and local projects they will focus on big picture issues that voters actually care about. The Dobbs decision will have been handed down six months prior, states (sadly) didn’t ban all abortions and the liberals’ excessive fearmongering was false.

The left always wants more. They can’t help it. More government is all they have to offer.

Lastly, Democrats will make the same mistakes heading into this year’s elections that they made last year in Virginia and New Jersey – namely, trying to make the campaign solely about Donald Trump and January 6. Voters will see this year as a referendum on senile Joe Biden, Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as well as an opportunity to change courses.

Joe Biden will battle a hostile Congress for the final two years of his presidency and Democrats will be on defense ahead of the essential 2024 election. Liberals will return to infighting over who they will nominate to replace senile Joe and Kamala. And perhaps, America will return to normal again. We can only hope.

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Republicans in the Senate would do much better if they pushed aside the turtle and his lieutenants.

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