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The Right Resistance: Even China won’t be lectured by Joe Biden on the meaning of democracy

They’re watching us.

Who, you ask, the government? Well, we already know that’s the case. If it wasn’t clear from years’ worth of “Russian collusion” conjecture, Robert Mueller’s $35 million fruitless witch hunt and all the facts that have come to light concerning liberal deep staters manipulating the FISA Court and other so-called constitutional protective measures to spy on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign -- the aftermath of January 6’s “mostly peaceful” protest and riot should do the trick.

The FBI has begun instigating raids on innocent citizens who happened to be at the Capitol on January 6, confiscating firearms, computers, smart phones, Trump memorabilia and various other electronic data holders. One acquaintance said his daughter-in-law’s brother’s house was raided simply for taking a selfie with a capitol police officer inside the vaunted building that day. The agents arrived at five a.m. and held the family -- including their four-year-old son -- at gunpoint.

So yes, the government definitely is keeping tabs on us.

Our enemies are watching, too. They see the state of government and culture in America and they’re becoming emboldened to let us know that they’re not impressed. Or maybe it’s that they’re jumping for joy over the discernable deterioration of unity and patriotism in the Land of the Free (which really doesn’t apply anymore, does it?). They aren’t being shy about their views, either. With doddering dolt President Joe Biden and his America-Last ideology at the helm, there’s no reason to fear retribution from the United States.

China in particular is being rather bellicose about its erosion of respect for the world’s lone (?) superpower. Laura Kelly reported at The Hill:

“Chinese State Councilor Wang Yi in his first remarks with U.S. officials at a meeting in Alaska said the U.S. is in no place to preach democracy to other countries. ‘Many people within the United States actually have little confidence in the democracy of the United States ... we believe that it is important for the United States to change its own image and to stop advancing its own democracy in the rest of the world,’ Wang said.

“The Chinese official also raised the problem of race in the United States, taking a hard line with the Biden officials.

“The remarks indicate the baseless attacks on the 2020 election by Trump and his allies, which culminated in a mob attack by Trump supporters on the Capitol that interfered with the certification of the Electoral College count and led to five deaths, will be used by China in diplomatic talks.”

Hmpf. Even in a news report where the Chinese are taking direct potshots at the United States, a journalist had to add her own two cents about “baseless attacks” by Donald Trump after last November’s 2020 election. The “attacks” had plenty of “base” if they’d only been thoroughly vetted. And if the Chinese plan to use the January 6 riot to jab at the perceived weakness and internal strife in the United States today, it’s because Democrats still insist on a 12-foot-high fence surrounding the Capitol with barbed wire and armed soldiers keeping guard against the citizenry.

This despite not a single gun being present during the melee on the 6th. What a joke.

The world is watching alright, and probably getting a good snicker at the commotion here. Just last week, bumbling Joe managed to tick off Vladimir Putin by calling him a “killer” (in an interview with George Stephanopoulos of all people) which engendered a response from the Russian leader that ultimately amounted to a duel challenge. Putin wants to settle the matter with Biden mano-y-mano (okay, an open conversation would do), if the American president is man enough.

Why the recent foreign aggressiveness? The Chinese and the Russians see a wide-open chance to assert themselves against an American regime that would rather tussle with Fox News Host Tucker Carlson over promoting “maternity flight suits” and coddling transgenders than prepare for the world’s military threats. The “woke” military brass and its cast of gutless civilian decision-makers has done immeasurable injury to the country’s reputation as an unbeatable war fighter. Instead of recognizing what they’re doing, liberals blame Carlson and Trump, knowing full well that the mere mention of those names by an enemy will get Biden’s people in a tizzy. And then Biden will say even more stupid and damaging things.

The Chinese in particular recognize they can claim just about anything about Biden because they appreciate from ample experience what a substance-free blowhard weakling he is. When wayward son Hunter’s dealings with the communist nation were exposed during the 2020 campaign, the corrupt pol laughed it off and said his son didn’t do anything wrong. The Chinese likely have video (and other) evidence to the contrary, and are testing the proverbial waters to discover what they can get away with in the theater of public relations.

And there’s plenty for them to poke at. The Democrats’ obsession with racism isn’t going unnoticed abroad, especially in a place like China which doesn’t concern itself with appearances or the opinions of other countries’ leaders. They feel empowered to be as racist as they like, as well as willfully suppressing religious and political dissidents. With Biden and cohorts’ constant carping about America’s “systemic racism” and the need for woke self-examination, who can blame them? Should we instruct the Chinese to immerse themselves in racial sensitivity training too?

Is there such a thing as “Chinese supremacy” for them to feel guilty about?

Biden’s remarks on the Atlanta shooting last week proved the point, depicting it as a racially motivated crime even when the perpetrator -- and the local authorities -- indicated otherwise. Yes, Korean women were killed, but what does it have to do with Trump calling the coronavirus “Chinese”?

China doesn’t care -- at all -- about “diversity” or human rights. The communist party doesn’t choose its leaders because of gender, skin color, or ethnic background either. They’re solely concerned with advancing the behemoth’s totalitarian interests across the globe. And if they feel they can get farther by attacking the strong leadership of Donald Trump against them, you bet your bottom dollar they’ll do it.

Further, the Chinese see weakness in the Democrats’ tunnel vision fixation on “climate change” and willingness to destroy the U.S. economy over unproven theories and pipedreams. For every time a liberal mentions “climate change”, the Chinese probably set in motion plans to build another coal-fired power plant. Or to buy another African oil field. They don’t pull punches and they aren’t shy about ignoring Europe and North America’s version of “science.”

Do you think the Chinese would allow Greta Thunberg to speak to their Politburo?

The Chinese lied about the origin of COVID-19. And they see Americans torn apart over the issue, with the country’s governors unable to agree on the simple concept of herd immunity and mask wearing (if you haven’t seen it, check out Senator Rand Paul’s back-and-forth with Anthony Fauci).

On top of all of this is the exploding national debt and underlying weakness of the U.S. economy. The government pays owners to shutter their businesses and people not to work (sometimes through no fault of their own). Then the Democrats talk about piling on another several layers of debt, including the possibility of doling out slavery reparations at some point.

If China says the U.S. Government -- now led by the dementia afflicted Joe Biden -- is weak and not credible, maybe they’re right. And it’s not likely to get better anytime soon.

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Mar 23, 2021

May I say that Mr Wang nailed it with this statement? "Many people within the United States actually have little confidence in the democracy of the United States..." He can easily be describing Democrats who "resisted" the Trump Administration for 4 years. Nothing was wrong in 2016 other than the fact that Trump was not supposed to win, so when he did, it had to be something else, like the Russians, to explain how he won. Fast forward to 2020...I have no doubt that democracy was suspended to prevent Trump from being re-elected. The whole world saw how we, as a country, conducted that election, and it was a joke. Pretty sure Mr Wang was talking about that, and not…

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