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The Right Resistance: Hapless Democrats mourn Build Back (More) Better, Americans get angrier

One can only imagine the mood in Democrat congressional offices these days as the Memorial Day holiday beckons and their prospects for legislative success seemingly grow dimmer by the hour.

At the outset of Joe Biden’s presidency, Democrats never dreamed it would be like this. Liberals surely must’ve banked on having a raft full of legislative victories to tout to their hungry-for-government-largesse activist faithful by now, so they could then coast to the midterm balloting knowing their campaign work was practically done for them in advance. Needless to say, Democrat consultants wouldn’t even need to sweat in trying to convince voters to grant members and senators another two years in power to finish them off. Oops, I meant finish the job of transforming America.

But an unanticipated series of world events together with a plethora of self-inflicted political wounds has slowed down the liberal party, if not stopped it in its tracks. Most of the current Democrat complaining, criticizing and babbling regards senile president Joe Biden’s stalled “Build Back (More) Better” agenda, which, if realized, would’ve appropriated funds for everything from free childcare to “clean energy” extravagances to college loan forgiveness to tax credits for every child, to amnesty for illegal aliens to more money for Obamacare to… well, you name it and the sky’s the limit!

Long forgotten is the intra--party bickering regarding the initial size of the package. The unabashed Democrat socialists like Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren originally demanded that Congress send the president a $3.5 trillion compilation to supplement the COVID money, which, doing the math, would’ve added up to over $5 trillion in additional spending to that which was already due for distribution through the normal budgetary processes!

Utterly mind-controlled by hubris and greed, Democrats surmised that their narrow House seat preponderance and 50-50 “majority” (through the tie-breaking vote of vice president cackling Kamala Harris) was sufficient to cram through every boondoggle and cash welfare payment they could’ve envisioned in their wildest extra-constitutional fantasies.

But two of their own (Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona) stopped them cold in their tracks. Manchin in particular constituted the rain on the otherwise sunny Democrat picnic as he announced late last year -- and reiterated on a few occasions this year -- that he wouldn’t agree to anything that would add to our country’s massive inflationary pressures.

Which leaves Democrat staffers now perched in their offices without a whole lot to do these days but twiddle their thumbs, listen to frustrated constituents and wonder how they might use the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade to reverse their horrible electoral prospects this November. It’s doubtful they have doomsday countdown clocks on their walls, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they did.

“The White House considers the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law passed last fall as a major legislative accomplishment. They also see Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill as a win. And they say the fight over some version of Build Back Better isn’t over.

“But some in the party question whether those feats are enough to energize voters, particularly after Democrats spent months last year talking about lowering child care costs, paid leave and extending the now-expired temporary expansion of the child tax credit as an answer to the pressures families are feeling from inflation...

“Biden told a group of supporters at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser last month that he was repeating a mistake from the Obama years by not talking enough about what the administration has done. ‘I remember saying to Barack after we passed the Affordable Care Act, I said, ‘Let’s take a victory lap.’ He said, ‘We don’t have time. We don’t have time,’’ Biden told the group in Portland, Ore. ‘But guess what? No one knew what was in it. They didn’t know why they had what they had.’”

They had what they had? What was that, Joe, government-controlled healthcare that included death panels, unconstitutional mandates and false promises that individuals could “keep their doctor” if they wanted to under the plan? Were Americans more gullible then than they are now?

Besides, does anyone believe what Joe’s rambling about here? Did Obama really balk on Biden’s idea to tour the country and brag a little -- or a lot -- about passing Obamacare? This certainly doesn’t sound like the egocentric first African-American president who never turned down a perceived opportunity to make himself look better. For his part, Joe just probably wanted his travel reimbursed by Uncle Sam.

Since we’re into speculating today, how do you think Democrat staffers feel when they see blowhard in chief Biden on the evening news harkening back to his personal glory days under the Big O and then in the same breath begging them to go out and talk about how much they’ve really accomplished on his watch? One wonders if the morale in Democrat congressional offices matches that of the party base -- or of the electorate at large.

Earlier this week it was reported that Joe’s approval rating hit a new low… so I’m guessing the answer to the previous query is an emphatic yes.

Senile Joe’s dad may have been a used car salesman but clearly the skill set of the father didn’t naturally descend to the son by blood. Apparently, Biden’s ego is so large that he believes he can say anything about how great he really is and his audience will automatically lap it up like a famished pooch puppy stationed before a bowl of Alpo. There’s an awful lot of slobber there -- but very, very little substance.

The White House and congressional Democrats were heartened somewhat that the inflation rate didn’t increase in April after jumping in each of the previous months, but it didn’t dip below eight percent, either (which is still the highest it’s been in 40 years). Gasoline expenses also continue to rise week by week with consumers forced to get no relief -- and like it.

Several informed industry sources speculate that prices at the pump could approach or top six bucks a gallon for the nationwide average by the end of August. What does this mean for California, $8 a gallon? There, a fill-up for a normal twenty-gallon tank will exceed a hundred and fifty smackeroos. That ain’t chump change. What about all those suburban soccer moms toting their kiddies to and from practice each day? Twenty dollars just to pay for a trip to school and back?

So, when senile Joe goes out on the road and boasts about how much he and his party really got done by passing the bloated $1.9 trillion COVID “relief” bill and then suckered enough Republicans into joining them for an overstuffed “bipartisan” infrastructure package that they knew Biden would take credit for -- and he has -- folks know they’re being subjected to a first-rate snow job by a spineless salesman with chattering teeth and a bad hairdo.

Democrats have always been adept at pitching the benefits of crap sandwiches, but there’s no amount of mayonnaise and mustard that’s going to move these unsavory items this year. If the ordinary Joe is paying the toll at the gas station, he will also be spending more everywhere else, too. Goods don’t get to market through electric powered trucks or fleets of bicycle riding delivery personnel.

Which only means more inflation. If congressional Democrats haven’t yet given up on reviving some smaller portion of the BB(M)B monstrosity, they’d better reeducate themselves quickly. The notion of passing more government giveaways to help citizens pay for administration-created price hikes will make their own electoral chances completely evaporate.

There are few historical comparisons that work today other than the period of extremely high interest rates and inflation that led to Jimmy Carter’s demise in the late 1970’s. The bucktoothed, straw-haired former president talked down to Americans as though their foul mood was part of the problem when really it was liberal policies and self-defeatism that was the killer.

Just like back then, today’s Democrats don’t have solutions that aren’t tied to Congress passing more spending bills. These checks would be little more than Band-Aids on festering, bleeding wounds. And no amount of fearmongering on the COVID crisis would serve to distract folks from what they’re seeing around them whenever they haul out their credit cards.

If Democrats were smart -- and they’re not -- they would read the poll findings and discover a way to distance themselves from the radical elements in both Congress and out in the streets. With leftist wackos practically besieging the homes of Supreme Court justices the past few weeks, would it pain the party leadership to tell the extremists to cut it out?

And is it really helpful to keep calling all non-Democrats racists? This tactic may succeed in getting some of the reactionaries off their couches, but it isn’t helping win more hearts and minds.

Neither will the party’s renewed gun grabbing pitch in the wake of the Texas elementary school shooting. Democrats cry “Enough is enough!” but never want to consider self-protection or more security. They just want to take God-given rights away from decent citizens.

By every objective measure, Democrats are going down this year, and likely going down hard. As much as they try, they’re not going to convince people that something other than Joe Biden’s terrible policies are to blame. No one ever likes to admit that they’re wrong, but Democrats seem incapable of doing so. And they will certainly pay the consequences for their arrogance.

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