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The Right Resistance: Hillary for senile Joe swap isn’t ‘change’ that Americans can believe in

It’s no secret that nostalgia plays a huge role in American politics, just as it does in many, many aspects of life. As time goes by, it’s human nature to remember the past fondly, as

though the bad times never existed and everything that’s gone before was hunky-dory compared with the troubled reality of the present. Democrats appear to be going through such a melancholy period these days, which explains why they’re dredging up a name from the not-so-distant past to possibly serve as a “savior” for the liberal party’s fortunes in the 2024 presidential election and beyond. This person has universal name and face recognition, seemingly instant credibility with the ideological subdivisions in the faction and has accomplished just about all there is to achieve in politics since entering the national scene over three decades ago. I know, that’s more than enough clues to solve the riddle. It’s Hillary Clinton. If you’re a Democrat advisor and you grasp what’s taking place at the highest levels of the party, it’s understandable that you long for a time when Democrats were on top of the world, controlling the levers of federal power and steamrolling all Republican opposition in their path. Some liberals look to the seventies when Democrats held sizable majorities in Congress and the presidency under the buck toothed, straw haired Jimmy Carter, having ridden an electoral wave of resentment towards the GOP after the Watergate scandal. Others recall the 1990’s when Democrats once again controlled Congress and Hillary’s hubby, Big Bubba Bill, captured the imaginations of the voting public to usher out the Reagan/Bush era and rule over the newly freed Europe in a time of peace and big government. Big Bubba Bill even declared that the era of “big government” was over -- but he didn’t mean it! Then there was the relatively brief cluster of years where Democrats reigned supreme with congressional majorities and fresh-faced “Hope and Change” purveyor Barack Obama at the helm. They figured they had a mandate to do stuff to “transform” the United States and legislate a new age of forced racial equity and affirmative action on steroids. The good times didn’t last, but it isn’t keeping Democrats from reminiscing about those days with affection and wistfulness. With the visibly faltering Joe Biden now serving as the figurehead of the Democrat party and his gal pal sidekick veep Kamala Harris leading the nation in cringeworthy moments and gaffes, it’s no wonder liberals are talking openly about another comeback for Hillary Clinton. Don’t laugh. The “I’m With Her!” chatter is getting louder and louder. Daniel Chaitin reported at The Washington Examiner:

“A commentary article published in the Wall Street Journal … makes the case that a ‘perfect storm’ is brewing in the Democratic Party, including low approval numbers for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, as well as questions about whether Biden, now 79, will be viable to run for a second term.

“All this creates a ‘leadership vacuum,’ according to Douglas Schoen, founder and partner of Schoen Cooperman Research, a polling and consulting firm … Clinton ‘is already in an advantageous position to become the 2024 Democratic nominee. She is an experienced national figure who is younger than Mr. Biden and can offer a different approach from the disorganized and unpopular one the party is currently taking,’ they wrote.

"’If Democrats lose control of Congress in 2022, Mrs. Clinton can use the party’s loss as a basis to run for president again, enabling her to claim the title of 'change candidate,'’ the pair added.”

You can almost envision it now, can’t you? If Hillary Clinton is seen as a “change candidate” to act as a departure from the “Hope and Change” president’s vice president, there’s a heck of a lot of “change” going on there somewhere, though it’s incredibly hard, if not impossible, to spot. To even suggest that a 77-year-old (HRC’s age on Election Day, 2024) retread like Bill Clinton’s wife is a possible “change” from the Democrats’ current sorry leadership trajectory requires mental gymnastics equivalent to a full double somersault with a twist and a stuck landing.

Put it this way, swapping Crooked Hillary for senile Joe Biden wouldn’t be much of a “change” from anything, would it? Granted HRC is a little less than five years younger than the current Oval Office occupant, but they’re both from the same political generation and barely distinguishable when it comes to style of politics or issue stances.

Whereas Bernie Sanders and the rest of the socialism true-believers make no pretenses about desiring to turn the United States into a European-style social welfare state with massive business regulation, population control and wealth transfers, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden still adhere to the ‘We’re capitalists but we also believe in high taxes, universal government benefits, womb-to-tomb citizen dependence on the bureaucracy and international globalist treaties and agreements.’

If Democrats are indeed harkening back to happier times thirty years ago during Big Bubba Bill’s years in the White House (minus the Monica Lewinsky thing and Bill’s nonstop skirt chasing, lip biting and penchant for ‘Sister Soulja’ moments), Hillary Clinton is the perfect choice for them. We shouldn’t forget Hillary was the original pusher of government controlled and paid for health coverage, or “Hillary-care” as it was more commonly known. She could try again, this time signing on to some form of Liz “Pocahontas” Warren’s and Sanders’ Medicare-for-all pipedream.

Here’s thinking ol’ Hill will never get the chance, though the real issue in Democrat-land concerns why prominent Democrat pollsters and talking heads are discussing a “change” candidate in the first place. Why would liberals want a “change” when they’ve got Nancy Pelosi in the Speaker’s chair, Chucky Schumer presiding over the senate like a dictator and doddering dunce Biden commanding the executive branch?

It’s no secret that Democrats are scared to death at senile Joe’s approval ratings in the low 40’s (which I think is high) with no real prospect for things to get better. A report came out this week that inflation hit 7% in December, and the sky is the limit!

Democrats don’t care a lick about tamping down government spending and borrowing to try and get ahold of the money supply, but the American people sure do. Seven percent is the highest figure in four decades, yet liberal party members persist in their appeals to pass Biden’s Build Back (More) Better program, which includes hiking taxes (always a bad idea, but particularly in rough economic times) and dumping many, many zeroes into welfare and “climate” programs.

Is anyone on the east coast hankering for an electric car after sitting on I-95 for 24 hours (last week)? Democrat policies would just make things worse, not better.

Yet if Hillary Clinton reemerged on the political scene to supplant Biden, the same destructive ideas would merely be repackaged and sold under a different name and face without changing the substance. Voters have decades’ worth of Hillary quotes to prove it, too. Kamala Harris apparently speaks with HRC on a semi-regular basis, and there’s been nothing earth-shattering from the second-in-line to show for it.

Beyond the obvious political problems, how would Democrats trade senile Joe for Hillary Clinton? Seeing as both served prominent roles in Barack Obama’s administration, it seems highly unlikely that Hill would mount a primary challenge against the incumbent. Biden and Clinton both ran for president in 2008 and Democrats chose Obama against the heavy favorite then, while Joe didn’t excite anyone at all.

How would it work? Would HRC call up Biden one day and say something like, “Hey, Joe, I was just sittin’ here with Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Tom Perez and Jaime Harrison (current DNC chair) enjoying a magnum of Chardonnay, and they thought it might be a great idea if you stepped aside and I ran in 2024 instead of yourself and that cackling idiot Kamala. I’ll see if Tim Kaine wants his old job back, too. What do you think? Are you into it?”

Without the party poohbahs’ blessing there’s no way Clinton could hope to beat Biden for the nomination. And if Hillary did run, can you picture the reaction from the Bernie bros and “Squad” members who see themselves as the future of the Democrat Party?

To be fair, Republicans and conservatives are nostalgic for Donald Trump and longing for the past themselves, though it’s not quite the same. Trump already won an election and had a very successful (in terms of policy) first four years. Democrats amped up the COVID hysteria and states allowed mail-in balloting -- and the rest was history.

It’s hard to imagine how a Hillary Clinton 2024 candidacy would improve the Democrats’ chances of extending their stay in the White House. People forget how unpopular the Crooked One really was, and a few years away from political prime time has hardly rehabilitated her reputation. But if Democrats want to do it, who’s to stop them? Lock her up! Lock her up!

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Mike M
Mike M
Jan 14, 2022

Komrade Hitlery Rottenheart Klinton just may be the only possible candidate for the Presidency who's hated and despised more than Bite-Me Biden. So I don't think that the liberals will try to nominate her. I expect they'll try getting Michael aka Michelle Obama instead.

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