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The Right Resistance: Illegal aliens plus tens of thousands of refugees equals COVID spike

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately -- and who hasn’t, besides Joe Biden’s most ardent backers -- you’ve noticed that there’s an awful lot of backtracking going on.

The most obvious retreat stems from president senile Joe Biden himself, a dimwitted man who can’t seem to grasp why people are so upset about his plan, or lack thereof, for a final pullout of Afghanistan. Most Americans don’t or didn’t oppose Biden’s decision to withdraw United States forces and personnel from the country after 20 years of being there, but citizens are definitely perturbed at the way the policy was executed. Biden’s (and Jen Psaki’s) statements added to the fire and people are mighty angry.

Tens of thousands of Americans and Afghanis are stranded and waiting to be saved from an uncertain (or is it certain?) fate at the hands of the Taliban. In addition, some leaders now call for the U.S. to offer a safe haven for loosely vetted refugees from the war-torn region. Anyone see a potential issue with this thinking?

Then there are the persistently consistent images of the illegal alien invasion on the U.S./Mexico border, which frankly, all look very similar. Pick a spot, observe obvious law breakers, get some news footage, and feature it on the evening newscast. Viewers see it, shake their heads, wonder once again whether the Biden government is capable of doing anything right, then wait until the next day only to witness a repeat of the travesty.

The other night on Tucker Carlson’s program the conservative host offered a look at an overflowing holding facility in Texas designated to house aliens who’d tested positive for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus to wait out their period of quarantine before they’re put on buses or other transports and sent throughout the nation, to be dealt with by local officials. Or with no oversight at all.

Lastly (at least for the big, BIG issues), there’s the ongoing struggle to contain and deal with the immutable CCP virus, a worldwide pandemic that’s occupied the globe’s attention since the early spring of last year. Case numbers have exploded again, deaths are ticking up -- slightly -- and there are rumors of more lockdowns and mandates on the way. Certain blue locations are beginning to insist on “passports” to participate in normal life functions (like eating in a restaurant) and “woke” corporations are requiring employees to vaccinate in order to get or maintain their jobs.

Could all of these crises be related? It doesn’t take a genius to connect the three, and the inevitable conclusion is government is failing us in practically every respect. It should come as no shock to anyone that the authorities are now telling us that the COVID panic won’t be over until well into next year. Here we go again.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday he sees the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel by next spring if the ‘overwhelming majority’ of the 90 million people eligible for the vaccine come forward, as the delta variant of the coronavirus pushes the goalpost for normalcy from this summer to 2022.

“’It’s going to depend on us. It really is. It’s in our hands. Our fate is in our own hands,’ Dr. Fauci told NBC’s ‘Today’ show. ‘It probably will be, you know, I’ve said a couple of times if we do it right and get through the winter, I hope as we get to the spring of 2022, we’ll get there. I hope so. It’s up to us.’

“Federal and state officials saw promise in the spring and early summer as infections and hospitalizations receded alongside the vaccine rollout. But the fast-moving variant is filling hospitals in parts of the country, especially states with low vaccination rates, and concerns around the one-two punch of delta and waning vaccine efficacy prompted officials to recommend a booster shot after eight months.”

Hmmm. Let’s see. First Fauci and his government bureaucrat henchmen said that social distancing and self-confinement would control the spread. Soon after, the know-it-alls added strapping on some sort of face covering to prevent the virus from skipping from person to person to person like a jumping bean on a sombrero. Then they said people who had COVID are immune for a certain period of time. Then they bragged that the vaccines would virtually guarantee that you won’t get sick if you volunteered for a poke. Then they suggested you wear two or three masks to protect yourself and others.

They continued to theorize that the CCP virus “most likely” originated in nature, and they purposely tanked the world economy because some local in a Wuhan wet market slurped pangolin soup (or something like that). Then they admitted there could be a connection between the Chinese military’s bioweapons lab and the mysterious, unsolved release of the virus -- but they’ve never conceded that it was the establishment that helped pay for it!

The “science” brains said this and this and that and that would lead to this and this and that and that, and we’d finally be on the downside of the pandemic by date X once every Trump supporting holdout accepted a needle and agreed not to breathe freely in the presence of others. Further, Joe Biden’s election and inauguration was supposed to signal a sea change in attitude towards the virus, because he was “serious” and “competent” and knew how to manage things from his 50 years in the DC swamp.

Now ol’ Dr. hypocrite Fauci lectures that we won’t be done with the daily dose of nausea until the spring of next year? And that many of us will need ANOTHER shot to do the trick? Why not just anticipate the next step and tell people to order boxes of vaccine doses for Christmas gifts and instruct parents and caregivers to sign-up for an online class -- paid for by the government, of course -- to learn how to administer the magic serum?

The same COVID scare-force appears to take delight in chastising rednecks in red states for refusing to take the vaccine, but by and large, the Trump base hasn’t been the main source of holdouts. Let’s not forget there are large African-American and Hispanic populations in the southern states -- the primary locale for the uptick in cases -- and they’re likely the ones who are getting sick with the “delta” variant because statistically speaking, they have lower rates of vaccination. Maybe senile Joe and Dr. teddy bear (Anthony Fauci) should start condescending to the Democrat base to do their patriotic duty.

To my knowledge, every Republican politician -- including Trump himself -- has counseled people to get vaccinated. My entire household chose to get the shots, and my teenaged son just received his second dose this week. Statistics show that he was at virtually no risk at all, but it’s becoming downright unlivable to opt out of the vaccine. As it is, his private school is mandating masks again. Should we tell him he’s stuck with the thing -- again -- until the end of school basketball season (or beyond)?

Why won’t Biden and Fauci speak to the obvious? Part -- if not most -- of the reason why there’s been an uptick in COVID cases and people who haven’t had the vaccine are getting sick is because new waves of the disease arrive daily over the southern border and then spread unhindered throughout the country. There’s no “control” over the illegal population, and therefore, how is it possible to keep tabs on when the pandemic might be over?

Never? Maybe. And the same behavior controlling liberals talk about importing tens of thousands of new refugees from Afghanistan and other hot spots in the world, too?

Are the Taliban as panicked over the CCP virus as we are? Or the Chinese? Or the Russians? Perhaps a beneficial export would be to send Fauci to these awful places and tell him to spread the word on vaccination to the uneducated?

Every single American, whether they’ve wanted it or not, has been fed a ton of information on COVID and vaccines and masks and every other preventative measure. Most have opted to take the shots. Those who haven’t have clearly accepted the risks. Hospital numbers are up, and in some places, medical facilities are at or near capacity. But lifesaving treatments have also improved since the beginning of the quandary, thanks to former President Trump and his push to deal with the reality of the virus rather than commanding everyone to cease living until the brilliant bureaucrats give the go-ahead to be normal again.

The pandemic will end when the policymakers face reality and stop allowing the infection into the country and then blaming segments of the American population for not taking the vaccine. It’s a personal choice, unlike the decision to admit refugees or looking the other way at illegal immigration. What say ye about that, Fauci?

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