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The Right Resistance: It’s near midnight in senile president Joe Biden’s sad and pathetic America

I know, I know, we’ve heard the line before. Just imagine it fresh and new now: “Joe (Biden), I served with Ronald Reagan. I knew Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine. Joe, you’re no Ronald Reagan.”

If you want, also pretend to hear clapping from an audience full of ruling class establishmentarians hooting and hollering at an effective slight that will resonate for decades, just as the late 1988 Democrat vice presidential candidate Lloyd Bentsen achieved lasting infamy by precisely timing an obviously pre-fabricated insult against conservative George H.W. Bush running mate Dan Quayle in the contest to determine who would succeed The Gipper in the White House.

In truth, I didn’t actually know Ronald Reagan. I was nearly entering my teen years when the Hollywood actor-turned conservative advocate turned Governor of California turned anti-establishment Republican presidential candidate turned president of the United States was elected in November of 1980. I was in seventh grade and I can still recall a liberal classmate (this was California, mind you) crooning Charlie Daniels’ popular “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” song, substituting Reagan’s and Jimmy Carter’s names strategically in the lyrics to make it seem as though the Republican challenger was a goon and Carter, a saint.

Nevertheless, myself and millions of Americans in my age group and older still recall Reagan’s two terms fondly, with most of us, I’m guessing, surmising that we knew Reagan personally on some level and now seek to champion his memory and incessant defense of America’s ideals as if they were our own. I’ve made a number of trips to the Reagan presidential library (in Simi Valley, California) during my visits to the state and each return visit brings back the same feelings as all those years ago.

After the tumultuous and hopelessly uneven 1970’s, Reagan made us proud to be Americans again. He was a true friend to all of us whether his opponents wished to admit it or not. We knew the Reagan of the 1980’s. And Joe Biden is no Ronald Reagan.

Biden entered office a couple years ago promising to “restore the soul of the nation” and return civility to government and our collective culture. Those of us who’d followed Biden’s career at points throughout his near-fifty years in the DC Swamp recognized that the entirety of senile Joe’s platform was a load of male bovine excrement, but somehow, the hidden away (from pretended fear of COVID) old goat was able to convince enough gullible nincompoops to vote for him over proven success and anti-establishment leadership in the person of Donald Trump.

Election shenanigans tarnished Biden’s “victory”, if indeed you could call it that, and ever since the mentally deteriorating old dunce has been trying to sell a snow job on the American public. Now that Biden’s officially announced his reelection campaign, he’s doing it again, this time stealing from Reagan’s own 1984 reelection effort. The odor of irony is tangible these days.

Joe Biden is no Ronald Reagan. In a piece titled “It’s Long Past Morning In Biden’s America”, Reagan speechwriter and co-producer of the incumbent candidate’s “Morning in America” commercials Kenneth L. Khachigian wrote at the Wall Street Journal the other day:

“Mr. Biden’s ad team is so enamored of Reagan’s ‘Morning in America’ commercial they produced a copycat. The video announcing the Biden re-election bid is replete with images of smiling children and folks flying the American flag in small towns. But while the 1984 commercial—crafted by Reagan’s ‘Tuesday Team’ of admen—was simple and affecting, Mr. Biden’s video is an amateurish pastiche of quick cutaways and amped-up music. All the frenetic energy is apparently meant to distract Americans from the aging president’s obvious lack of vitality. Without the closed captioning, viewers may not have been able to understand the rapid-fire word mangles spilling from Mr. Biden’s mouth.

“In his video, Mr. Biden calls for ‘freedom,’ but voters will naturally wonder if that means freedom from his manufactured inflation, uncontrolled borders, culture wars, educational failures and nonstop efforts to divide America. Given Mr. Biden’s reneging on his inauguration pledge of ‘much to repair, much to restore, much to heal,’ with his crude attacks on half his fellow citizens, his script-writers looked for redemption by stealing a message from Reagan. Hey boss, it worked for Reagan; it might work for you.”

If you need a good laugh, click here for Biden’s rip off on Reagan’s legendary commercial – although, depending on the strength of your internal constitution, you might require an air sickness bag instead.

This scenario isn’t hard to imagine at all, is it? Senile Joe Biden has been borrowing, appropriating, stealing, plagiarizing, lying about, insulting and fabricating verbiage and concepts his entire life, so why should he stop now? Besides, to their core, Democrats believe that the visibly deteriorating hairdo sniffing empty brain in a suit is really the second coming of [Insert name here] so as to make every citizen crave to give up their privacy, their rights, future earnings, firearms, retirement savings and their dignity to scratch out a meager existence in Joe Biden’s putrid America.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if senile Joe came out for his next media appearance (whenever that will be) claiming he and Ronald Reagan were good buddies, and that the 40th president once told him, “Say, Joe, if you ever run for reelection in the year 2024, feel free to use my ‘Morning in America’ theme for your own cause. You deserve it.”

Senile Joe is so good at BS-ing his way out of things that he could even produce an ad featuring a little girl picking daisies with a nuclear mushroom cloud in the distance and self-narrate the spot, “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans are so careless with national security that they’ll invite Vladmir Putin to start World War III…. We must love each other, or we must die.”

In all seriousness, it’s hardly news these days, but senile Joe Biden will do and say anything to win what will be his final campaign. Though Biden himself is so delusional, that should he lose the 2024 election, there will almost certainly be rumors circulating that he’s considering a Donald Trump-like comeback campaign going into the 2028 election. If it could be said that Trump is semi-obsessed with his own political legacy, the thought goes triple where Biden is concerned.

And just like LBJ’s phony “Barry Goldwater will initiate a nuclear war” ad in 1964, Biden plans to use fear to scare the Democrat low-information gaggle of inner-city dwellers, college kids, convicted felons with voting rights, abortion-loving women, “climate change” obsessed tech billionaires, the dried-up hags on “The View”, government goodie collecting grifters and the rest of the Democrat sheep into voting for him again.

“Wokeness” has invaded the skulls of Democrats to the point where even longtime TV-talk maven Oprah Winfrey has been brainwashed into touting basic Democrat platitudes at graduation ceremonies. Oprah’s no longer on the talk circuit (at least that I’m aware of), but obviously years and years of living in relatively secluded luxury on the scenic California coast has robbed her of any objective reasoning she once might’ve possessed. Oprah is characteristic of the Democrat mindset today. No wonder senile Joe’s handlers are producing spots trying to capture a small slice of the common sense vote with their Reagan throwback ad.

Needless to say, senile Joe Biden’s ploy to morph into an older and scatterbrained second coming of Ronald Reagan in 2024 won’t work. Much of Reagan’s appeal was his emphasis on liberty and citizen solutions to societal problems, not government centered appeals that rely on ignorance and gross distortion of facts to attract voters to them. As a Democrat, Biden naturally gravitates towards a government program for every perceived problem, but he never mentions the costs to implement them.

Or the long-term impact on the national debt. Biden lies about reducing the federal budget deficit from the over-spending of the COVID years, but neglects to mention that Donald Trump’s budgets were moving in a positive direction when the pandemic hit.

That’s not to say Trump was watchful of federal spending – he wasn’t – but at least the New Yorker understood the value of keeping taxes low enough to spur economic growth and how an expanding economy eventually would counteract some of the damage from too much government spending.

Contrary to Trump, Joe Biden’s idea is to tax the rich and productive people more and give America’s deadbeats (a.k.a., the base of the Democrat party) bigger welfare checks, all the while looking the other way at the massive illegal immigration wave that’s crashed ashore for his whole presidency and is about to get even worse.

Biden can plagiarize Ronald Reagan’s themes or employ American patriotic symbols such as the flag or images of the military and “ordinary” citizens’ lives, but no one is fooled. Democrats aren’t interested in an optimistic message as much as they work to keep everyone deeply divided over history, tradition, culture and the function of government.

Conservatives knew Ronald Reagan, and Joe Biden is no Ronald Reagan. It doesn’t take a genius to decipher the difference, either.

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