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The Right Resistance: Karl Rove still doesn’t understand why Trump’s policies matter

Now that the 2024 Republican presidential race has officially kicked off with real votes and results courtesy of the hearty red-blooded-in-a-red-state Iowa caucus goers the other night, talk of the so-called “unwanted” hypothetical matchup between likely GOP winner Donald

Trump and liberal president senile Joe Biden (the almost sure Democrat nominee) has resurfaced in earnest.


While the gleeful looks on the faces of Trump supporters indicated one type of reaction to the Iowa news, the mournful and glum mugs of Democrats and GOP establishmentarians betrayed an aura of different emotions. Now that the horserace – if there still really is one – has broken from the starting gate, it’s apparently time for the swamp’s most dedicated Trump bashers to emerge from the dank and moldy shadows to suggest that Americans hate the choices before them.


Of course, the “experts” claimed America just endured the same kind of “hold your nose-type” elections in 2016 and 2020, didn’t they? It seems evident that a healthy percentage of Republicans and conservatives don’t mind half the equation. Nonetheless, the debate will continue. In an opinion piece titled “The Biden-Trump Foot-Shooting Contest”, the always good for an unsolicited chuckle and a retort Karl Rove wrote at the Wall Street Journal last week:


“Voters don’t like either party’s presidential front-runner, and it’s little wonder why. But that leaves a larger question: If there’s a Biden-Trump contest, who will have made himself more odious by November?


“Right now, the two men are in a dislikability dead heat: The RealClearPolitics polling average says 55.6% of Americans view President Biden unfavorably to 55.3% for Donald Trump. It’s for reasons that are unlikely to change. An Aug. 14 Associated Press/NORC poll found the most common words voters use to describe Mr. Biden are ‘old/outdated/aging/elderly’ and Mr. Trump’s are ‘corrupt/criminal/crooked.’...


“Mr. Trump’s mistake [Trump said he would pardon the January 6 ‘hostages’ at a rally, among other things] is more serious because it’s more offensive and unlikely to be his last of this kind. On the other hand, Mr. Biden and those around him can’t seem to stop making his administration look incompetent. He’ll need a lot of mistakes from the ultimate Republican nominee to win. If Mr. Trump is his opponent, Mr. Biden will get an assist. The only question is how big.”


Here we go again, a reemergence of the swamp establishment’s “Trump is toxic and can’t win” line of non-persuasion, a tidbit of nonsense that was wholly rejected on Monday by Iowa’s well-informed Republican voters. Rove’s view was definitely represented, however, in the nearly 20 percent of participants who, for some reason, chose Nikki Haley for their Republican presidential candidate.


What a joke. 2024 voters want real policy meat this year, Karl, not additional warmed-over gobbledygook about “insurrections” and “restore the soul of the nation-type” horsepucky that Biden espouses. The current poll numbers reflect a general unease about Trump that hasn’t subsided since he first entered politics. That’s nothing new. The question is whether it will be decisive in 2024.


Besides, the January 6-thing has run its course. Heck, even Mitt Romney, of all wishy-washy anti-Trump people, said so, suggesting the Democrats’ – and apparently, Karl Rove’s – fascination with the “democracy is in danger” topic is like beating a dead political horse. Only those voters inclined to believe the Biden DOJ’s ridiculous conspiracy theories are likely to even factor J6 into their thinking on Election Day, and this clique would’ve already been Biden voters to begin with.


Here's a serious question for the Bush/Rove/Romney strain of Republican establishment viruses (they cause sickness, right?) who can’t shut up about Trump’s alleged foul connection to January 6, 2021 and the events which Democrats have labeled an “insurrection against democracy”: What would be worse, having Donald Trump as president for the next four years and bring to fruition most of the Republican platform that the bluebloods allegedly favor, or to have Joe Biden running the show again – and to witness what’s left of the country disintegrate before our eyes?


Will Trump have the “independent” voters’ support when the time comes? It’s the same sort of binary choice voters have to make each presidential election. In some ways, it doesn’t really matter whether they “like” the nominees or not. The country is on the line, Karl.


Why will 2024 voters who don't like Trump still choose him for president? It's far from assured that they will actually do so, especially as the left's concerted and concentrated smear campaign takes full form and force later this year, but 2016 offered several clues as to how and why Trump will overcome the present distaste surrounding him (from a little over half of America's voters) to prevail again and initiate Trump MAGA 2.0 from inside The White House.


First off, Trump will only need a couple or a few more percentage points to pull off the feat. Trump, and America itself, has to rely on a hope that there are enough common-sense voters left in this country to assume they’ll make a reasoned decision for president based on who would make for a better leader rather than repeat the 2020 referendum on who’s the nicer guy and who would rise to the mission of harnessing federal power to attempt to stamp out the stupid COVID farce.


As was clear from the beginning of the panic, and ample evidence now proves, that the mysterious novel coronavirus originated from a Chinese bioweapons lab (and was therefore practically a war measure), wasn’t all that dangerous except to those who would normally be susceptible to cold and flu-type viruses and certainly didn’t require the massive lockdowns and trillions of dollars expended/wasted to accomplish absurd things like installing plexiglass barriers in school classrooms.


The establishment media and unrestrained big tech censors spread lies that Trump “mismanaged” the COVID episode, was responsible for millions of deaths and didn’t take public safety seriously. Meanwhile, the gullible, scared and hopelessly uninformed bought the establishment’s argument regarding “social distancing” and the need for a mail-in election.


The hopelessly stupid and frightened decided the 2020 election long before the day January 6 was associated with something other than the Christian Epiphany observation or Twelfth Night, the conclusion of the Orthodox Christian Christmas season. It’s a keen thing for Democrats to blubber on about “democracy” and “insurrection” while completely skipping the duty to talk about what happened during the COVID lockdowns and their connection to awful government policy.


Why hasn’t senile Joe and Democrat company had to explain the fallacy of their ludicrous policies? Virtually everyone involved with education now admits that the school closures had severe and immediate impacts on children, some of whom may never make up the ground lost in their learning… and will be impacted for generations?


Shouldn’t there be reckoning for all of that? Here’s thinking that residual COVID resentment could very well be worth the point or two that decides the election. How about that, Karl Rove?


Two, 2016's key deciding issue was the Supreme Court vacancy created by Justice Antonin Scalia’s sudden death and held unfilled by then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell until after the election was decided.


Just as Obama's key to victory in 2012 was his photo-op session with traitor Chris Christie on the New Jersey shores in the aftermath of super storm Sandy, Trump's 2024 “trump card” with the few crucial independent voters will be illegal immigration. Or energy prices. Or some other issue where there's a clear divergence between Trump and Biden on policy that actually matters to people who don’t base their opinions or votes upon what the hags at “The View” have to say about Trump.


Though there probably won’t be a single issue – like the Supreme Court opening – that would dominate the minds of an election-tipping coalition of voters, there surely will be a platform’s worth of important ones for the “moderate” fence-sitters to ponder. Trump’s personality will be less of an issue than ever, Americans having already experienced eight-plus years’ worth of establishment media slime to dig through to reach the truth about him.


Trump can be off-putting and verbose, but his exaggerations and boasting only mask what were authentic accomplishments on the economy and foreign policy during his first term. What does senile Joe Biden have to offer? People don’t like him, either.


Third, Americans are fed up with the “get stuff” aspect of politicians’ guarantees. Biden pledges more and more federal programs if he’s given a second term. By contrast, Trump promises to enforce laws and enable the private sector – through fair trade, elimination of regulations and drill, drill, drill – to achieve economic gains without further bankrupting the country.


Lastly, the Biden “mystique” is completely gone. Whereas, in 2020, a lot of people still bought in to the establishment media created myth that senile Joe Biden was a nice guy who loves America and would uphold his oath to follow the Constitution and faithfully execute the laws of the United States. So help him God.


It was male bovine excrement then and even more so now, the difference being that senile Joe and his awful corrupted family can’t hide behind the phony news facade of a capable ethically squeaky-clean grandfatherly man who just likes to eat a lot of ice cream. Joe Biden hasn’t changed all that much, but the country’s impression of him has. Senile Joe has fallen and he can’t get up.


The jig is up, Joe. Too bad, Karl. So-called “independent” voters aren’t going to fall for it again. Trump may not be popular, but he’s capable. Therein lies the difference for November.

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Trump is more popular than many think. In 2016, I held my nose to vote for Trump because his opponent was totally unacceptable. In 2020, I was a Trump supporter. In 2024 I am an enthusiastic Trump supporter. Am I just a one off? No! I suspect that there are many like me. Rove is just out to lunch.

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