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The Right Resistance: ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’ the manifestation of stewing unease with all Democrats

Have you ever been to a horror movie and wondered from the opening credits onward when the actual terrifying (gross?) stuff would start?

That’s the feeling going on in America right now, though we’re not at the movie complex and what’s taking place around us isn’t fiction and the product of a writer’s and producer’s vivid imagination. Senile president Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats have driven what many used to consider the freest nation on earth into the ground. The only thing today’s reality has in common with the horror movie genre is the frightening part.

Democrats are hearing the chants and reading the writing on the wall. And they’re getting scared crap-less about their prospects in next year’s midterm elections, too.

“Vulnerable moderate Democrats were furious earlier this month when Biden trekked to Capitol Hill and announced that the House simply could not vote on the Senate-passed infrastructure bill until a deal was reached on the bigger social benefits package...

“If Democrats fail to go big, progressives said, it would infuriate the liberal base, depress voter turnout and could cost the party both chambers in next year’s midterms. Republicans only need to flip a handful of Democratic seats to win control of the House; they need to pick up a single Democratic seat to win back the Senate...

“The challenge facing Biden and the Democrats is not only enacting the president's ambitious agenda, but reminding voters that they've done so. Polls already suggest the public doesn’t think Biden has delivered much, despite the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package adopted in March without any GOP support.”

To be fair, it should be pointed out that Biden has actually delivered a LOT in terms of Republican unity and restored spirit among the formerly depressed conservative base. The fool has also accomplished in short measure what was heretofore thought unthinkable -- the political resurrection of Donald Trump. When Trump boarded Air Force One for a last presidential flight to Florida in mid-January, most everyone believed they were witnessing the end of Trump’s political livelihood.

Now, not only is Trump’s career alive and kicking, Americans are having a great time laughing at Biden’s stunning incompetence and personal shortcomings. That’s bad for both Democrat “moderates” and ultra-liberals in Congress. It's old news by now, but the name “Brandon” has taken on a significance all its own because of it.

Why? The greater meaning of the nationwide “Let’s Go Brandon!” cheer doesn’t have anything to do with the NBC reporter (Kelly Stavast) who started it all by purposely altering -- in an obviously phony politically correct direction -- what the Alabama crowd was chanting, and it certainly isn’t the least bit related to the NASCAR driver himself. The phenomenon isn’t necessarily just about Joe Biden, either, though the bumbling idiot president has created the conditions for such an overt -- and loud -- fad.

Now that the “Brandon” boulder’s running downhill, there’s not much in the way to stop it. Not much sympathy to go ‘round, either -- these people deserve everything they’re getting.

I view “Let’s Go Brandon!” as the so-called “silent majority” becoming un-silent, merely by clapping and chanting at public venues. The fact that the mindset is revealing itself at stadiums across the country as well as hilarious side-splitting memes and short YouTube videos (such as this one with a Star Trek theme, this one with a Star Wars theme, this one with a Close Encounters of the Third Kind theme and this one, which I can’t quite identify, but is truly hysterical) indicates that ordinary people have lost their fear of expressing political opinions out in the open and are pointedly saying the things they feel in their heart.

Think of it like this: If you feed a wild animal, the creature loses its instinctive apprehension of human beings. Giving food to an alligator will eventually equate to the reptile attacking someone. That’s when bad things happen.

It's a tad ironic that the “Let’s Go Brandon!” motif is so ultra-offensive (due to language) because Biden himself was the politician who campaigned on “civility” and cooling the temperature of overheated political rhetoric. I’ve been asking the question a lot lately, but is “F**k Joe Biden!” really what the “soul of our nation” looks like? If so, then ol’ senile Joe has certainly restored it!

One speculates that we’ll be hearing a lot of “Let’s Go Brandon!” before common folks eventually tire of its utility and stop using the phrase, but the feelings underlying the movement won’t go away. If anything, they’ll only intensify, bolstered by former President Trump and a host of conservative media figures who’ve ferociously battled the leftist onslaught and were restrained, to some degree, by the fact that conservatives are nice polite people and don’t go out of their way to make a stink in public.

Face it, there’s an awful lot of rage out there, fueled by a paranoid and unaccountable ruling class that sees threats in every direction and has even stooped to trying to intimidate worried parents who’ve spoken out at school board meetings. In doing so, they’ve touched a nerve, and the blowback from such actions is only starting to be felt.

It’s human nature. Most people are more than content to sit back and watch the political fracas rather than dive right in, but when they’re pushed and pushed and pushed, something snaps. This started long ago, when corporate entities produced “woke” policies like allowing transgender biological males to use women’s restrooms or barging into the legislative realm and railing against neutral-on-their-face individual state laws on abortion or voting guidelines.

Who stays passive when so much stupidity is taking place all around us? Here in Virginia, for example, Democrat (and former governor) candidate Terry McAuliffe was inane enough to claim that parents shouldn’t tell leftist school boards and unelected bureaucrats what to teach their children. Want to get somebody animated? Tell them they have no business raising their own kids.

As we used to say on the lunchtime playground, “Them’s fightin’ words.”

Americans are sick to death of seeing police forces being verbally abused by miscreants who can’t spell “fascist” or identify Karl Marx in a photo line-up but see fit to lecture on the meaning of authoritarianism. Most of them are rejects from a failed education system that pampers spoiled, social media and electronic device-addicted brats. These cowards won’t show their faces because they’d get their rear ends handed to them by decent citizens.

Our nation’s treasured institutions and historical markers were left unprotected by our rulers. Except for Trump. What we’re seeing today is the manifestation of the fury.

Democrats will try and tie this “Let’s Go Brandon!” emotion to January 6, and don’t be surprised if Merrick Garland and his not-so-merry band of FBI bully boys create watch-lists for citizens identified with these chants. If the FBI “plants” agents (translation: conspiracy agitators) among fringe loser white supremacist groups -- like the ones in Michigan accused in the Gov. Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot -- as well as in the crowd at the January 6 protest, they’ll keep their eyes focused on the now un-silent majority attending football games and NASCAR races, too.

How does this figure into the Democrats’ electoral prospects next year? The problems Democrats are facing go much deeper than mere passage or non-passage of their big boondoggle spending schemes. The whole concept of socialism and deficit spending generated welfare programs is being mocked by an American public that’s fed up with being told what they need and should be willing to pay for.

Labor shortages are everywhere, largely because of failed government policies on COVID and ill-advised lockdowns. Except for the Trump vaccine, nothing of value has come from the trillions appropriated by Congress to combat the Chinese Communist Party virus. Does anyone feel good about how the money was used? Where’s the benefit? Indeed, have the federal science “experts” saved anyone?

Similar to going to a horror movie, Americans can’t quite figure out when the awful stuff started and when, if ever, it will cease. The “Let’s Go Brandon!” craze is only a symptom of the larger disease. Citizens don’t trust their government and they’re losing their fear of expressing the feeling. Democrats are worried about the 2022 elections -- and they should be.

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I wonder where all the accusers of America's endemic racism and slavery are when it is playing out right before our very eyes. In Virginia, the liberal candidate for governor, McAuliffe, has publicly stated 'that parents shouldn’t tell leftist school boards and unelected bureaucrats what to teach their children.'

What could possible lead him or ANYONE, right or left, to believe such an inane proposal?

SLAVERY ..... RADICAL LIBERAL slavery. Why? Because the left believes they OWN our children by virtue of being bought and paid for with: tax credits; money to not work; welfare; paid leave; healthcare for all; free school, lunches; free tuition; free this and free that; etc.

Just like Brandon, I mean Biden said, 'if you…


Let's go, Brandon? We needed them to shout, "Let's go, Trump!" last year. Talk about late to the party.

Replying to

I don't mind the latter. I've hated Biden ever since he scuttled Robert Bork's Supreme Court nomination in 1987--costing us the services of a man who would have been one of our greatest Supreme Court justices ever. (Imagine a SCOTUS including Bork, Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, and Chief Justice William Rehnquist!)


It would be easy to end. Stop voting for Democrats.

Replying to

The simple voice of sanity.


Hank Bradley
Hank Bradley
Oct 14, 2021

Let's Go Brandon...Let's Go Brandon...Let's Go Brandon...

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