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The Right Resistance: MAGA vs. Joe Biden’s record. Which will voters choose on Election Day?

Thank you, Joe Biden.

It’s not often I’d thank our current ultra-truth challenged senile Democrat president, but if he carries through with his recent vow to paint this year’s federal midterms as a choice between his party’s wacked out liberal abortion-loving freak vision versus God fearing, law abiding and Constitution revering MAGA Republicans, the man certainly merits a good slap on the back, solid handshake (if he’ll even allow it during the ongoing COVID fright), group hug, a fragrant sniff of the hairdo or even an invitation to take a skinny dip in the White House pool with all of the female Secret Service agents in attendance.

Okay, maybe not the last part. But you get the picture. We should be grateful for his foresight.

With the days, weeks and months flying by and the referendum on senile Joe’s awful presidency -- otherwise known as Election Day in November -- drawing ever nearer, Democrats are continually clawing at thin air for something, anything, to reverse, or at least halt, their pathetic poll number deficit. First Joe n’ crew tried bribing the country with promises of massive quantities of welfare and paybacks through his badly mislabeled “Build Back (More) Better” proposals, then they tried scaring the stuffing out of good folks by depicting Republicans as insurrectionists and racist vote suppressors, and finally they attempted to pin everything that’s bad in America on Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Somewhere along the line Democrats swore Republicans were climate change denying obstructionists, and then lately, women’s rights shattering anti-democratic abortion destroyers. And, oh yeah, there’s that Afghanistan withdrawal farce that Biden tried to sell as an amazing success. And conservatives are racists, too. Heck yeah! Republicans dared complain that the southern border was being intentionally mismanaged and those border patrol agents? They’re a bunch of migrant whipping yahoos on horses who don’t give a hoot about human rights or the lawbreakers’ entitlement not to endure any hindrance upon entering the Land of the Free.

None of it worked. Inflation bloomed the moment citizens and businesses received their tidbit of “free money” from the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion COVID “relief” bill last year, then got a good kick in the pants seat forward when gasoline prices crept ever higher (a new all-time record was set earlier this month) and food became all-but unaffordable for average people and the upward trend only continues with the Joe Biden-inspired war in Ukraine increasing scarcities and shortages at a time when things were already pretty tight.

Stumbling, bumbling senile Joe and gal pal sidekick vice president Kamala Harris toured the country touting everything their administration was doing to help squelch the bleeding, but Americans weren’t about to believe the exaggerations, distortions of data and outright lies of the worst power couple in country history.

Now, the increasingly desperate president is bringing MAGA (Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, Make America Great Again) into the campaign discussion. In a piece titled, “Biden seeks to frame election as choice between Democrats and ‘MAGA’ GOP”, Morgan Chalfant and Amie Parnes reported at The Hill:

“Biden, who campaigned in 2020 as a unifying force in the country, has toughened his remarks in recent weeks.

“Biden has assailed the Republican Party for embracing what he called an ‘ultra-MAGA agenda’ — a reference to former President Trump’s signature ‘Make America Great Again’ tagline. While Biden has previously criticized Republicans, it’s not a natural place for a president who typically gravitates toward more unifying, bipartisan rhetoric. And some Democrats are gleeful at the change in tack six months out from the midterms.

“’Why the f— would we not do this every single day on repeat? Every day. All day. This is us and that’s them. This is exactly what moves voters, and we’ve failed to figure that out until now,’ said one Democratic strategist.”

Why the f--- not indeed! This is just the latest iteration of the Democrats’ greater effort to fool themselves into believing, “it’s not us, it’s just that our message isn’t getting out!” Liberals still maintain their bottom dwelling opinion poll numbers are attributable to senile Joe’s and Kamala’s lack of visibility and ability to articulate the Democrat concept, which could be encapsulated as, “We love to tax and borrow and print tons of money and sprinkle it to our favored contributors and ignorant voters.”

Their answer to their marketing problem? To further divide the nation into one gigantic us vs. them tug-of-war. “We’re great; those MAGA extremists want to tax small businesses and trash Social Security and Medicare. They’ll ruin the earth! They’re white supremacists who condone hating on oppressed minorities. They’re bigots who are against gay people and discriminate against men who say they’re gals and vice versa, too!”

According to the Hill writers’ article, Democrats particularly home in on Senator Rick Scott’s 11-point plan and its simple proposal to have everyone pay at least $1 in taxes (and thus have “skin in the game”) and to sunset every federal program after five years. As Democrats always do, they twist and distort otherwise very generic and plain propositions into a sinister scheme to bankrupt seniors and say Republicans are against the growth of the middle class in favor of providing tax breaks for the rich!

If senile Joe hopes to get mileage out of attaching the MAGA label to every Republican candidate running for office from coast-to-coast this year, perhaps he’d better take a look at what MAGA actually means. Having CNN and MSNBC define MAGA as systemic racism doesn’t make a dent in the solid core of what the ideas really represent.

MAGA means America First, a concept Biden himself has been touting a lot lately -- or at least paying lip service to some of its domestic provisions, namely buying American and manufacturing “stuff” here within the confines of our borders. But America First is a foreign policy philosophy as well, which means making NATO allies pay their fair share for their own defense and not getting the U.S. entangled in stupid foreign wars.

Joe Biden says he doesn’t want American boots on Ukrainian soil, yet he and his party members are clamoring to send another 40+ billion to eastern Europe to fight a proxy war against the Russians. For what? Did Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy threaten Joe privately to blow open the criminal files on his country’s longtime dirty dealings with son Hunter? What could possibly be the motivation there?

It was Donald Trump who used his inaugural address to blast the Washington establishment and suggest his presidency would constitute a new era where the People would be in charge of their government, not the elites. The politicians hated his message. Then, as president, he kept his word from day one until the end of his residency in the White House.

Those “MAGA” people are far from extreme. They want laws enforced and criminals punished. They want our country’s interests and values honored above those of ALL foreign nations. They believe in American exceptionalism. They don’t believe that America is destroying the environment and needs to submit to global governing bodies to save the planet.

MAGA people believe in borders and making prospective new Americans come here legally and go through a thorough vetting process. They want newcomers to learn the language and ingrain a few basic facts about America’s history and governing charters. They want immigrants to assimilate and adopt American principles because ours are the best in the world and they created, once upon a time, a nation based on individual freedom and initiative. As Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (played by Jeff Daniels) said in the movie Gettysburg, “Here we judge you by what you do, not by who your father was. Here you can be something. Here is the place to build a home.”

MAGA means law enforcement and favoring the police over the criminals. We know a crime when we see one. We believe in a fair justice system to separate the guilty from the innocent. We believe in accountability for public officials. We believe in Free Speech and open debate, not censorship and “disinformation” determined by government officials.

MAGA means a strong national defense. MAGA means a transparent government that spends within its budget and a fair tax system where everyone has a stake in where their tax dollars are spent. MAGA means pro-life for many people, or, at the very least, a democratic voter-driven solution to controversial topics such as abortion or capital punishment.

MAGA means the unfettered right to bear arms for personal protection. Period.

Democrats will try saying MAGA solely equals Donald Trump. While it’s true that Trump is closely associated with the model, the movement is much, much deeper than just one man. Ron DeSantis is MAGA. Jim Jordan is MAGA. Marsha Blackburn is MAGA. Ted Cruz is MAGA. Paul Laxalt is MAGA. J.D. Vance is MAGA. Tucker Carlson is MAGA. Laura Ingraham is MAGA. I am MAGA. So are a lot of my family members and friends.

Democrats haven’t done a very good job of selling their warmed-over socialism to the voting public and they won’t have any greater success trying to smear the Make America Great Again agenda with voters who actually pay attention to what is going on in the country today. If Joe Biden wants to make the midterm elections all about MAGA… we should thank him for it.

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May 14, 2022

Biden stands in front of a board which says, "lowering costs" and "tackling inflation." It does not mention that Biden is the reason why those things have become an issue. That was not the case when "ultra MAGA" was in the White House. It's bizarre how he calls it "ultra MAGA," in an attempt to make it sound intimidating. What is intimidating about America First, about making America great again? When MAGA first came out, leftists like Obama would say that America is already great (which was a good answer, I thought). Later on, it would devolve into "America was never great." How can someone be the President of these United States and be intimidated by making America great (again)?…


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
May 13, 2022

Everday betrayal of the American people with the biden America last policy, even on baby food they want to fxxx Americans. Become an illegal today and go to the stock pile of baby food bidens has stashed for illegals, Joe biden and his under skilled administration, office of too many shortages, his appointees in way over their IQ level as is their leader.The midterms are upcoming and no matter how bidnen spins his failures, putin, mega hats it's total fxxxin incompetence that wins the day. Shortage's across the land of plenty, energy, food, even baby formula. One lie after another, one failure after another, now throw in that total package of family corruption by the biden's and what do you…

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