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The Right Resistance: Manchin third-party threat distracts Dems from real Joe Biden dilemma

On the final day of June, it could be argued that it doesn’t take a whole lot to make Democrats terrified these days, but there’s one topic in particular that gets them truly horrified – and agitated.

I’m speaking of the growing-in-feasibility notion of replacing president senile Joe Biden at the top of Democrats’ yet-undetermined 2024 presidential ticket. Senile Joe announced his reelection run a couple months ago and ever since, he’s traveled to various states making the case for this and that, his pitch typically centering on all the money Democrats in Congress okayed for his professed causes and generally sounding oblivious to the path of destruction wrought by his “Bidenomics” policies and the Department of Justice under the guidance of ultimate liberal party honk Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Democrats, led by Special Counsel Jack Smith (talk about an innocuous name) did the heretofore unthinkable by formally charging a former president (and current frontrunner for the Republican 2024 nomination) with “crimes” associated with storing boxes of Trump administration records at his home, a practice repeated by the failing current president himself and a method followed by every commander-in-chief on his way out of office.

Appearances mean nothing to Democrats. Liberals are so convinced of their firm grasp on the moral – and legal – high ground that they’re willing to do just about anything to get Donald Trump, short of actually sending a goon squad to rub him out. I wouldn’t put it past them if something untoward happens. Delusions run deep in liberal circles.

At the same time, media reports of Biden stumbling, bumbling, falling, hugging transgender weirdos a few moments before bearing their fake female breasts on the White House lawn and the beyond-a-reasonable-doubt criminality of his favorite (living) son Hunter haven’t made a dent in the higher ups’ mission to keep the broken-down Delawarean dolt upright for just a couple years longer.

If I’ve asserted that Republicans’ only cause is victory in 2024, which I have, the concept goes double for the other side. One imagines (and polls confirm) that Democrat voters cringe whenever they see senile Joe show up in public, yet Biden is still viewed by the elites as the Donald Trump-political slayer of their dreams.

The possibility that senile Joe might not get the chance to do it, if other factors intervene, is what’s really worrisome for Democrats. For instance, what happens if West Virginia “moderate” Democrat senator Joe Manchin ignores threats and warnings and opts to launch a third-party bid for president? Don’t scoff, the stars might be aligning for the last remaining vestige of Democrat dominance in The Mountain State.

In a piece titled “‘Terrible idea’: Fellow Dems try to stop Manchin’s presidential flirtation”, Burgess Everett reported at Politico recently:

“Joe Manchin loves to keep his political options open — and now, as the West Virginia centrist flirts with a third-party campaign for president, his Democratic colleagues are taking him seriously enough to try to talk him out of it.

“Manchin is never one to quash a mystery surrounding his future, whether it’s pursuing his old job as governor or how he’d vote in former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial. Yet even as many doubt he’ll go through with a White House bid, Democrats also fear it could hand the GOP both the Senate and the White House if he does.

“Manchin’s refusal to silence talk of a White House bid, potentially funded by centrist group No Labels, gives him leverage over party leaders: The more they need him to seek Senate reelection, the more attention he can get for his priorities. That’s because Manchin is the only candidate with a prayer of keeping his Senate seat blue. And if Republicans win the presidency in 2024, they’d only need one Senate pick-up to take control.”

Ah, the ever-revolving political chess numbers game. Make no mistake, Democrats don’t give a hoot about keeping a “centrist” in the senate (and Manchin ain’t no “centrist”), just like they wouldn’t give a rat’s patootie to save Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema (who left the party last year) if she weren’t the deciding vote on many of their must-pass (to keep the liberal base pacified) bills. You know, the disgusting federal largesse that senile Joe touts at his campaign rallies.

And similarly, Manchin’s hints about running for president wouldn’t scare Democrats to death either if they figured he’d act as a 2024 version of Ross Perot (and thus help beat the Republican nominee) instead of a destructor of their chance to have the Democrat machine elect Biden again. Liberals reason that there is a sizable pool of “moderates” out there somewhere in key states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin – and these folks are hankering for “centrist” Joe to supplant “mentally slipping” Joe the crook.

I understand their apprehension, but who’s to say that “centrist” Joe wouldn’t attract an equal number of wishy-washy Republicans who can’t stomach the idea of voting for Trump again and would prefer elevating a 77-year-old (the age Manchin will be on Election Day, 2024) from the incredibly poor but incredibly white state of West Virginia to going through another four years of tweets, media clashes and system disruption?

“No Labels” crops up again here, in the person of Joe Manchin. Other than poopooing some of Biden’s more absurd appointments, voting for two out of three Trump Supreme Court appointments (he didn’t go for Amy Coney Barrett) and making lots of headlines for advocating for more fossil fuel exploration, what makes Manchin a “centrist”? Wouldn’t nixing Barrett’s nomination make “centrist” Joe anti-woman?

Where does Manchin stand on abortion limits? How does he feel about the out-of-control explosion of LGBTQIA+++ advocacy in his party? Would he side with Republicans who want to cap the federal budget? What are his foreign policy views? Illegal immigration? Manchin’s state has one of the worst problems with fentanyl importation, so would he be a “get tough” president or favor accommodation like his fellow Democrat colleagues?

Manchin, or any other supposed “centrist” basically becomes the “plug your nose and vote” candidate if he runs. That’s not much of a platform. Throw in the fact he doesn’t have a billion bucks of his own money – like Ross Perot did – to fund his campaign, and “centrist” Joe’s hot air about mounting an outsider challenge is just that – authentic “climate change”.

Not even Democrats are so obtuse that they don’t recognize it. They just hope to steer public opinion towards senile Joe.

Yet another sign that Democrats are sweating having to hold onto Biden is the comparative success of vaccine-questioner Robert F. Kennedy Jr. I’ll admit, I haven’t really taken RFK Jr.’s candidacy all that seriously, but Tucker Carlson pointed out last week (on his new Twitter channel) that Democrats fear and hate the Kennedy outlier even more than they do Trump.

Unlike Manchin, RFK Jr. challenges the whole notion of benevolent government power, which is what Democrats rely on to hoodwink the gullible and uninformed to vote for them in the first place. I’m not sure I agree with Tucker that RFK Jr. terrifies the Washington establishment and media more than Trump, but the point was well taken.

And, as would be expected in any conversation regarding the possibility of replacing senile Joe as the 2024 Democrat nominee, the name of California governor Gavin Newsom is popping up more and more these days. Newsom even went so far as to appear on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show recently, and by some accounts, acquitted himself well in suggesting that he could help bridge America’s ideological divide.

Conservative economist Steven Moore said it just isn’t so, and why would Americans want to take a chance on a governor who not only locked down his state during COVID, but turned the scenic paradise into a cesspool of homelessness, drug addiction, crime and transgender promotion? Perhaps Newsom is attempting to position himself as a Bill-Clinton-like smooth talking “centrist”, but I doubt it would work nationally.

I personally don’t think either Manchin or Newsom really intends to run, but by keeping their names in the news, they’re forcing many Democrats to reconsider their stalwart defense of Biden. As time goes on and more and more is unearthed in the plethora of ongoing investigations into senile Joe’s criminal family enterprise, attitudes might start to adjust.

You never know, it could happen.

What petrifies Democrats more than a Manchin third-party bid, RFK Jr.’s “out there” candidacy -- and maybe even another term for Donald Trump -- is the thought of cackling Kamala Harris filling Biden’s loafers at the top of the ticket. Senile Joe sill carries with him the accepted illusion of popularity and likability, where no one outside of California and the hags at “The View” would ever champion Harris. She’s that awful. And if Harris were to run as the Democrat nominee, she would all-but guarantee disaster for party candidates up and down the ballot.

No wonder the long-shot idea of Joe Manchin running for president gets Democrats so frazzled. The party elders would never agree to Manchin as their nominee under any circumstances, and they tolerate his presence as long as he votes with them on most issues, even if the dollar amounts aren’t what they’d desire.

For now and the foreseeable future, Democrats are stuck with Joe Biden – and cackling Kamala Harris. News of a potential third-party run will go back-and-forth, with nothing happening until the party establishment decides that it’s finally time for Joe to go. Limbo is the word for Democrats who seem to delight much more in the chaos over on the Republican side.

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