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The Right Resistance: New year brings new hope Democrats will receive reckoning they’ve earned

Almost like the start of a highly anticipated and overhyped movie, it’s safe to say most Americans are looking forward to 2022 beginning its run through the ages on Saturday at 12:01 am. Good news! We only have a few more days and then the dreaded 2021 is history!

Try and forget that most blockbuster films that receive tons of promotion and emotional buildup typically disappoint the vast majority of movie fans, but hopefully, 2022 will live up to its lofty billing and erase at least some of the considerable political stains left behind from senile Joe Biden’s first (almost) year as president. The Democrat chief executive surprised everyone in 2021 in some respects. Democrats, #NeverTrumpers and independents with a serious case of buyer’s remorse were astonished to see that Biden was as bad as the Trump supporters had predicted he would be. Having used the COVID pandemic to hide from regular campaigning in 2020, perhaps liberal voters thought the half-century swamp dweller would repeat the feat once in the White House. Biden has stayed away from the public spotlight alright, but not nearly enough to give Americans confidence that he’s anywhere close to fulfilling his duties (either intellectually or physically). Conservatives earned the right to say “See, I told you so!”, even if radio talk show icon Rush Limbaugh was no longer alive to say it. Losing Limbaugh last February still stings, though I’m glad to say a number of conservative media personalities upped their “game” to try and fill his shoes. Fox News’s Tucker Carlson assumed much of Limbaugh’s leadership role, even if the television medium is worlds apart from radio. 8 pm Eastern is Tucker time in my household -- and it’s likely the same for millions of others as well. Why will 2022 be great (or at least good)? Because it would be difficult to do any worse than the past two years. Thankfully the country’s future political prospects got off to a good start last month when Virginia cast the dust of liberalism’s lies and distortions off its proverbial shoes and voted for real hope in the person of Glenn Youngkin. The 6’7” former NCAA Division I basketball player and Richmond native has already announced policies that will bring new life to the Commonwealth, starting with his announcement that there will be no statewide mandatory mask mandates under his guidance. Youngkin will be inaugurated on January 15, 2022. I can’t wait. But hopefully, Youngkin will only be the start of what’s shaping up to be a promising 2022 for GOPers from coast to coast. Nancy Pelosi will no doubt begin her final year with the Speaker’s gavel next week. One way or another, she’ll be demoted or retired by year’s end. Rejoice! Tal Axelrod reported at The Hill:

“With less than a year to go until the 2022 midterms, Republicans are increasingly bullish on the prospect of a red wave that could flip both chambers of Congress and end Democrats’ unified control in Washington.

“Heading into 2022, Democrats find themselves on their back foot, defending their narrow House and Senate majorities — and President Biden — against a fusillade of attacks over stubbornly high coronavirus cases, inflation, the bloody Afghanistan withdrawal and more. Biden’s approval ratings have nosedived to the low 40s, portending a possible drumming at the ballot box next year — and they haven’t stopped falling.

“The House is viewed by many on both sides of the aisle as likely to fall into Republican hands, given Democrats’ razor-thin five-seat majority there. However, despite a favorable map for Democrats, the party’s 50-50 majority in that chamber could be toppled too.”

Yes, optimism abounds in Republican circles. Public polls, the fact House Democrats are retiring in droves and Joe Biden’s unshakable incompetence are all reasons to be happy. Most of this was predictable too, since the liberal party’s nonstop barrage of negativity towards Donald Trump was bound to produce some sort of backlash.

Let’s not forget that Trump’s campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again” and his foreign policy summed up as “America First” -- not exactly words intended to evoke anger and resentment among the patriotic citizenry. The lifelong New Yorker pulled no punches when it came to jabbing at his political opponents (including those in his party and foreign leaders), but he was effusive with praise for those who expressed desire to reach reasonable common goals.

The establishment took it on the chin. So much for believing they were more powerful than a man like Trump. Stand up to the elitist bullies and they’ll inevitably run like school girls in search of the nearest yard attendant. It’s a lesson most of us learned as grade schoolers. Democrats and Trump’s detractors never got it.

Why are the Democrats doomed? The reasons are many. First, they assumed that Americans would go along with their general assertion that a big, powerful federal government can actually solve problems down to the last person. Life’s experience should’ve taught such believers that broad-based blanket solutions to any problem never works.

Everyone knows senile Joe bragged during the 2020 campaign that he and he alone could conquer the COVID pandemic. What did he base his braggadocio on? Is he a medical expert? Did he possess some sort of mystical wisdom that would’ve kept the vulnerable protected and alive? Or did he roll the dice and gamble that there were enough gullible souls within America’s boundaries to actually accept that Donald Trump was “doing nothing” to help his countrymen.

Big Tech certainly assisted Biden’s effort to squelch dissenting voices, censoring and banning anyone who dared speak against the establishment’s narrative that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus stemmed from nature or mysteriously turned up in a Chinese wet market (who would eat that stuff, anyway?).

People naturally want to believe in something. They want to think that government is staffed with millions of committed professionals who wake up every morning with benevolence in their hearts rather than resentment towards another day of paper-pushing and staving off blinding boredom and tedious bureaucracy. Biden’s and liberals’ “one size fits all” pitch captured a lot of votes. These suckers are getting a rude awakening today, aren’t they?

Second, Democrats also contended that their economic policies would not only continue the good tidings during Trump’s administration, they’d improve them. The problem is that so few of them ever ran a business, managed a payroll or did anything meaningful outside of politics, where they would discover how government acts as a drag on innovation rather than facilitates it.

Joe Biden, “Chucky” Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are all lifelong politicians and have been shielded from “real life’ virtually their entire careers. They knew how to game the system to become wealthy and they all possess the hutzpah to claim that they’re helping people. Has receiving free money since COVID began taught anyone to work harder or become self-reliant? Similarly, will passing new entitlements like federal childcare foster a new and better ethic?

I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing most Democrats (and Republicans for that matter) have some legal training in their background. I know from experience that law schools teach two things -- how to frame arguments and how to fight to win no matter how dirty or low you have to go. And I went to a “Christian” centered law school, too.

Lastly, most if not all Democrats have a know-it-all sense that they’re always right and therefore, government by the elites will always triumph over such simpleton concepts as freedom and liberty. Don’t believe it? Reexamine their push for gun control.

So-called “experts” say that banning certain types of firearms (such as so-called “Assault Rifles”) will prevent mass shootings and save lives. They claim leaving citizens to purchase their own weapons only leads to kooks falling through the cracks in the federal “I can save everyone every time” web. It’s the same line of reasoning that suggests the police can keep order in every nook and cranny of society.

Just as whether to receive COVID vaccines should be a personal decision, so should owning guns. But liberals don’t trust people to care for themselves. This has led to a womb-to-the-tomb nanny-state mentality.

Democrats can’t control the economy any more than they can catch all the mentally disturbed people prone to violence. And, because of woke-ness, they don’t even try to weed out the Muslim terrorists lying in wait, readying for the right moment to commit jihad. Democrats would rather focus on January 6 “protest” participants and “white supremacists” than hunt for real criminals.

Reasons for optimism for a Democrat political reckoning are piling up faster than spent champagne corks at an upcoming New Year’s party. 2020 and 2021 were awful years, forgettable times in American history. Thankfully there are many, many signs that things will improve in 2022. We can only hope so.

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There seems to be something in the American character that requires that we (as a whole) be knocked on our ass before we realize what needs to be done.

Replying to

Super duper FUBAR . . . !


But how much can we actually trust and rely on the GOP at this point. They literally deserted President Trump.


Hope Funk
Hope Funk
Dec 29, 2021

I'm just waiting for us to start looking at that latest defense bill. I'm all for a strong defense but a $780 billion bill as we are leaving the middle east? Seems like there's some money we could be spending at home.

Replying to

But how will we finance this improvement? Service is getting worse. First-class mail now takes an extra two or three days to deliver.


James Bryson
James Bryson
Dec 29, 2021

I will start to feel clean... when Wray is fired, and President Trump invited Barr back to the White House, just to kick his FAT WORTHLESS BUTT down the stairs.


Grandiose delusions, false hope, great expectations only to be shattered on the rocks of reality, being that NOTHING has been done to correct the fraud within our election system, as proven in the election in New Jersy and the recall in California, both mirror images of the 2020 election.

You may want to hold off on singing, "High Hopes", as there will be no real elections, no real Republic of the people, by the people and for the people until We the People make it so!

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