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The Right Resistance: Nixing better Democrat messaging and ‘Joe Biden Appreciation Day’

How about a Joe Biden Appreciation Day?

We have enough special commemorations throughout the year, don’t you think? Couldn’t there be one more? There are the major national occasions like Independence Day and religious celebrations such as Christmas marked by official federal government holidays in addition to dates that someone, somewhere, decided there was a need to remember and reflect upon. But we need to pay homage to Joe too, don’t we?

Just this year alone America’s added a couple highlighted dates to the calendar (or simply changed their names) -- “Juneteenth” (June 19), which draws attention to the day in 1865 when Union forces received the surrender of the last vestiges of the Confederate army and henceforth all slaves were de facto “free” from that point forward. It should be pointed out that Emancipation Day, April 16, is also celebrated in the District of Columbia. This marks the day Abraham Lincoln signed his Emancipation Proclamation in 1862. It’s a paid holiday in DC. It would appear eradicating slavery gets a two-fer.

Next Tuesday is December 7th, the “Day that will live in Infamy”, which is more commonly referred to as Pearl Harbor Day now. But it’s not a holiday where Americans have the hours off work and kids sleep in because there’s no school to attend. In decades past, a squadron of WW II planes would fly over our house at about the same moment the Japanese attacked in Hawaii. I’m not sure what they do currently, since there aren’t many WW II vets left alive.

At any rate, in our culture’s rapid devolution, no doubt there are many leftwing researchers hard at work poring over written and oral histories seeking occasions worthy of special emphasis to advance one of their Marxist causes. These days, only “woke” people or dates seem to get much courtesy from the media. There was some discussion about making 9/11 an official holiday, but when you’ve got “Juneteenth” and “Indigenous Peoples Day” ahead of it in line, why bother?

So how about setting aside a 24-hour period to honor ol’ hair sniffin’, shoulders massagin’, nude swimmin’, ice cream guzzlin’ and liberal constituency panderin’ senile Joe? There are a whole host of liberal Democrats who think Biden isn’t being given his due credit for everything he’s accomplished for the country in the past eleven months. To these folks, all that’s needed is additional appreciation, and in the case of the Democrat Party, better marketing.

Longtime Democrat establishment leader Donna Brazile wrote the other day at USA Today:

“Overcoming the Big Lie and uniting the nation remain the biggest challenges facing Biden for the remainder of his term. Trump and his supporters in Congress aren’t content to wage war on Democrats. They’re waging war on democracy itself, seeking to make it harder for Black people and others who support Democrats to vote and to return Trump to the White House against the wishes of a majority of voters by rigging future elections.

“Against such unhinged and frankly amoral intransigence, Democrats under Biden have to somehow govern in the real world. Aiding their quest is the fact that their agenda is overwhelmingly popular among the American people. Poll after poll shows Americans want prudent measures to deal with COVID-19, dramatic action to Build Back Better and historic investments in the future of this country and its people.

“The difficulties of the road ahead are dwarfed by the opportunities available there. What’s needed now is political skill and iron will.”

And a few more Democrats in Congress wouldn’t hurt, would it, Donna? Just think, if Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema were replaced with rubber stamp votes like (name any of the other 48 Democrat and “Independent” senators), then new president Biden wouldn’t be struggling to pass the balance of his enormous big spending boondoggle programs and the world would be hunky-dory, right?

Shouldn’t Republicans and those couple “moderate” Democrats just shut up and recognize their place? It seems like a long time in the past, but a year ago this time the GOP was still looking at a senate majority to begin the improperly elected new president’s term. Both Peach State Republican senators were facing what seemed to be winnable runoff elections on January 5th. If either had pulled it off, there probably wouldn’t have been a riot on January 6th, and, needless to say, Democrats would’ve had to “compromise” on much more to have gotten anything passed.

Would this have led to increased “appreciation” for Joe Biden? None other than 2016 disgraced loser and heinous cackling screecher Hillary Clinton thinks Americans should show more gratitude for Biden as well. Poor ol’ Joe inherited such a horrible plate of circumstances, didn’t he? The divided country full of deplorables as well as the pandemic! The pandemic! The pandemic!

The invisible Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus turned the world upside down, didn’t it? Federal government tyrant goons like Dr. Anthony Fauci said we’d all be over this by now if only Trump had taken it seriously in the beginning, right? Fauci represents science, and thou shalt not criticize an unelected bureaucrat when he’s trying to save lives! The unemployment rate was down to record lows under Joe Biden’s predecessor, but the governing authorities ordered us to lock ourselves away from each other and strap on masks as a “patriotic duty” to our fellow citizens.

Then there were the vaccines developed under Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” which were said by the new rulers to bring relief to the masses. Senile Joe took office promising to free the country and the world from the ravages of disease, only to have more people die with the plague during his short tenure than had perished in the previous year.

Trillions of dollars later -- much of it appropriated under Trump -- and the virus is still around and liberal ninnies like Donna Brazile and Hillary Clinton are arguing that if only the Democrats were better at messaging, they’d be able to get everything they ever wanted. Joe Biden’s doing a great job! Appreciate him! Do it now, do it now!

Forget about that Afghanistan thing. And ignore those millions of illegal aliens that have crossed the southern border since Biden took control. There’s no bad policy here! America is a welcoming place and Trump put kids in cages, remember? Senile Joe would hug every newcomer personally -- and give them citizenship and reparations for their emotional trauma -- if only he had the time! Kamala Harris has been studying the root causes of the waves of migrants. She’ll let us know what those symptoms are any minute now!

Further, don’t make fun of the White House Christmas display that features a gas station and pumps without prices! There’s a supermarket too! Perhaps if the executive mansion culinary staff had just made a basket out of gingerbread you could deposit all your excess currency from the slush fund that Democrats hope to push through!

The White House Christmas theme this season is to honor all the people who persevered during the pandemic and kept working though their lives were in danger (according to Fauci and Senile Joe) from the Chinese bug. Many if not most of those people have already contracted and recovered from COVID and are refusing to take the vaccines, which puts them at risk of losing their jobs if they won’t bow down and accept Biden’s mandates. Hurrah! Hurrah! Give Joe a medal or something!

Democrats think you’re stupid. They reason if only all of this had been sold to the public better, Biden would be seen as a conquering hero who rid the world of Trump and got the country back on track after persevering through four hopeless years of America First policies and racist nationalism. Or so people like Brazile insist.

Usually I avoid such stark declarations of truth, yet it can’t be denied that today’s Democrat politicians and media commentators believe senile president Joe Biden’s low approval rating numbers stem from a dearth of education, information and, for a lack of a better way to put it, “wokeness” on behalf of the American public.

Democrats apparently believe telling the American people that they should appreciate senile Joe more will magically lift his poll numbers and enable congressional liberals to smash through the Manchin/Sinema blockade and solve everyone’s fiscal dilemmas!

Nancy Pelosi can pass a resolution honoring Biden and propose to etch his face onto Mt. Rushmore, preferably replacing one of the other presidents already there. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were slaveholders; Abraham Lincoln didn’t consider the races equal and Teddy Roosevelt, well, he was so backwards because he liked guns! (How about Trump?)

For Democrats to enact a “Joe Biden Appreciation Day”, they need a lot more than effective marketing to get the job done. Americans don’t like Biden or his policies, and we’ve had more than enough days, weeks and months to formulate an opinion. No amount of informercials, mass mailings or paid-for campaigns would alter the balance. Biden is an awful president.

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I once saw a TV show, perhaps it was The Twilight Zone, wherein there were two earths opposite each other with the sun between. An astronaut came back to the other earth and discovered everything was a mirror image of the earth he knew. Maybe Donna Brazile was an astronaut from that alternate earth who landed here instead. She, and her friend Hillary have their "facts" 180 degrees out of phase, a mirror image of the truth. The sad part is that a core group of Democrat voters believe them.

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