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The Right Resistance: No April Fool’s joke, America is sick to death of COVID-19 restrictions

Joe Biden’s is the April Fool’s administration.

It’s safe to say a lot of Americans wake up each morning with the realization that 78-year-old mentally failing, lifetime political hack Joe Biden is president and wish it were the first of April and senile Joe the world’s greatest April Fool’s joke every day. Remember when you were little and a jokester would tell some ridiculous tall tale, passing it off as truth and waiting for you to react with incredulity -- only to laugh hysterically and shout “APRIL FOOL’s!” in your ear as your face turned red with embarrassment? Everyone’s felt like a “fool” at some point.

Joe Biden makes us feel like idiots every day. How could he have been elected president? (We know there are many, many, many unanswered questions surrounding the proposition.) His recent blather over state election law changes like those in Georgia as being “Jim Crow” relics is just one example of his absurdity. The Peach State’s new law actually expands some weekend voting and provides ample absentee and early balloting while installing the type of voter integrity and verification measures that were sorely lacking last November. “Jim Crow” it isn’t. But our dunce-like president and his petty party member rubber-stamp go-alongs claim it all the same.

Therefore, the April Fool’s joke is on us.

But we’re used to it, because the wool’s been pulled over our eyes for well over a year now. America is moving into its thirteenth month of some form of restrictions and hysteria over the mysterious Chinese novel coronavirus (or Chinese Communist Party or Wuhan virus, if you prefer) that causes COVID-19. Panic followed the proclamation of a pandemic, which led to government officials imposing all sorts of liberty-killing measures, purportedly intended to safeguard the public.

Like throwing darts in a pitch-black room, these misguided do-gooders hit the wall a lot more than they’ve scored a bullseye. And their April Fool’s-like thinking is continuing with no end in sight. Not even with the brilliant vaccine developed under the guidance of the competent leadership of Donald Trump will the government power hoarders relent. It’s reached the ridiculous point.

The price is becoming too high. The Editors of the Washington Examiner wrote:

“[A]mid all the talk of variants and unmasked children, and the rare case of fully-vaccinated people getting the coronavirus, a basic truth remains: ‘Zero COVID’ is not a realistic goal. The coronavirus may never fully disappear. There cannot be any holding off of the full reopening waiting for such an impossible dream...

“Fauci and others constantly give reasons why life won’t be safe even for the fully vaccinated. There are variants to the virus. There’s the unsupported, if not yet disproven, notion that vaccines will prevent illness but not transmission. There are also anecdotes about the tiny number of cases in which the fully vaccinated nevertheless get infected.

“People like [Dr. Anthony] Fauci could go on forever with exceptions, excuses, and hypotheticals to justify continued feelings of doom and panic and infringements on freedom. Free people need to push back on this nanny-state urge. In part, that means reminding the public that, as with other maladies, the defeat of the coronavirus doesn’t require reducing cases to zero. Indeed, the costs of zero COVID-19 infections are too high.”

WAY too high. It’s amazing how many, many Americans appear willing to prolong the common sense-disproved notion that COVID-19 is a death sentence for everyone. This isn’t AIDS in the eighties where the grim reaper waited around the corner for individuals who contracted the deadly plague (usually through sinful behavior, but that’s another story). Back then, if someone got the virus, they knew their days were likely limited.

Not so COVID-19. The fact remains that a remarkably high percentage of people have actually lived through the infection without even knowing they were sick. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard folks say “I think I already had it. I felt pretty normal but I… lost my taste” or something similar. I’ve had family members who, prior to March of last year, developed asthma-like symptoms who’d never struggled with them before, or severe bronchitis that the doctor couldn’t explain. It’s been around the block and then some.

I’ve had acquaintances who survived the virus (confirmed by testing) and described it as no worse than a mild cold. Others were laid-up for a couple weeks, but weren’t hospitalized. I also have family members who work in hospitals who witnessed the full destructive power of the virus on some people, no longer with us.

But in general, you know what COVID-19 sounded like? The flu. The common cold took a hiatus this year, too. With everyone furiously washing their hands and social distancing out of habit -- and yes, maybe even from donning the face diapers -- there’s been a lot fewer “normal” winter season maladies to battle. But at what cost?

The economic consequences have been discussed ad nauseum. Congress and both presidents have put America even further in debt trying to battle the forecasted doom from a worldwide pandemic. Trillions have been allotted to paying people not to work. Among the living, kids have probably suffered the most, though the isolation older adults have experienced can’t be measured. At some juncture, there must be an end point.

As the Examiner editors argued, reimposing the restrictions to try and completely stamp out the virus is irrational. Yet there was ol’ senile Joe the other day standing before the nation pointing fingers and threatening to crack down -- again -- if citizens don’t conform to the “science” dictates. It was a political shot across the bow to states like Texas and Florida, warning that they’d better not let their residents too far off the federal COVID leash, or there would be consequences!

April Fool’s! Oops, not this time. Even if today is April first.

More dangerous is the very real notion of senile Joe’s government requiring a “vaccine passport” to flash in airports and other public places to reacquire the freedoms we took for granted prior to the great Chinese flu panic. Sounds like a great idea to the nanny staters, don’t it? But why is it necessary? And does anyone want to surrender more data to Biden and the bureaucracy to abuse and spy on folks?

If anything, the waves of illegal migrants flooding across the southern border virtually unchallenged by the hapless Biden administration should be saddled with needing “vaccine passports” and returned to wherever they came from without delay. American taxpayers are fed up with having to foot the bill to house and care for the lawbreakers while Mexican cartels, coyotes and human traffickers profit handsomely from the flow of humanity (invited here by the current rulers).

The rest of America should follow the examples of “free” red states and lift any remaining COVID-19 measures that no longer makes sense. And if there is a spike in cases and hospitalizations, local authorities should handle them within their power to do so. The federal government’s role is to continue to encourage production and distribution of the vaccine, for those who want it. Those who don’t… whatever happened to, “My body, my choice”?

The past year has been like a nightmare to those who cherish competent political leadership and miss the fair decision-making of former President Trump. The crucial line between government intervention and precious freedoms has been crossed far too often during the COVID pandemic. Citizens should resist any further erosion of their rights.

This was one April Fool’s joke that wasn’t funny. Put the joke teller out to pasture.

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James Bryson
James Bryson

Every minute this fraudulent regime, installed with the complicity of the GOP "non-leadership" remains seated is a blight on the American Experiment. Patriots across this country know this is an illegitimate, stolen election faux-government.

Everyday is April 1st for the Biden Puppet-Regime.

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