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The Right Resistance: No way Biden’s spin masters work around mandates, inflation and gaffes

Have you ever looked at a new poll’s findings and wondered, “How can it be?”

If you’re like me, chances are it’s happened a lot. During former President Donald Trump’s four years, for example, I couldn’t believe the public surveys that consistently showed that 51-60+ percent of Americans disapproved of the Republican’s job performance. Trump wasn’t perfect by any means and he often said and did things that most objective observers believed were counterproductive to his cause, but on balance, the first-time politician and 2016 election winner was a solid chief executive who, from a policy standpoint, was very effective and deserved reelection.

Trump never tried for a “Mr. Congeniality” award. He got along terribly with practically all Democrats and frequently criticized the leadership and some members of his own party. Yet still he kept his promises to the voters and accomplished things other “nice guys” couldn’t dream of ever doing.

The same polling phenomena occurred months back as Virginia surveys denoted a small but steady advantage for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Commonwealth’s off-year gubernatorial race. This time I couldn’t pass it off as people not knowing who McAuliffe was -- he was a former governor and decades-long Bill and Hillary Clinton shyster who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it walked up and kicked him in the keister -- but still, Virginians appeared primed to make it three Democrat governors in a row, no doubt to the detriment of every reasonable person living within our boundaries.

Then there’s current president senile Joe Biden, who most folks, at least if the polls are to be believed, think is doing an awful job. How can it not be, right?

One survey last week indicated Biden has 38 percent approval. “How can it be so high?” I wondered. Certainly, anyone who’s paid attention must recognize that the man is a walking (shuffling?) disaster who only gets worse by the day. We know that Biden’s always possessed an unequaled talent for making gaffes, but did anyone realize he would be this bad?

What citizen would tell a pollster that Biden was actually doing a good job? As with everything else in politics, senile Joe has his ardent backers. Some of them say the president isn’t doing enough in terms of selling his administration and his popularity would soar if he just said the right things.

In a piece titled, "Jobs, jabs, infrastructure, prosperity, peace: Why isn't Biden doing more to tout his wins?" Paul Brandus wrote at The USA Today:

“There’s no question that Biden, like any president, has problems. He has stumbled on immigration. It’s a tragic fact that the Afghanistan evacuation cost 13 American service members their lives. But it’s also true that more than 120,000 men, women and children were evacuated safely and flown to freedom. Not nearly enough has been said of the latter.

“Inflation is on the rise, blunting the increase in wages Americans have seen over the past year. Blame this on the global pandemic, which has gummed up the supply chain. These are global problems. But the way Republicans like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy talk, you'd think it’s all because of Biden. McCarthy hopes to ride his disinformation all the way to the speaker’s chair in a year. Unless the administration and its allies can blunt the California con-man’s narrative, he very well may.

“Jobs, jabs, prosperity and peace. That’s a good starting point for this president to better own the narrative that he is writing.”

Funny, isn’t it? After watching Biden throughout his entire political career (well, at least the portion that’s within memory, because he took office about the time I entered kindergarten), one logically surmises that senile Joe probably can’t read his narrative, much less write it. And if Joe did try taking pen and paper in hand, he’d plagiarize the prose from someone who could put two coherent thoughts together.

“Great intellect”, “Terrific orator”, “Inspiring leader” and “Articulate genius” have never been used to describe Joe Biden. So sorry, Mr. Brandus, Joe isn’t his own worst enemy. It’s not even the media either. Many journos and liberal cable TV news personalities regularly bend over backwards to put a positive spin on this man and his underlings. Need an example? What about the gushing praise for Transportation Secretary Pete “I’m gay and I’m proud” Buttigieg as he left his position to take maternity/paternity leave after he and hubby Chasten adopted twins?

The nation’s transportation system experienced more bottlenecks than a Pepsi plant at mid-shift, but if you’re a Democrat, who cares? Senile Joe and his gang say the supply issues are temporary, and who really needs that “delayed treadmill” by Christmas? (Thank you Jen Psaki for offering a “Let them eat cake” moment that explains the Biden administration better than you could ever do in a season’s worth of press conferences.)

From someone who could write, William Shakespeare, comes a blurb that may help Brandus (reminds you of “Brandon”, doesn’t it?) understand why Biden isn’t doing better in the polls:

"In faith, I do not love thee with mine eyes,

For they in thee a thousand errors note;

But 'tis my heart that loves what they despise,

Who in despite of view is pleased to dote...” William Shakespeare, Sonnett 141

It’s not a complete match, since observations match opinions in one’s heart when it comes to Joe Biden. He’s mighty “ugly” and people admit it.

Brandus cited the jobs that have been created under senile Joe’s watch, and it’s true, millions of positions have been filled and the unemployment rate is fairly low considering all that’s happened with COVID-19 and the blue state lockdowns that crashed businesses and restrained economic growth.

The problem isn’t so much unemployment as underemployment, as the workforce participation rate is very low and figures to travel even farther south as Biden’s absurd vaccine mandates take hold. The administration keeps preaching about how the “unvaccinated” must come around and “make the right choice” and submit to the government’s dictates because Biden and friends only want to protect people.

The truth is, there are millions of Americans who value their personal healthcare decisions more than they do their jobs. And there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s likely to happen? Large employers subject to the mandate -- big companies, school systems, police departments, airlines, etc. -- will experience extreme shortages of workers. Smaller entities with room to expand under the artificial line will receive an entire new pool of qualified applicants who already know how to do jobs and turn profits.

The military will suffer. If only a small percentage of soldiers, Marines and sailors accept dishonorable discharge instead of taking the jabs, it will still make a huge difference in preparedness and readiness to fight. The same goes for other crucial public safety units such as firefighters, EMT’s and hospital personnel. Not everyone is going to put up with the president’s dictatorial orders. Chaos will inevitably result.

There are other sizable problems for senile Joe, too. A report came out last week showing inflation at a 30-year high. Brandus wrote that Biden should be touting boosts in hourly wages, but the increased money folks earn is swamped by the higher prices they’re paying for everyday necessities like food and gasoline. Americans aren’t nearly as worried about the “treadmill” they can’t find at the store as they are the escalated numbers at the gas pump and supermarket.

“Let’s Go Brandon!”

Is Brandus correct, that Joe is simply not doing a good enough job explaining how high inflation benefits ordinary wage earners?

Then there’s the daily crisis at the southern border where millions of aliens are flowing across on an annual basis, barely hindered by an overworked and undersupplied border patrol. Border communities bear the brunt of this malevolent force. And hope is running out that the federal government under this president will ever do anything to help them.

Add on the trillions in welfare spending that Democrats have passed (the COVID “relief” bill and the bloated, wasteful infrastructure bill) and are hoping to push through in the coming weeks now that the ideological clog has been cleared in the Democrat Congress. It could be said that Senator Joe Manchin is the only one standing in the way of government spending that could crash the entire economy with inflation, worker shortages and COVID mandates.

On top of it all, Biden argued that the inane spending will serve to lower prices. Who did senile Joe learn his economics from, Barney the dinosaur? If two people want the same thing, and there’s only one item to buy, will the price go up or down?

Polls showing Joe Biden’s popularity sinking like a spent skipped rock in a pond most assuredly reflect the mood of the public, and there’s no way the current White House occupant can talk his way out of it. Good news is in short supply these days and Americans aren’t fools. People are counting the days until Biden will be voted out.

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