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The Right Resistance: Numerical age and the presidency, both Biden and Trump take note

It’s safe to say most of the 2024 presidential race buzz this week centered on last weekend’s New York Times front-page story stating in plain language that senile president Joe Biden is too old and feeble to run for reelection.

The news reverberated around liberal opinion outlets as though it were the voice of God echoing from the heavens, with many, many Democrats and leftists seemingly breathing a sigh of relief that FINALLY, someone or something of stature from their hemisphere spoke publicly about the old Delawarean doddering dunce who stumbles up Air Force One’s steps and can’t sit on a bike without falling over. They must’ve said, “Whew! Now we don’t have to toe the administration’s line and parrot the stupidity about Biden being a great and ‘with-it’ president who’s simply misunderstood by right-wing media and those dastardly Republicans who wouldn’t like senile Joe even if he gave them everything they asked for. Of course, they’re the ones who dismissed Barack Obama because he was black and won’t accept Kamala Harris because she’s a woman of color – and, a person who could’ve gotten pregnant!”

Hmmm. Something doesn’t smell right here. Joe Biden was sworn-in in January of last year, which means he hasn’t quite reached a year-and-a-half in office yet. As everyone realized, Biden was a visibly failing idiot of 77-years on Election Day, 2020, and turned 78 later that month. In other words, he’s only about 20 months older than he was when his name appeared on the ballot, and only a little over three years more senior than he was when the Democrat primary campaign began in earnest in June, 2019 (the first candidates’ debate was at the end of that month).

Are Democrats seriously suggesting that it only recently occurred to them that Biden’s age disqualifies him? Would they have said the same thing about the (even older) raving leftist lunatic Bernie Sanders if he were in the White House instead of Joe Biden today? In the process, are they basically implying that every human being above the age of say, 75, is too old for the responsibility? Or is it just Joe Biden and his own set of personal snafus that they object to?

For what it’s worth, former President Donald Trump doesn’t think Joe Biden is too old, and said so in reaction to the less-than-shocking New York Times piece.

“Former President Donald Trump dismissed criticism about President Joe Biden's age, saying concerns about his acuity ‘ha[ve] little to do with his age.’ The 76-year-old former president argued there are ‘many people in their 80s, and even 90s,’ who are ‘sharp’ but that Biden is not one of them, adding that ‘life begins at 80!’

“’President Biden is one of the oldest 79s in History, but by and of itself, he is not an old man. There are many people in their 80s, and even 90s, that are as good and sharp as ever. Biden is not one of them, but it has little to do with his age. In actuality, life begins at 80!’ Trump wrote on Truth Social Monday.

“Trump's comments follow a new poll by the New York Times/Siena College showing that 64% of Democratic voters would prefer someone else to head the ticket in the 2024 presidential election.”

Yes, and the same survey showed 77 percent of respondents indicated the country is on the wrong track. Other polls have the wrong track number as matching Biden’s age (79)—or higher. In golf, if you can “shoot your age” it’s considered a great testament to your skill and physical durability. Not so much in politics, where if you’re a seasoned citizen president and the wrong track figures match your temporal time on earth, you’re probably destined for the legacy trash heap.

Lots of stuff at play here. First, the figures cited in the last paragraph and the feelings recently expressed by a legion of worried Democrats are nothing new. For months, voters have told pollsters that they didn’t want Biden to run again. I don’t recall the stats from the beginning of his tenure, but I’m guessing there were already a statistically significant group of Democrats who didn’t want him to run for reelection before he even took his oath of office.

They deemed him a one-term president from the beginning.

How do we know? Remember back to three years ago when Kamala Harris had her “That little girl was me” moment in the first Democrat candidates’ debate where she looked directly at Biden (two lecterns away) and essentially called him out on his mumbo-jumbo fantasy claims of being a great non-racist civil rights leader who would peel off his pale skin and make himself pigmented if he could do life all over again.

At that time, and much, much earlier even, Democrats appreciated that Joe Biden wasn’t a perfect candidate, and maybe not even a good one. The fact is, Joe was the perceived centrist establishment aspirant pitted against the insurgent campaign of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren and other Democrat kooks such as billionaire Tom Steyer. It was common knowledge that Biden was a doofus, but his resume would look great to the suckers (a.k.a. mainstream Democrat voters) and hence, he was the ideal frontrunner.

Also recall that Biden had just sown-up the Democrat nomination with a remarkable three or four week turnaround in the early primary states when the COVID hysteria reached its full ebb, which all-but mandated that the geriatric old fart be put on semi-permanent quarantine until someone they trusted deemed it was safe to emerge from hiding like Glinda the good witch told the munchkins after Dorothy’s house fell on the wicked witch of the east in the Wizard of Oz.

“Come out, come out wherever you are, Joe!” … I’d add, “Dr. Jill won’t melt if it rains!

With Donald Trump in office at the time, the knowledge provided Democrats the ultimate justification for ignoring the Republican president’s calls for citizens to emerge from the government-mandated isolation period and start living life again. Liberals claimed Trump was only doing so to save his own political skin, not to “keep people safe” and heed the dictates of science and the federal medical minds. The president was doing public appearances everyday as usual and even took the lead during the administration’s two-hour press updates, but Democrats swore he was merely showboating.

So Biden camped out in his basement throughout the summer and only lightly campaigned in the fall, speaking to parking lots full of cars with cowardly conformist honking supporters tooting their car horns whenever he blubbered something that they supposedly liked.

Didn’t Democrats think Biden was too old and delicate back then, too? It certainly looked like it. I’m not sure if Biden still dons a mask, but if he does, it only makes him look fearful – and elderly.

But is Trump correct, that life actually begins at 80? I personally know many folks in their eighties who would seem to corroborate Trump’s observation. They’re active and sharp and not at all ready to turn themselves in to a full-time care facility. But most of them would also admit they can’t work like they did twenty or thirty years ago. The aches and pains alone would prevent them from running onto a baseball diamond or playing golf from the back sets of tees.

It's almost like they’re moving forward in the proverbial golf game of life… still able to get the ball in the hole but willing to accept a higher handicap to enjoy better scores. I’m told that near the end of the legendary Sam Snead’s life that he too, played from the forward tees. Why not?

Mentally speaking, these octogenarians have sharp memories but don’t see or hear quite as well, are more forgetful and wouldn’t dream of going to a late movie or symphony concert. That’s life.

Donald Trump would look to be an exception to what I’ve observed. He turned 76 a month ago, and when he shows up on TV to do one of his rallies, there are no obvious signs that he’s aged a day since he rode down the Trump Tower escalator seven years ago. His observations are just as barbed, his dislike for the media burns just as bright and his desire to Make America Great Again seems just as genuine as it was back then.

Yet also think back to the days and weeks after the 2020 election when the vote counts (legitimate or not) were going against Trump and his fits of temper become more frequent. These are symptoms of a very tired, angry person – but also signs that there were moments where Trump wasn’t the man who didn’t need sleep or a vacation. He needed both, badly.

We wouldn’t really expect Trump to join the “Biden’s too old” chorus because then he’d only be disqualifying himself from running again, since he’s only three-and-a-half years younger than senile Joe, even if the New Yorker seems much, much sharper and more youthful than the current president. Trump’s doctors have consistently cited his “good genes” in explaining why The Donald is able to maintain his impossible schedule, even at his age.

Still, not even Trump himself can sidestep the age issue forever. It has to be concerning to him that Biden’s critics are becoming much more brazen in their over-the-top insults about the president’s senior status. These ambitious commentators would be stating the same or similar arguments if and when it’s Trump’s second turn in the seat behind the Resolute desk.

Democrats aren’t being truthful if they’re all-of-a-sudden noticing Joe Biden’s age and suggesting that it’s a problem, or simply that he’s “slipped” since he took office. The crooked politician in the White House is basically the same one that began his presidential campaign three years ago. Both Biden and Donald Trump aren’t getting any younger, and their age problem won’t go away, either.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jul 18, 2022

It's time for the Biden crime family to confess their abuse of power, for self enrichment, prior to all the investigations that will start after the mid terms. Resign now, admit your crime, against the American tax payers, returns any ill gotten gains, stop your family from being dragged through the mud you created for yourself, and family. You will be impeached, Hunter will be jailed, your family will suffer those loss of assets.Your have too much ill for this not to happen, Your appointed friends in office will no longer be in power, leaving you no suppot.


I have to agree with Trump. This discussion of age misses the point. Mental competence is the thing that matters. Joe doesn't have it, Donald does.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jul 15, 2022

Joe Biden President, loves this Country so much he does not want to see his fellow Americans hurting over high gasoline cost, high energy cost, shortages, have decided to take the risk of our Nations National Security and use our National Reserve oil to lower gas prices at the pump. Mr President, Hunter is on the line, say what, will have to ship that oil to China instead, what about your promise to the American people. The world would like an answer to that question

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