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The Right Resistance: R’s and D’s share something in common: they’re both in deep trouble

Would you rather be in the Democrats’ or Republicans’ shoes right now?

I know, I know. “Neither” you say. There’s a smart mouth in every crowd, isn’t there? But the question begs an answer, because if you’ve been following the news recently, neither party seems like it’s in very good shape. To begin with, establishment news outlets are gleeful over the apparent struggle among House Republicans to agree on a budget strategy going forward, with Speaker Kevin McCarthy predictably having difficulty wrangling between his various factions (mostly because he’s not a true conservative and doesn’t appear to have much backbone).

The GOP’s presidential horserace has slowed to a slow trot for everyone but the frontrunner, a former president who’s being hunted down by the full force of the federal government’s department of in-justice and has had everything, including the proverbial “book”, thrown at him in an attempt to ensure he’s unable to complete his quest to retake the White House after next year’s elections.

Further, Republicans are fighting among themselves over two of the most salient issues of our time, abortion and the war in Ukraine. On the first subject, it can be fairly stated that most Republicans are pro-life, and nearly every party member can agree that government policy should be steered towards saving as many unborn babies as possible. Yet discussion about how to go about achieving the end goal stirs anger and controversy, as one side argues for pushing hard for a federal 15-week ban and the other pleads “No, no, NO!” it’s not politically feasible to do so! If abortion “bans” are part of the 2024 conversation, 2024 will be worse for Republican candidates than 2022 was!

The far and away presidential primary race leader leans heavily towards the pragmatic side and advocates for placing the onus on Democrats to name a point in pregnancy that they’d support a cutoff. For what it looks like, Democrat politicians support the “right” to extinguish the child up until the moment of actual birth – and in some cases, beyond, as babies born alive can be denied medical care (which is the sickest thing imaginable).

Similarly, Republicans are deeply divided on what to do about sending additional U.S. funds and military assistance to Ukraine, with the “pro” faction arguing that American leadership requires it, and if not, then Vladimir Putin will see it as weakness and take off after European NATO allies whenever he sees the opportunity. The “no” believers argue that we should be more concerned with sealing our own border and devoting the resources in favor of U.S. border patrol and also replenishing the military stores to be able to resist other flare-ups in other parts of the world.

Again, the polling frontrunner joins most grassroots conservatives by siding with the “America First” contingent while also suggesting he could get the warring sides to come together and end the fighting “in one day”. Here’s guessing that’s Trump-ian hyperbole or exaggeration, but there’s little doubt Donald Trump wouldn’t go along with the DC War Party establishment in getting behind dumping more money into the fire without an ending in sight.

There’s also the issue of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s health after the longtime establishment leader mysteriously froze up a couple times recently. McConnell won’t say whether he intends to run for reelection again, but he also insists he has no plans to step aside despite loud calls for him to cede the leadership position to someone younger and in better shape.

Republicans also face somewhat of a unity problem in terms of the presidential race. Whereas the long cycle is supposed to bring conservatives together to eventually consolidate around one candidate, there are few signs that’s going to happen this year. Trump does seem to be steadily gaining support in polls, but the anti-Trump forces don’t appear to be abandoning the fight to nominate someone else, nor are they more accepting of the “Trump really can win” argument despite opinion surveys suggesting he’s got a solid shot.

I guess that’s why “Never Trump” means “Never”. But what is the alternative?

Democrats have their own problems to try and solve. First and foremost is the plethora of challenges surrounding their party’s chances of being reelected to the White House. Senile Joe Biden is no Barack Obama. The 44th president could lie and schmooze his way out of practically any problem, but his vice president doesn’t possess the same political skill set.

Senile Joe and his party followers are constantly peppered with inquiries about his age (80-years-old) and declining cognitive ability as well as his physical wellbeing and potential to serve out another term. Whenever he’s asked for his thoughts, Biden either ignores the overtures, laughs, or says something stupid like, “Look at my record”. Deflections is what the man does best.

But senile Joe won’t be able to escape from it forever; it’s not like it’s possible he’s going to get better, is it?

Meanwhile, Biden’s vice president generates almost as much worry-type discussion as he does, primarily because she’s not popular, is probably more incompetent (and dumber) than he is, and raises a serious dilemma as to who should lead the party after senile Joe ultimately fails for the final time.

In a piece titled “The specter of a Kamala Harris presidency roils the 2024 race for the White House”, Seth McLaughlin reported at The Washington Times recently:

“Forget about President Biden. Nikki Haley is warning voters that the 2024 election is about making sure his sidekick Kamala Harris does not slip through a back door to the presidency.

“Ms. Haley, a Republican presidential candidate, has been sounding the alarm on the stump, social media and television, saying Mr. Biden, 80, will not last a second four-year term and is poised to hand over the Oval Office keys to Ms. Harris. ‘I am not running against Joe Biden; I am running against Kamala Harris,’ Ms. Haley said recently on Fox News. ‘The idea we are going to have a president Kamala Harris is unthinkable.’

“Ms. Haley is rolling into a broader argument that she is the more electable Republican in a general election matchup than former President Donald Trump, whom she called ‘the most disliked politician in America.’ According to her reasoning, a vote for Mr. Biden or Mr. Trump is a vote for Ms. Harris.”

Haley is right on about Harris, and the former U.N. Ambassador (under Trump) turned also-ran Republican presidential candidate isn’t even one of the Democrats’ biggest conundrums. Lots and lots of people are saying similar things about Harris, and Joe Biden’s embattled running mate has become a major topic of contention in the troubled liberal party.

How do you solve a problem like Kamala?

And, if you’re a Democrat, how do you get around scumbag presidential son Hunter Biden and the corrupt Biden family “business” inspired impeachment inquiry? Everyone figures that Biden won’t be removed through the impeachment process – partisan-to-the-core “Chucky” Schumer is in charge of the endgame and the nasally New Yorker wouldn’t want Harris as president, either. So, Biden could be charged with treason (which he might realistically be, anyway) and Schumer wouldn’t permit any of his Democrats to go along with it. Except maybe for West Virginian Joe Manchin.

Hunter is the gift (to Republicans) that just keeps giving as his lack of accountability, moral scruples, remorse or public relations ability will certainly lead to much bigger and scarier (to Democrats) revelations. Hunter can run but he can’t hide forever. And all paths lead to the “Big Guy” being felled by his drug-addict son who wasn’t even with it enough to pick up the laptop containing much of the sleazy evidence.

Democrats also have to worry about retaining some semblance of a 50-50 split in the senate to try and maintain power, since liberals are defending an awful lot of seats and some incumbents, such as Manchin and Jon Tester in Montana, look to be on shaky re-electoral ground in a presidential election year. Plus, if Republicans do win the presidency, Democrats will need a real majority to keep Schumer in his place rather than rely on an air-brain like Kamala to break ties.

As if this weren’t enough, Democrats (Schumer) bowed to semi-braindead Senator John Fetterman’s demands to keep dressing like a slob while on the job, rejecting tradition and respect and decency to accede to the fashion preferences of one man. John Fetterman will soon be one of the faces (and bodies) of the Democrat party, and maybe, just maybe, voters will start paying closer attention to what Democrats are really about instead of knee-jerk voting for their leaders’ scare tactics and outright lies.

As they did in 2022, Democrats will try leaning on the abortion issue to save them by bringing out large percentages of liberal young and single women to vote their lack-of-consciences to perpetuate Democrat rule. Can Republicans get their message down right? If so, 2024 could be a very different ballgame for the evil party.

Lastly (there are more but you have to stop somewhere), Democrats are plagued with a sorry “bench” of leaders and candidates behind the current old guard. Nancy Pelosi stepped down from leadership, but her face is still all over the establishment media – and she’s said she’s running for reelection. Could San Fran Nan be aiming to be Speaker again if the D’s retake the House?

No “bench” equals no future. You heard it here.

It goes without stating that both Republicans and Democrats are saddled with big and perplexing problems, from which there aren’t any magic answers. Republicans need to decide if they’re MAGA or still wedded to the stodgy (and disgraced) Washington establishment. Democrats must choose between backing an old and incompetent idiot or trying to fool ‘em (Americans) some other way. Which side is worse off? You decide.

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Well stated. I suspect that Kamala isn't really as unpopular as she seems. I'm betting that a lot of criticism that would otherwise be directed at Biden is being diverted to Harris because Biden is to be protected at all costs. The Democrats would actually be ok with Harris as president because she, like Biden, would continue to be controlled by Obama and Soros, the real powers that be.

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