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The Right Resistance: Senile Joe Biden believes dead babies equal the key to victory in 2024

For months/years, America’s political pundits have weighed-in on the topic of president senile Joe Biden’s thought process in deciding whether or not to run for reelection.

Joe’s advanced age and deteriorating mental condition were often stated as reasons why he held off on announcing his intentions. Beyond the obvious phoniness over “accomplishments”, what would Biden choose to emphasize if he did give it another go? Survey after survey indicates that Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, so it’s not as though senile Joe would focus on the future of the nation in his pitch.

So what to do, then? Unfortunately for America, Democrats appear to have settled on their 2024 primary issue emphasis. And not so surprisingly, it involves the snuffing out of human beings in the womb. In a piece titled “'An Anvil Tied Around Their Waist’: Biden To ‘Lean Into’ Abortion”, Philip Wegmann reported at Real Clear Politics:

“…The Biden campaign believes that by uniting around [the abortion is healthcare] message, and attacking the GOP as extremists on abortion, they can keep a Republican out of the White House in 2024 just like they held off a predicted ‘red wave’ in 2022. A campaign spokesman told RealClearPolitics that abortion access will be ‘a huge tenet’ of the reelection strategy and that, on this question, Vice President Kamala Harris will serve as ‘the leading voice.’...

“Biden and his team are confident they have the right personnel and policy in place to win the abortion argument in a general election, regardless of who Republicans nominate, according to a senior Democratic aide familiar with the campaign’s plans but who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss details on the record.

“’They all have this political anvil tied around their waist, and we can talk credibly about the issue and how extreme Republicans are no matter who their nominee is, even if that’s not Trump,’ the aide told RCP in reference to the GOP field led by the former president.”

Yeah, and Democrats figure the national electorate will be so distracted from the country’s foundational implosion that they’ll turn out to vote for abortion lover Biden, right? Hoodlums and anarchists run rampant in the streets and our enemies laugh at us overseas, but abortion sure is vital, isn’t it? Maybe on college campuses it is. Will senile Joe still receive communion after delivering a pro-abortion pitch?

Why sugarcoat it – what Biden and fellow party members are contemplating is evil. How else would you describe a man who plans to use the future deaths of millions of human lives to bolster his campaign for political office? Talk about ghoulish. Senile Joe could be seen as one of the biggest mass killers in history, no firing squads or gas chambers needed.

And Kamala Harris? The number of children she’s birthed is zero (she does have a couple of adopted kids through marriage to “kissing bandit” Doug Emhoff, however), so why would she qualify as the lead spokesperson for the campaign? Harris isn’t suitable to speak on any subject – except maybe for legalized drugs – much less on motherhood… or moral values. Harris is, however, a good figurehead for radical feminism, so the connection works – she’s the perfect one to speak to the old, barren and bitter leftist Democrat hag base.

Seeing as senile Joe intends to lean so heavily on abortion as the centerpiece of his “reelect me” pitch this year and next, how exactly would the vertically challenged idiot guarantee the abortion-hungry (excuse the gross imagery) segment of the Democrat electorate that he’d make good on his evil vows? It’s not as simple as Biden waving his gnarled 82-year-old (the age he’d be at the beginning of his second term) hand and instantly every woman or “birthing human”/transgender male, everywhere, would suddenly be given license to suck the literal life force from her womb.

Senile Joe might accomplish it through stepped-up regulations, such as requiring any health provider that accepts federal funding (right down to federally subsidized student loans to go to med school) to sign, as a condition to get the dough, a pledge to offer his or her services to women seeking abortions. This would include allowing for “morning after-type” abortifacients through the mail, Amazon delivery, or even your garden variety corner drug dealer!

It would also serve to all-but eliminate pro-life conservatives from the medical profession, since no lover of unborn babies would ever sign such papers. Senile Joe could therefore “kill” two babies with one executive order!

More than any other administration in history, senile Joe’s people have demonstrated a remarkable proclivity for bypassing Congress and the legislative process to impose “woke” leftist policies on the poor, unsuspecting American people. Did 2020’s Biden voters really contemplate that this stuff would happen, or did they base their political choice on how mean Donald Trump was?

It's a sad fact that many voters (almost exclusively Democrats) base their preferences on whether a candidate is a nice guy (or gal) and are suckered in by campaign promises and platitudes to “restore the soul of the nation after Charlottesville”, or some other bull-crap that liberal politicians spout. The end result of poor voting choices is… in this example, dead babies.

But one would also surmise that if Biden intends to exclusively dictate abortion policy via the bureaucracy, he would have done it already during his first term. So why would electing senile Joe in 2024 bring better regulatory action for abortion lovers in the future? It wouldn’t, but the idea still sounds great on a campaign ad, doesn’t it?

A second way senile Joe could assure the left that there’d be more abortions if he were reelected president would be to pledge to impose a “litmus test” for any potential Supreme Court vacancies that would come up during his second go ‘round. Liberals hate litmus tests for originalist jurists who vow to base rulings on the text of applicable statutes, but they love them for their own appointees based on “judicial ‘independence”.

Biden could start each conversation with, “If you don’t support abortion on demand, you can get your hiney out of my office right now! Thumbs down! I promised ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’ (chanting starts at 3:00) to ‘The View’ audience and by gosh by golly, I’m a’ gonna deliver it!”

Why do you think the left’s tried so hard recently to get Justice Clarence Thomas to resign or impeach him? Democrats crave the chance to place another abortionist – I mean “living Constitutional-ist” – on the Court to attempt to even the current lopsided pro-life majority. But it would take years to get enough conservatives to step down, and there’s little urgency in the Congress to expand the number of seats on the High Court with Republicans in charge of the House.

Not only that, but the current federalism-honoring majority would likely strike down any regulations that Biden would enact that run contrary to the Dobbs decision. So it’s a loser for leftists either way! Therefore, Biden’s promises to appoint pro-death justices wouldn’t mean much in reality.

A final means Biden could employ in a possible second term to make abortion great again would be to hit the campaign road after winning his second term and, using his immense popularity, argue for electing Democrats so that a veto-proof Congress could pass a federal law assuring a right-to-an-abortion up until – and slightly after! – the moment of birth. That would mean practically disenfranchising the entirety of the interior of America, but who cares?

It would be just like California all over the place!

Liberal judges could allow for gerrymandering the vast majority of congressional districts inside urban center boundaries, and there would be nary a Republican left in the House on Capitol Hill! The leftist Democrat majority could make it illegal to speak out on abortion, and then senile Joe could order the deep state intelligence and law enforcement agencies to jail every dissenter, adding extra charges if the accused happened to be religious.

In other words, senile Joe’s and cackling Kamala’s 2024 campaign promises to safeguard and expand abortion are basically empty. The nation’s premier power duo has already done their darndest to make abortion the center of their flimsy campaign, but saying they’re going to do something isn’t the same as doing it.

And pushing for a national codification of Roe v. Wade doesn’t have a chance as long as the filibuster remains an option in the senate – and Republicans hold the House, as they’re almost assured to do in 2024. The lag in time allows GOP candidates to develop more persuasive arguments on the facts surrounding abortion, and sooner or later the public’s opinion will evolve. Democrats don’t want any limits on abortions, which is very radical, indeed.

No one claims that Republicans have done a good job in advocating for the pro-life cause, but at some point, Democrats will have to do something other than prey on the worries of single women and other malcontents to stir up votes. If most people realized how putrid the Democrats position on abortion is, they’d reject them. It’s up to Republicans to get the message across.

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