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The Right Resistance: Simple facts refute liberal claims that senile Joe Biden is a brilliant man

How smart is Joe Biden?

Last week I rhetorically asked, “How dumb is Joe Biden?” seeking reader input on why the American president would be so thickheaded as to deliver a hateful, divisive speech stationed in front of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, afterwards maintaining that he didn’t actually consider Donald Trump supporters to be “dangerous” and that he was simply pointing out so-called “MAGA Republicans” are a threat to “democracy” for the benefit of clarity. Or something like that.

Biden’s obtuse-ness is nothing new, since practically all Democrats go overboard in their whining and fearmongering. I surmised from the outset that the speech would eventually boomerang on America’s least favorite doddering dolt, but apparently some in his own party aren’t viewing his recent performances the same way.

To Democrats, senile Joe Biden has rebounded to the extent they’re even defending… his intellect. Are they serious? In a piece titled “The People Who Said Biden Isn’t Smart Are Looking a Bit Dumb”, John F. Harris wrote at Politico Magazine last week:

“In the opening phase of his presidency, Biden often seemed to be acting without any credible strategic design — the opposite of smart. To the extent he had a theory of the case, it amounted to, We will swiftly pass a bunch of big stuff and people will like it and the Trump era will quickly fade away. All three assumptions proved wobbly...

“[T]here are five strategic insights that were missing from his early presidency on clear display in his recent revival: 1. Biden stopped being so intimidated by the ideological divisions of his party…

2. Divide the opposition — by at least feigning respect…

3. Don’t just call out extremism — harness it…

4. Don’t be the negotiator in chief…

5. The competency campaign must be waged every day. …

“… Will much of his momentum dissipate if Republicans succeed in taking back both chambers of Congress in two months? Undoubtedly. Is it a mystery why it took an uncommonly experienced White House staff — filled with veterans of the last two Democratic administrations — so long to organize around a strategy? Emphatically. For the moment, however, Biden is looking smarter than many of the people who said he wasn’t smart enough for the job.”

That category includes a lot of Democrats, too. Smart? Joe Biden? You must be joking. Any resurgence Biden has experienced lately (it’s not much, really) is due to Americans being distracted by the establishment media’s fixation on Donald Trump and the stupid back-and-forth over classified documents, along with the citizenry’s general acceptance that the U.S. government is corrupt and mostly unwilling to do anything about our true vexing problems.

Joe Biden the divider. At least all that “unity” crapola has gone by the wayside. I haven’t heard much about it lately.

But does the president really have cerebral staying power now? Question: If media liberals like Harris are suddenly so fond of and great admirers of Joe Biden’s political skills and smarts, are they ready to reverse the “dump Joe Biden” movement that started months ago? Will they believe and trust senile Joe when he insists that he’s running again in 2024 and he is the only one who can defeat the previous president if the New York outsider attempts, as expected, to launch a comeback? This notion is absurd, but I guess liberals like Harris have to work somewhere. The truth is, any debate on Joe Biden’s mental acuity should logically be paired with a citizen-to-citizen exchange over the indisputable facts of what’s transpired under Barack Obama’s errand boy’s administration. There are so many numbers to choose from, but let’s begin with: One-million (plus). It’s the number of American deaths linked to COVID-19. Joe Biden campaigned in 2020 on stamping out the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus and his superior ability to manage the government’s response to it. Biden and cohorts have bungled the matter beyond recognition. They don’t know what they’re doing, but still they pontificate and demagogue about “science”, and then blame Donald Trump for the big mess. What’s smart about this?

Two-million. It’s the estimated total of non-citizens crossing the southern border during Joe Biden’s first year (two-million plus for his second year, too, which hasn’t been completed yet). Not included in this quantity is the figure on “got-aways”, the aliens who eluded detection and are presumably now residing somewhere within the confines (borders?) of the United States. “Got aways” are estimated to be as high as one million (the estimate is arrived at based on surveillance cameras and other evidence of their initial presence).

This is no trivial consideration due to the already overcrowded American cities and the overtaxed welfare system found within them. If a high percentage of the illegal newcomers are school aged, how is this impacting education? We hear all the time about school resources being exhausted and stretched to the maximum as well as shortages of everything, including teachers – so what gives?

Democrat governors and mayors blame Republicans for the problems associated with unchecked illegal immigration, which of course includes steep increases in crime and drug overdoses. Are such things closely linked to the flood of illegal immigrants? Is the Grand Canyon deep? Do bears defecate in the woods? Do bees like flowers? One-hundred thousand (plus). Closely tied to the flow of illegal aliens over the porous southern border is the growing number of overdose (or more accurately, poisonings) deaths from the illegal drugs that come along with (some of) them.

How high does the number have to be to get your attention? Senile Joe may be really smart according to some willfully blind and biased folks, but is he completely uncaring or merely ignorant of what’s going on with the wave of death in the U.S.?

Let’s put this 100K figure in perspective for the common sense challenged chief executive. Here’s guessing that nearly all of these deaths are young souls still in their so-called industrious, working years. The dead won’t be working, paying taxes or procreating to produce the next generation of productive taxpayers. This isn’t even counting the vast amount of government assistance (in the form of subsidies, schooling, healthcare, infrastructure, etc.) that these individuals received in life and are no longer able to “pay back” society for the boost.

It's a waste of life. Any young-ish person who mistakenly buys fentanyl from a dealer believing it was a Percocet and then died equates to thousands or millions of dollars of never-to-be-tapped potential. Plus, it’s really sad. Imagine Michigan’s “The Big House” football stadium filled to capacity – 107,601 – and that’s the number of unfortunate individuals who will perish this year alone from unintended overdoses. Sealing the U.S./Mexico border would cut off much of the drug smuggling and therefore save tens of thousands of lives. Doesn’t senile Joe want more taxpayers? If Biden is such a super brain, perhaps he should do something about this.

50 percent. This is the figure for how short of recruiting goals that the U.S. military is falling under senile president Joe Biden. Early on in his presidency, the new White House dweller vowed to stamp out all semblances of “white supremacy” from the military and instituted any number of oppressive weed-out measures to do so.

This on top of the overtly stupid COVID vaccine mandates that Biden’s people have kept in place that are keeping young people away from the recruiting office. What red-blooded, flag-loving patriotic American would volunteer to serve in the “woke” Joe Biden armed forces these days? The current ruling regime is more interested in indoctrination and brainwashing than it is in killing enemies and blowing stuff up.

This dramatic drop in recruiting is directly traceable to Joe Biden and his cabinet appointees. Personnel equals policy, correct? Americans of all races, religions and cultural backgrounds used to see the military as a place to train to become one united fighting force– not separate groups, but all together in one mission to protect the United States. No longer. Inflation annual rate of 8.5 percent. This can’t entirely be attributable to senile Joe Biden himself, but to his thought process and governing philosophy – and open advocacy for it – that resulted in Democrat congressional leaders proposing and passing trillions in new spending. The overindulgence turned into too much money chasing too few goods (in large part because of supply chain problems exacerbated by Biden’s own policies), and hence, higher prices and inflation.

Smart guy Joe Biden’s solution to runaway inflation has always been to pressure Congress to pass more “relief” legislation, like pouring fuel on a fire. If that isn’t stupid, I don’t know what qualifies. Further, FED Chairman Jerome Powell recently said that he’s committed to higher interest rates for as long as it takes to get inflation under control.

Good luck getting credit, people! The recession is already here, but won’t this just make it worse? Unlimited number. American cities whose crime rates have skyrocketed in the years after the nationwide leftist riots combined with police hesitating to arrest criminals for fear of being wrongly accused of abuse. And prosecutors who release felons to commit more mayhem and murder. Republicans should be pounding the public safety issue in their campaigns. Now that is smart. Eight. The number of weeks left until Election Day. Democrats hope like heck America’s low-information half-wits will remain motivated enough to participate and that the voting public will ignore the above numbers in the previous paragraphs. You’d have to be blind to not notice how awful things have gotten in this country under Joe Biden’s “leadership”. For all I know, Joe Biden could be a Rhodes Scholar, but his policies have been a disaster for America. No doubt there are many Americans wondering on a daily basis how smart Joe Biden really is and there’s no obvious answer. There’s the Joe Biden who appears on TV screens stumbling through speeches, shaking hands with phantom friends and falling up the stairs to Air Force One. And then there’s the Joe Biden who is a construct of the way liberal establishment media members choose to describe him. To this group, senile Joe is a genius.

How sharp is Joe Biden? That’s for you to ponder.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Sep 17, 2022


Hope Funk
Hope Funk
Sep 15, 2022

Joe Biden is a ham sandwich. Underwhelming and mediocre


Any resurgence Biden has experienced lately (it’s not much, really) is due to Americans being distracted by the establishment media’s fixation on Donald Trump and the stupid back-and-forth over classified documents, along with the citizenry’s general acceptance that the U.S. government is corrupt and mostly unwilling to do anything about our true vexing problems.

Not to mention the untimely death of Queen Elizabeth that has sucked all the air out of every other subject. However, in time that will fade from the front pages also. We could dismiss Go Brandon's lack of intelligence if it wasn't for the fact that his "think tank" consists of all those communist Obama holdovers. He does what they tell him to do. I…


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Sep 14, 2022

Democrats throw big party as maket drops and food cost keeps going up WTF is wrong with Biden/Pelosi. This guy refuses to take any mental test can you see why? Tumble Tuesday: stock markets plummet, cost of food sees greatest jump since 1979 stock drops 1200 points.

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