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The Right Resistance: Traveling salesman Joe Biden hitting the road to peddle more lies and junk

They won’t be answering any questions.

Shockingly, I’m not referring to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray and the invisible protective barrier the two men erected around federal law enforcement these days, with both having retreated to positions of -- “I told you, you impertinent schlep, that I can’t comment on ongoing investigations. And I can’t comment on personnel matters within my department or my agency either, so don’t even ask again, because I’ll just rerun this tape-recorded public service announcement in my head for the millionth time” – every occasion they’re asked to account for something.

It's safe to say Americans are fed up, not only with the healthy number of lies and fabrications emanating from those at the top of the federal decision-making food chain (i.e., the broken-down dolt in the White House and his spokespeople who never seem to know anything), but also with the underlings in government (like the two aforementioned lawmen) who are theoretically supposed to be working for us, the American taxpayer.

It's already been over a week since Garland took to the justice department microphone purportedly to clear up what happened several nights previous at Donald Trump’s house (Mar-a-Lago) and all we’ve heard since are scattered establishment media reports allegedly gathered from “sources familiar with the investigation” -- translation: leaks -- and nothing from those who are giving the orders and holding the ropes hoping and waiting for something to turn up in those confiscated boxes that will make the former president look like a law-breaking cad.

Or, as the 45th president implied, they’d “plant” incriminating documents. Think they wouldn’t do it?

Americans have also received precious little information on the fate of the multitude of January 6 captives, many of whom have been held pending trials since shortly after they were arrested over a year and a half ago. Hearing Garland spout nonsense and lies about the professionalism and impartiality of his employees was laughable and nauseating. The hired thugs rummaged through Melania Trump’s undergarments searching for nuclear secrets, for gosh sakes.

We all know that every ounce of credibility that federal investigatory and enforcement possessed evaporated once Donald Trump started making headway in the 2016 GOP primary race, and all those Washington establishment deep state compromised souls heard were more cries of “LOCK HER UP” (meaning Crooked Hillary Clinton, of course) to understand that a Trump-led government would spell doom to business as usual in Washington.

And they didn’t like it. So, the Clintons invented “Russia, Russia, Russia” and the career civil servants and appointed leadership went along with it. They’ve never answered questions. How many times did James Comey claim he didn’t remember? Well over 200?

So much we don’t know, and the sad part is that we don’t know what we don’t know. And they won’t tell us. Ever. Conservatives can only hope newly vested Republicans will get to the bottom of many of these mysteries if/when they take power in Congress after this year’s midterm elections.

Meanwhile, there’s another large group of top government officials who won’t be answering questions, either, and this time most of them are familiar faces. News emerged earlier this week that senile president Joe Biden’s handlers are planning to launch him on a nationwide tour to promote the glaring successes of his administration in their grand scheme to rebrand what must be considered one of the worst presidencies of all time.

Brace yourself for some higher temperatures, folks, because there’s lots of hot air coming your way, the vast majority of which eminating from senile Joe the “traveling salesman” himself. Naomi Lim reported at The Washington Examiner:

“Biden will sign the so-called Inflation Reduction Act into law this week, with a celebration on Sept. 6, before he and his emissaries move nationwide to promote the climate and energy spending bill, as well as his other accomplishments, according to an internal White House memo shared with reporters on Monday.

"’Other upcoming events will illustrate how President Biden worked to get things done, including passing a historic gun safety law and making smart investments to keep our competitive edge and rebuild American manufacturing through the CHIPS and Science Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,’ White House deputy chief of staff Jen O'Malley Dillon and special adviser Anita Dunn wrote in the memo…

“In addition to Vice President Kamala Harris, Cabinet members will travel to 23 states as part of 35 trips, according to O'Malley Dillon and Dunn. In coordination with congressional Democrats and outside allies, they wrote that they intend to amplify in-person events with a new climate-specific website, on top of a social media strategy driven by explainer and influencer content. The idea is not only to underscore Democrats' achievements but also draw contrasts between the party and Republicans.”

Republicans should welcome such contrasts, because this fall, when the leaves have turned color and/or fallen off the trees, snow has already arrived in much of the U.S. and voters head to the polls to determine the future of Congress (and the country), all while continuing to suffer through an economy most likely in recession, gas and food prices still much higher than they’ve ever been and the prospect of a long winter chock full of hugely elevated heating bills, they’ll be reminded of who created this mess.

The “traveling salesman” and his crew of robotic talking point repeaters, that’s who.

Let the Democrats blow their horns about subsidies for “climate change” and more federal money to poison the economy with the inflation disease and debt. Interest rates will continue to rise, first-time homebuyers will be priced out of the market and many, many young low-information voters (a.k.a. the Democrats’ main bloc) will confront the pain of lower wages vis-à-vis prices, there will be no one to blame except senile Joe and his idiot band of intellectual lightweights, race hustlers and climate shills.

In all of this, let’s not forget that Republicans share responsibility for this “traveling salesman” tour because they created the conditions whereby Majority Leader “Chucky” Schumer and West Virginia senator Joe Manchin could forge an agreement to pass a good chunk of senile Joe’s original wish-list. Granted they trashed Biden’s “Build Back (More) Better” moniker for the largesse, but there’s little doubt that what was signed into law this week was the type of thing Democrats had been yearning for all along.

Establishment Republican leaders thought they were being too clever by half in allowing a large enough portion of their caucus to vote “yes” – and thus bypass a filibuster -- for false flags like “infrastructure” and “CHIPS”, thereby paving the way for the much larger and blatantly wasteful Democrat reconciliation bill to move through with only Democrat votes. Mitch McConnell fell for the “bipartisan” bull crap tossed by the shovel full by senile Joe, “Chucky” and Nancy Pelosi, the result being trillions more dollars invading the already inflation-saturated economy.

And now senile Joe, Kamala and their pals and colleagues will travel the nation speaking to enthusiastic crowds of moochers and grifters who just care about the dough and not the least bit about how it will impact their fellow countrymen who are struggling to get by because of destructive government policies.

Why should the ruling elites answer questions about any of this when they simply throw out numbers (billions and billions of dollars), always including the standard Democrat pitch for promoting abortion on demand while depicting Republicans as heartless women’s rights trouncing cheapskates who don’t care a lick whether or not constituency X gets its subsidy.

The establishment media won’t put up much of a fight when Democrats hone their talking points so that every liberal running for reelection can quickly switch from the administration’s and Congress’s plethora of inconsistencies to bashing on Donald Trump and the classified documents he supposedly held at Mar-a-Lago. And why would any Democrat want to touch on the perpetual disaster at the southern border? The pampered class who hides behind the walls of their secured mansions aren’t the least bit worried about illegal alien besieged Texas or Arizona towns full of Republican voters.

Democrats won’t lack money for their missions, either. With the tech barons and the leadership of major corporations firmly on the side of “woke” culture and government involvement in business and communications, the liberal party will have the cash necessary to run ad after ad attacking conservative candidates. Never forget that Democrats rely on ignorance to maintain their voter base, and the desperate attacks will only worsen in the coming months.

Conservatives and Republicans must be ready for the assaults on common sense and sane responsibility. Democrats don’t play nice and neither should Republicans. Mitch McConnell will run and hide from anything substantive but that doesn’t mean the individual candidates should follow the bespectacled weakling’s example. One of the reasons why Donald Trump remains the preeminent voice of the Republican party is his willingness to engage the Democrats in the forum of public opinion. The “nice guy” routine of establishment Republicans hasn’t gotten the party anywhere, and has led to loss after loss, like the ones the GOP has endured in the past few weeks.

The establishment Republicans’ rollover attitude leads to more losing and Democrat wins equate to victory tours like the one senile Joe and his cohorts are about to embark on. The war for the heart and soul for America resumes. Will Republicans even fight? We’re about to find out.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Aug 30, 2022


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Aug 24, 2022

TWO YEARS HAVE GONE BYE ,CORRUPT FBI, DOJ LOOKING INTO HUNTER BIDEN CRIME FAMILY, WTF? THE GREATEST CRIME INVESTIGATORS ON THE PLANET. The on;y ones getting fxxxed here are the taxpayers,WHAT A CROOK OF POLITICAL SXXX YOU WANT TOO TALK ABOUT YOUR INTEGRITY? LET ME GUESS YOU FIND THIS TROUBLING. Big guys crime family sold out America for personal financial gain.yet investigations have stopped that should be ongoing , after the midterms, this makes the FBI democrats part pf the biden crime family, also the FBI, DOJ, for covering up their oblivious international crime family corruption. Our National Security at risk, Now we find our another lie by the biden, Oh we had nothing to do with raid on Trum…


the glaring successes of his administration? Well, I suppose if you look at it from his point of view, they've been successful. But what does that mean? It means they have once again bamboozled the American citizens. They wake up every morning wondering what can they do to further control the citizenry.

As for the tax and spend bill that will only increase inflation, the Democrats got exactly the amount that they originally wanted. They have always had a system for requesting three to four times more than they desired in order to allow the Mitch McConnell types to believe they have held the total to a lower number and saved the day. Everybody wins, until the next go around.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Aug 22, 2022

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