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The Right Resistance: What do Hunter Biden and black mold share in common?

It’s funny -- and annoying -- how some problems never go away. You can kick them to the

side or cover them up with dirt or delegate them to someone less busy to deal with, but they usually lurk like shadows in the corners of your mind. Making matters worse, they often grow and multiply.

Such is the case with presidential son Hunter Biden. Though the new president’s youngest boy has somewhat disappeared from view during his dad’s first two-and-a-half disastrous months in the White House, everyone knows he’s still out there waiting to pop up unexpectedly. Like black mold under the floorboards of a flooded-out home, he won’t go away with a simple inspection and disinfectant treatment, either. Ripping out the rot and tossing it into a trash dumpster is the accepted remedy… and even then, the problem might not be fixed.

Hunter isn’t exactly akin to black mold, but nevertheless he’s a boil on his family’s carefully crafted public relations backside, especially when he chooses to place himself in the voters’ consciousness. The man’s list of addictions and failures is long and there’s no telling where one of his bugaboos will turn up next. Don’t feel sympathy -- Hunter’s apparently asking for more of the spotlight now by dissing former President Donald Trump in his new book about himself

“After having his private and professional life take center stage during the 2020 presidential election, Hunter Biden is set on getting even with the ‘vile man’ he believes responsible — former President Donald Trump.

“’He pushed debunked conspiracy theories about work I did in Ukraine and China, even as his own children had pocketed millions in China and Russia and his former campaign manager sat in a jail cell for laundering millions more from Ukraine,’ writes Mr. Biden, the younger son of President Biden, in his upcoming memoir ‘Beautiful Things.’

“Within the book, the younger Mr. Biden sheds light on his life as a member of America’s new first family, as well as his decades-long battle with substance abuse.”

The book is set to be released today. No doubt leftist Amazon will feature it as a must-buy and the social media oligarchs will do everything in their power to promote it. Who knows, maybe some liberal philanthropist will offer free copies signed by Hunter himself as an incentive to donate to leftist causes.

Far be it from Hunter to profit from family connections or salacious deeds by relaying candid stories about his years doing drugs, but is there a person in the world who would care about his personal recollections if they didn’t involve so much innuendo and sleaze? Seriously, is anyone planning to purchase “Beautiful Things” to learn mundane details about a man who hasn’t done a darn thing his entire life and career to merit the privileges that he enjoys?

51-year-old Hunter isn’t the first adult male to have his father elected president, but he might be the oldest (I don’t know this for sure, but it’s speculation). Late brother Beau was a year and a day older than Hunter, but he passed away while Joe was still vice president in 2015.

Depending on who you ask, Hunter is famous for a lot of things. President Joe himself often refers to the struggles his son went through with drugs and alcohol, as if getting kicked out of the Navy for cocaine use was some sort of badge of honor. And because the youngest male in the Biden clan was dumb enough to leave his laptop at a repair shop (where it subsequently was handed over to the FBI and members of the Trump campaign), we all know he was fond of taking selfies of himself smoking crack and canoodling with Chinese prostitutes.

So naturally, a reasonable person is inclined to take Hunter’s word for it that he’s a really good guy and all of Trump’s accusations of scummy and corrupted behavior were totally fabricated and unfounded, right?

The American media isn’t exactly renowned for its eagerness to report facts and avoid all appearances of bias, but what if the Trump children were as crooked and seedy as Hunter is/was? When Donald mentioned, numerous times, that he was immensely proud of all of his kids, we believed him because they’d managed to excel despite living in the fishbowl tabloid media world. The “go getters” in Trump’s brood were as ambitious and aggressive as their father himself. They ran the family business while the patriarch worked for free as president of the United States.

When Trump was inaugurated, they proudly stood behind him as the country’s newest and arguably most successful business and political family. And they always spoke positively of America’s greatness and ideals rather than tout their own foibles with drugs and rehab.

By all appearances, Hunter lives off the money he’s “earned” through overseas business dealings tied to his father’s political career and now hopes to cash in on the sordid particulars of his own life -- no embellishment necessary! Will the media tout the book as something to emulate for America’s children? If Hunter has truly cleaned himself up, does it equal redemption?

I’ve always thought of Hunter as like a younger, less inhibited version of daddy Joe. While his papa is a teetotaler and seems to get his jollies through plagiarizing and telling whoppers and tall tales about all the things he’s done and seen (now senile Joe apparently has delusions of being a more progressive contemporary version of FDR and LBJ), Hunter’s lived the wild life underneath it all. Lest we forget, Hunter dumped his first wife and then moved on to dead brother Beau’s widow (with allegations of child molestation to boot). Classy guy, huh?

Somewhere along the line he cheated on the poor woman (Hallie Biden) with an Arkansas stripper who became pregnant and birthed his love child. Strange how this illegitimate presidential grandchild is never mentioned by the “big guy” whenever he talks about how proud he is of his son for all that the middle-aged lad’s overcome. You’d think the kid was worthy of at least a Facebook picture and post or two, wouldn’t you? He’s Grampa Joe!

Through it all, the media dotes over how great Joe Biden’s family is! He and Jill are so in love! They were the perfect Valentine’s twosome! Barry and Michelle, move over -- there’s a new and more exhilarating first couple in town, even if they are white!

These days, Joe Biden’s dogs get more media attention than Hunter’s extremely shameful and ignoble life. Late in the 2020 campaign it was revealed that Hunter was under FBI investigation for tax evasion. Yet now he claims in his book that everything Trump said about his business dealings was a lie.

In his article, Alic additionally reported that Hunter wrote, “’Trump believed that if he could destroy me, and by extension my father, he could dispatch any candidate of decency from either party, all while diverting attention from his own corrupt behavior.’”

Hunter Biden shouldn’t be lecturing anybody about decency and if the media were worth anything, they’d delve deeply into the first family’s phony façade. Joe’s recovering addict prodigal son is a little like the black mold I mentioned above. He grows in damp environments and crops up where he’s least wanted.

The next time “black mold Hunter” surfaces, maybe it’s time to tear down the whole house.

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Jay Robison
Jay Robison
06 apr. 2021

Hunter isn't battling his addictions, whatever else he does, he seems to embrace them, whether it's drugs, booze or sex.


06 apr. 2021

Who wants to buy the Hunter Biden book? Toilet paper would be the better purchase, since his words on paper aren't good for anything except to wipe something. I don't know what a Trump hater would get out of the book since Hunter Biden is only repeating what they all say. But I am sure Biden won't prove that Trump lied about anything (just his "word as a Biden," whatever the hell that is). It wasn't just Trump; other people, like Peter Schweizer, have looked into what Hunter was up to in Ukraine and China...they all have to be liars, too. The Enemies of the People are helping Hunter Biden lie by not pushing back on anything he says. Like…

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