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The Right Resistance: What not to give for Christmas – another four-year term for Joe Biden

With less than a week remaining until Christmas, there must be millions of Americans still contemplating what to give for gifts – and millions more wondering what their loved ones and friends might give to them.

The latter part is far less urgent to parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. The older we get the more we appreciate the wisdom in the old biblical saying, “It’s better to give than to receive”. Material things mean less as we age, yet it’s important to remember that multitudes of countrymen are suffering economic pain this holiday season and can’t even think about giving much of anything much less receiving something costly.

(Note: A report came out last week that Americans are still spending, but they’re piling up debt on credit cards – it’s evident the after Christmas hangover will be especially acute in 2023.)

Though the gift giving/receiving part of the Christmas dilemma may or may not be resolved before next Sunday, one thing seems clear about the future: Americans don’t want Joe Biden in office another four years. After the Democrats did much better than previewed in last month’s elections, some pundits speculated senile Joe Biden’s prospects for a second four-year term may have permanently recovered from the critically endangered list.

Not necessarily so. In a piece titled “Not tired of winning — just tired: Americans dislike Biden despite claims of big accomplishments”, Seth McLaughlin wrote at The Washington Times:

“To hear the White House tell it, President Biden is on a winning streak after having survived the midterm elections better than imagined, negotiated a prisoner swap with Russia for basketball star Brittney Griner and oversaw a slackening of inflation.

“Yet voters remain nonplussed, according to polling that shows the president’s approval rating stuck in the low 40s, where it’s been for most of the last 16 months…

“’The main problem has been a sense that the administration, along with Congress, has been all over the place in terms of their issue agenda,’ said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. ‘Most Americans feel that whatever accomplishments there may be, Washington is not focused enough on core bread and butter concerns.’”

Do ya think? Why would the president and his handlers be concerned with so-called “Bread and Butter” issues when the price of those items has gone up exponentially in the past year? The last thing Joe Biden wants to talk about these days is food production or energy production or immigration enforcement because he and his crew of “woke” Democrat ideological fixers have done absolutely zero to combat the government policies that would foster any of those essential things.

They’d much rather concentrate on the evil Trump appointees to the Supreme Court – and preserving abortion – than anything that has to do with working people’s concerns. Biden himself recently said there were “more important things” to spend his time on than visiting the Arizona/Mexico border, so it’s obvious that neither he nor vice president cackling Kamala Harris intends to do much to squelch the record alien flow across the U.S.-Mexico line.

Not only is Joe Biden largely absent from the major policy battles – including currently, the one being waged in Congress over next year’s budget – he lags behind basic proficiency in the ceremonial and symbolic aspects of the presidency as well. Senile Joe doesn’t travel all that much – probably still uses COVID as an excuse – and the relative few trips he did make resulted in public relations nightmares of epic proportions.

Biden generated more headlines for farting in the presence of a Royal Family member and falling asleep at conferences than he did for negotiating salient treaties or for groundbreaking new diplomacy, like Donald Trump established with North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un.

Ronald Reagan will forever be regarded for his summits with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in the 1980’s. Donald Trump will long be linked with the aforementioned meetings with Kim Jong Un and for moving the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as well as for cancelling the disastrously one-sided Obama Iran deal and keeping Vladimir Putin’s ambitions in check.

What will Joe Biden’s foreign policy legacy be? For presiding over the tragic embarrassment that was the American retreat from Afghanistan? For running with his tail between his legs to beg Saudi Arabia to pump more oil? For appeasing the Chinese Communist Party? For pouring gasoline on the raging war fire in Ukraine?

Why should Americans boost Biden’s approval rating out of the low forties?

Just a few months ago Biden himself made it his own personal crusade to label Republicans as MAGA semi-fascists and to imply that anyone who still supported former president Donald Trump was an insurrectionist in waiting. Along the way, he verbally assaulted our Second Amendment rights, sent his Justice Department against peaceful protesters and parents, jailed pro-life advocates and tried to make January 6, 2021 on par with Pearl Harbor Day and September 11, 2001. None of this spells “unity” and leadership. Yet still Democrats gloat about Biden’s “successes”.

Democrats did better than anyone predicted last month because they rallied their base – primarily consisting of uninformed, low-information voters -- around single issues such as abortion and “transgender rights”. They employed culture war weapons to divert attention from the real pocketbook issues that impact everyone. How’s your 401K looking these days when compared to inflation and the interest rate bumps that have already been set… with more to come?

And how about those crime-ridden deteriorating inner cities, Joe? Anyone itching to take a ride on the New York Subway, or to walk in downtown Los Angeles among the legions of homeless bums, nutcases, unhindered criminals, drug addicts, beggars and societal rejects?

Meanwhile, whereas Republicans celebrate policy victories on topics that benefit everyone – like tax cuts and reform or the completion of a new segment of the border wall – Democrats hold ceremonies where the White House is draped in rainbow colors and drag queens are welcomed. This is a direct assault on the traditional values of millions of Americans, like rubbing salt in an open, festering wound.

The establishment media gives Joe Biden unmerited credit for being a talented politician, but virtually none of the Democrats’ “success” is attributable to him alone. The old goat certainly wasn’t able to steer any congressional support towards his priorities, put it that way. He came into office with a small House majority which Speaker Nancy Pelosi commanded to pass pretty much anything she wanted despite serious opposition from her left-wing kook fringe.

And Joe wasn’t a major participant in the senate wins enjoyed by Majority Leader Chucky Schumer, either. Schumer played a waiting game with his couple holdouts – Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin – until they eventually came around on big government matters and caved to enormous political pressure to move the Democrat agenda forward.

Then there was the spineless lack of leadership from Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who bowed, once again, to the notion that “bipartisan” assent on spending would earn goodwill from the public, votes that simply never materialized. How dumb do Republicans have to be to consistently provide support for issues like same-sex marriage without demanding something meaningful in return from Democrats? A concession on immigration enforcement, perhaps? Or a nugget or two on reducing spending? How about getting Democrats to cancel the 87,000 new IRS agents that were part of one of their stupid spending packages this year?

Democrats, led by Biden, also devoted an oversized share of attention to assaulting new voter integrity laws in states such as Georgia, calling them a “return to Jim Crow” and claiming there would be mass voter suppression simply by limiting early voting and requiring valid ID to cast a ballot.

None of it happened.

If Americans aren’t enamored with the prospect of another four years of Joe Biden, they’re simply grasping the reality of what a second Biden term would be like. Decent people are fed up with the “woke” Democrat cultural direction of the country and policies that prioritize leftist fantasy outcomes rather than real people. Christmas is coming. At least there’s one thing to look forward to.

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Dec 21, 2022

It's important to remember that Americans did not give Little Joe Biden this 1st four-year term, therefore it is not the American People as we know them that will give Biden another term. That is reserved for the uni-party that is the Washington DC Establishment. Election integrity seems to have taken a back seat, but it is very much an important issue. Just look at the recent elections and tell me that Republicans are in the driver's seat in 2024. The Governor's seat was flat out stolen in Arizona. "Something stinks in Georgia," as Emerald Robinson would say. How is it that Brian Kemp cruises to victory against Stacey Abrams, but his coattails don't apply to Herschel Walker, who loses…


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Dec 20, 2022

FIRST FAMILY OF LIES AND BS........... Biden second-quarter job numbers off by 1 million, Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank says..My uncle Edward died in the battle of the bulge my family still has his purple heart and flag. Biden insults all those who gave up their life for their country in battle,

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