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The Right Resistance: When a recession isn’t a recession and the deficit is a tax receipt shortfall

Among the many transformational strategies that the Joe Biden administration appears to be employing is a grand attempt to re-write the customary vernacular dictionary.

Commonly used economic terms like “recession” take on entirely new meaning with Joe’s folks, most of whom desperately seek to convert what would otherwise seem clear and easily definable into something completely new and cutting edge. It’s old news by now, but last week’s report of the American economy contracting by 0.9 percent in the second quarter of 2022, in addition to the first quarter registering at negative 1.6 percent, would normally satisfy the textbook definition of “recession”.

But not according to Biden’s honks, all of whom insist that other factors (such as the unemployment rate and consumer spending) be considered before the dreaded “R” word is adopted. For his part, former President Donald Trump said last week that “recession” might be too kind of a way to put it. Trump thinks we may have to dredge up a much older classification to describe the present circumstances – “depression”.

Whatever you choose to call the two consecutive quarters of economic shrinkage, the noticeable downturn in the economy, when mentioned in the same breath as near double-digit inflation, rising interest rates, falling wages and a government budget deficit that hardly ever receives any establishment media attention, equates to a crappy future outlook for Americans just looking to get by and pay for stuff.

In my view, a recession by any other name smells just as rancid.

In a piece titled, "Biden Opts to Redefine ‘Recession’ Rather Than Beat It", the inimitable Daniel J. Flynn wrote at The American Spectator:

“[H]eretofore two consecutive quarters of a shrinking economy meant recession. But our betters in the Biden administration gaslight enlighten us into seeing not the downturn before our eyes but an apparition of expanding economies past. Redefining recessions matters when they occur on the watch of Democrats at the levers of power who soon will face an angry electorate.

“Since the Biden administration could teach a masterclass in spin but would fail Economics 101, the White House expends considerable energy on solving this terrible problem, this terrible problem of recalcitrants stuck on the idea that an economy in recession, well, recedes.

“Whoever imagined that recession meant receding GDP never talked to National Economic Council Director Brian Deese. The Chip Diller of the Biden administration told CNN on Sunday that ‘in terms of the technical definition’ two straight quarters of a contracting GDP actually is ‘not a recession.’ He informed, ‘[The] technical definition considers a much broader spectrum of data points.’”

This is hardly surprising. Joe Biden is incapable of accepting responsibility for anything. It seems like an eternity ago now, but it’s “only” been a year since the horrific American withdrawal from Afghanistan, which Biden characterized as an “extraordinary success”. Apparently, dead Americans and desperate-to-leave Afghanis hanging off of Air Force planes constitutes triumph to the bumbling old dunce.

Heck, getting up in the morning and dressing himself is all the accomplishments that senile Joe requires of himself to have a victorious day. For good measure, if Dr. Jill Biden gets through a speech without insulting half the country, she’s had a terrific 24 hours herself.

Remember when senile Joe labeled his son Hunter as “the smartest guy I know”? It’s almost as though the half-century swamp dweller intentionally substituted the word “smartest” for “most corrupt and sleazy.” Here’s thinking the White House sets aside part of each day for senile Joe and staff to go over new terminology for them to employ during appearances with the establishment media.

--Here’s what such a Biden worker summit might look like: In a dimly lit secret room in the West Wing, Democrats convene for another strategy session on, as Rush Limbaugh used to say, “How do we fool ‘em today?”

“Let’s call this meeting to order,” senile president Joe Biden grumbled to the usual gathering of advisors, Biden family members, administration officials and leftwing interest group grandees. The president’s already foul moods had turned noticeably darker in recent weeks as the news from various pollsters, objective government statistics and the hags at “The View” had been especially troublesome.

“Listen up, people. Whatever we’re doing to change the narrative of my administration isn’t working like it should be. Everyday I get up and Karine Jean-Pierre over there hands me a large black coffee along with my daily briefing condensed to one page printed in size 24 font, and the numbers look worse and worse and worse all the time. This doesn’t gel with anything we’re doing, which is lying, lying and lying, so we’ve got to start redefining what everything means in order to cram the message home.

“Whaddaya say, homies?” the 79-year-old hair sniffing perverted care facility candidate asked hopefully to the assemblage of liberal political cutthroats and shills.

Receiving nothing but the typical blank stares accompanied by a few nods, the president continued, “Okay then, first up is the word ‘recession’. Who’s going to propose an alternative?”

Senile Joe looked at his economic advisors, all of whom were avoiding eye contact with the gnarled old goat. Thankfully, Senator Joe Manchin, who had suddenly (not!) decided to come around on the idea of a pork loaded reconciliation bill, piped up.

“Um, Mr. President, I’m terrified by all this talk of a recession. Even our friends at CNN are making fun of the fact you said ‘We’re not going into a recession’. We’ve got to get out there and change the very definition of ‘recession’ then. Whenever we’re asked about it, we’ll just say there isn’t one. Or we can try to call it something else. How about a… ‘pro-cession’, which will convey a message that we’re actually moving forward.”

“I’m likin’ it!” Senile Joe bellowed as the room shook from the power of his post-second-COVID vocal chords. “Who cares if everyone thinks we’re trying to paper over the real situation. If they believe that – it’s because we ARE trying to pull a fast-one. That’s what we do! We’re Democrats!

“Here’s a thought. We could call it a ‘pro-cession Ayman al-Zawahri’… we want to get that name out there a lot to distract from everything else, don’t we?

“Who else has a suggestion?”

“Right here, Joe,” Kamala Harris interjected. Recognizing her characteristic hesitation to get involved in any controversial and substantive topic, Biden beckoned her to continue. “I’ve been going around the country telling people about how great abortion is and how it will benefit them if they openly defy the Supreme Court and just admit that killing babies is a plus for all of us. Sheesh, last week I spoke in front of a group of disabled advocates and basically told them that we should eliminate all disabled people before they’re even born. It was sheer genius!”

“Hoot, hoot!” Biden said uncontrollably as he pounded the table. “Yeah, great point, but what should we call it?”

Harris looked puzzled as she worked the inner confines of her brain to come up with a new way to describe abortion in a positive way. Failing to think of anything, the vice president simply put her head down on the table and wept, a long string of spittle forming at the edges of her mouth as she wailed.

“Oh come on, sister Kamala!” Senator Elizabeth Warren said helpfully but condescendingly. “Don’t be so obtuse. We’ll just call abortion the ‘disabled schleps reduction act’, or simply, ‘culling the herd,’ which, like Man-chin’s ‘pro-cession’ word, sounds positive and optimistic. What liberal wouldn’t be in favor of eugenics and getting rid of undesirables? We’ll start by passing a bill mandating that every Republican pregnant woman before giving birth must first be counseled to abort her baby up until the moment of her water breaking! “If we can’t breed them out, we’ll abort them out!”

The intensity of the room’s boisterous response startled the Massachusetts senator and faux native American, sending her into a trance-like state whereby she leapt onto the conference table and mimicked beating a drum as part of a war dance. Because of the energy surrounding her, Kamala emerged from her catatonic drooling and beamed her winningest smile. “Pocahontas” had done it again!

Even Hunter Biden took a brief break from scoping out the backsides of the White House female wait staff to add his approval to the abortion disguising proposition. ‘If only that dang stripper had been told it was ‘culling the herd’, she might’ve gotten rid of my biological kid before it embarrassed us all.’

Senile Joe interrupted the revelry. “Some great ideas folks, but there’s gotta be more out there. Who’s next? I think we only have time for one more this session. Don’t worry, we’ll do it all again tomorrow."

Trans. Secretary Pete Buttigieg sheepishly raised his hand. “I got one. With all our spending, people are starting to get wise to the federal budget deficit. Therefore, we can’t call it a ‘deficit’ anymore, so we need a new term. How about ‘tax receipt shortfall’ instead?

Butt elaborated, “That way we can blame spending too much on the rich and corporations not paying enough in taxes. It’s not a deficit, is it? It’s a shortfall of money being collected by the Treasury. I know Joe Man-chin over there did great work in getting Chucky Schumer’s big tax increase added to the reconciliation bill, but there still must be more tax dough we can take from the producers of this country.”

“GREAT idea!” Joe rambled, reading the words off a card that had just been placed in front of him by his chief of staff. The Red Bull juiced-up commander in chief didn’t stop there. “From this point forward, it’s not an annual federal budget deficit, it’s an ‘annual tax receipt shortfall.’ That belongs in the snow job hall of fame right along with the old reliable BS slogan, ‘Pay for tax cuts’. Now we can all say we need to ‘Pay down the tax receipt shortfall.’

“We gotta get this stuff into next year’s State of the Union address. We’ll preface the entire speech by saying my administration has been misreported from the beginning, and high inflation is really a great thing because sellers are making higher profits and should therefore pay more in taxes. Suckers!”


Watching the Biden administration deny that a recession is a recession wasn’t the least bit surprising. In fact, it was wholly predictable. Practically all Democrats are incapable of acknowledging that any of their schemes end up in a disaster, and the establishment media lets them get away with the fabrication. If a depression does result (as Trump forecasted), expect Democrats to say it’s a great thing for the world.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Aug 04, 2022

We are not a nation of communist, socialists, selling our country, for personal gain, as the bidens have done for years.America first for all our people not just a few like Kerry an the majority of democrats in power today. They serve China first, disguised as Americans but only for their own self interest and pockets. Midterm's will start the change.

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