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The Right Resistance: Will Donald Trump’s ‘Come and get me’ approach pay dividends in 2024?

Last week when former president Donald Trump was arraigned by senile Joe Biden’s shady partisan Justice Department for various violations of the scary-sounding Espionage Act,

Democrats and liberals everywhere must’ve hallucinated grand delusions of uniformed deputies guiding the hated political leader out of a courtroom with his hands bound behind his back only to disappear behind a door forever – or at least until a triumphant media interviewer managed to get access to the man in prison.

Remember how the media delighted in South Carolina elitist scumbag Alex Murdaugh’s being given the treatment in early March (at 12:43 of video)? Haven’t heard a peep from the murderer since, have we?

The establishment journos’ reaction to the news that Trump was apparently in further (and deeper) legal trouble for his purported mishandling of classified materials at his Mar-a-Lago estate was nothing short of hysterical, the aura of his New York cashiering a couple months ago (over the Stormy Daniels thing) having faded to practical invisibility in the time since.

Even Trump’s most ardent detractors probably reasoned that the Gotham City hubbub was brought on almost entirely by a proven leftist local prosecutor and the subject matter not really that critical, with the chances of an American public buy-in being only slightly greater than zero. But this federal charge was serious, right? Heck, Trump’s attorney general, Bill Barr, was all over cable network news claiming this latest development was the biggest threat to not only a third Trump candidacy, but also the 77-year-old’s ability to remain out of the hoosgow.

As far as Trump was concerned, he predictably carried on as usual, declaring his innocence, vowing to fight on, holding rallies with legions of cheering supporters and acting as though he’s become accustomed to the incessant and ongoing nature of the witch hunt that began before he was even elected in November of 2016. The most seasoned of political veterans must agree that there’s a “Been there, done that” quality about the whole sorry episode.

Will this Biden-inspired posse finally bring in the Republican Party’s hired gun? In an article titled “Trump Reveals His 2024 Plans If He Is Convicted of Crimes”, Jack Phillips reported at The Epoch Times:

“In an interview with Politico, the 45th president and current GOP frontrunner was asked about if he would drop out of the race if he is convicted in the case. Trump stated that he believes he won’t be convicted and doesn’t plan on taking a plea deal with prosecutors.

“’I’ll never leave,’ Trump told the outlet. ‘Look, if I would have left, I would have left prior to the original race in 2016. That was a rough one. In theory that was not doable.’...

“The 49-page indictment centers on hundreds of classified documents that Trump took with him from the White House to Mar-a-Lago upon leaving office in January 2021. Even as ‘tens of thousands of members and guests’ visited Mar-a-Lago between the end of Trump’s presidency and August 2022, when the FBI obtained a search warrant, documents were recklessly stored in spaces including a ‘ballroom, a bathroom and shower, and office space, his bedroom, and a storage room.’”

How stupid is this? Like yeah, sure, those tens of thousands of guests came to the resort strictly to comb through Bankers boxes stuffed with anonymous papers that happened to show up in the shower they were using. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never found the shower to be a good place to examine paper materials, so even if the soul was looking for a specific piece of classified information, they would’ve had an extraordinarily difficult time locating it among the millions of other chunks of supposed “evidence” strewn all over the place (if you believe the government’s description).

Remember how the FBI goons even sifted through former first lady Melania’s drawer of unmentionables? The Biden people can definitely enhance viewership of the eventual trial by testifying to how the nuclear codes were tucked into a secret compartment in one of the former model’s lacy undergarments.

All joking aside, only a fool would doubt Trump when he states that he’ll never leave. A skeptic might surmise Trump is enjoying every moment of this trumped up legal pursuit because it only furthers his legend as a mystifying character who challenged the powers-that-be – and won. For those who reckoned that the document probe would finally get Trump to admit that he’s a law-breaking scoundrel who revels in perusing classified data while using the lavatory, they’re sadly mistaken.

Everyone knows liberals don’t deserve much credit for their take on cause and effect, but, after all that’s happened in the Russia probe, the Durham report, the multitudes of gotcha establishment media stories (propelled by deep state leaks) and the non-stop “investigations” into Trump’s businesses, private life, golf swing and fondness for gold, why would anyone bet that this latest kerfuffle will conclude differently than all the rest?

The public isn’t paying attention anymore. Most of Trump’s rivals, as they should have, condemned the government’s actions and many a conservative writer has made the connection between political persecution in other countries and what’s going on in America today. Why hasn’t there been a lineup of liberals spouting platitudes like “This isn’t who we are” and “We’re better than this?” Don’t they remember that Trump’s first impeachment trial was based on an act that could’ve been construed as trying to weaken a political opponent?

How many times have liberals spouted the “No one is above the law” substance-less jargon? There are lots of people who are above the law, apparently, particularly if their names happen to be Clinton, Kennedy, Biden or [insert Democrat last name here] -- they get off with a shrug and a chuckle and a “censure” motion or some other airy dis-honorarium.

But not Trump. In addition to the New York legal distress and the federal charges, Trump is said to be in deep trouble with the Georgia grand jury looking into supposed election tampering after the 2020 vote. One way or another, the liberals are bent on getting Trump!

Both sides will go back-and-forth as to the probability that Trump will beat the rap. Cable news shows will fill endless hours of programming with the Trump saga and self-labeled “experts” will pile up the appearance fees from pretending to know what they’re talking about. Politicians from both parties will share in the infamy with vows of disobedience if their point-of-view doesn’t prevail in the official proceedings.

As for the 2024 Republican presidential primary field, there are mixed views as to what they should do now. Respected observer Roger L. Simon wrote that the entire field should bow out as a matter of party unity and back Trump as a sign of protest against the gross unfairness of what the Biden people are inflicting on the whole nation.

Others, such as PJ Media’s Matt Margolis, contend that every candidate except Ron DeSantis should immediately give up their presidential dreams to present Republican voters with a binary choice between the embattled Trump and the one other man who the polls consistently show would likely beat Joe Biden in the 2024 general election.

My counsel would be to wait and see what happens. While the initial feelings of longtime Trump backers likely lean towards the “opponents get out now” side of the spectrum, others, including myself, point out that the race is still relatively young and we’re yet to fully see where the Biden witch hunt will lead. No doubt many, many conservatives and Republicans will see the proceedings for what they are, an effort to remove Trump through a means that hasn’t been well tested yet – the courts.

Impeachment didn’t work – twice – and another bite at the apple wouldn’t earn more success. There are a number of notoriously squishy RINO Republicans in Congress (in both the House and Senate), but there aren’t enough of them to set the wheels in motion to convict Trump. With Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House, it’s also doubtful whether impeachment articles could be passed in the first place.

The Democrat race factors into this discussion as well, seeing as senile Joe Biden has his own very visible classified documents scandal, and there isn’t much of a bench of seasoned replacements behind the “big guy” to step in should Biden’s disgrace finally catch up with him. The doddering old dolt doesn’t exactly lend the impression that he’s in it for the long run, which certainly must be causing many stomach pangs at Democrat headquarters.

Party politics aside, the biggest loser among the folks watching the news today is the American people. Working people will go about their daily routines and casual political watchers won’t know what’s really going on, but here’s thinking the Trump topic will become so hot and so polarizing that the 2024 campaign will make 2020’s nastiness look like a first grader’s English tea birthday party by comparison.

Can you imagine the rhetoric and doomsday predictions emanating from the left next year?

Former president Donald Trump will soldier on in his quest to (officially) win a second term, and Democrats will continue pursuing every means possible and necessary to make sure he doesn’t realize his goal. Last week’s indictment of Trump won’t alter the polling balance much in either direction. The best Americans can do now is prepare for the battle to come – and be ready to resist being played for fools when the moment arrives.

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