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The Right Resistance: Will ‘Never Biden’ eliminate or supplant ‘Never Trump’?

To err is human, to forgive, divine. Or, to put it another way, it’s okay to admit one’s mistakes and correct them without apology.

Such is the case for former Democrat president senile Joe Biden followers who’ve recently undergone a change of heart and are now embracing the possibility of backing Republican Donald J. Trump in this year’s election. The existence of the nebulous group of Americans who label themselves “Never Trump” has never been disputed – they live and breathe, and members of the clique have made a commitment to others of like mind to never, ever, ever, vote for Donald Trump.


Reasons for these ever-disgruntled separatists to diss Trump are many, even if their rationales no longer fit in today’s politics. Most of the Never Trumpers’ original objections revolved around Trump’s personality and establishment media created false impressions of what Trump actually represented – and what he believed. To them, it was enough that Trump made a lot of political enemies, to the point that they’ll never forgive. Or forget.


But recent happenings have caused some Never Trumpers to change their minds, and they’re not nearly as politically inflexible as they once were. In an article titled “The Rise of the ‘Never Bidens’”, Eli Lake wrote at The Free Press recently:


“Joe Biden’s threat last week to freeze arms shipments to Israel along with reports that his administration is withholding intelligence about Hamas leaders’ whereabouts has reverberated throughout U.S. politics. Now, some Never Trump donors say the Biden administration’s policy toward the Jewish state is such a betrayal they’re considering jumping on board the Trump train.


“Call it the rise of the Never Bidens, donors who once were more worried about Trump but now see Joe Biden’s bid for a second term the greater threat to America. The Free Press spoke with four donors who contributed tens of millions of dollars in the last election cycle. They say they are reconsidering their political giving in light of the president’s approach to the Israel-Hamas war. All of them expressed their frustration with Biden’s CNN interview last Wednesday, in which he said of Israel, ‘if they go into Rafah, I’m not supplying the weapons that have been used historically to deal with Rafah.’


“Cliff Asness, a Republican donor who says he ‘spent well over seven figures’ to support Trump’s primary opponent Nikki Haley, told The Free Press that ‘My ‘Never Again’ is trumping my ‘Never Trump’ these days.’”


Close politics watchers, myself included, were waiting for something like this to happen to the Democrats. Seeing senile Joe Biden – and Obama before him – sucking up to allies of America’s enemies was one thing, but Biden’s open willingness to toss his longtime Jewish backers to the Hamas terrorists was quite another. The Muslim lobby of the Democrat party has grown exponentially in this century to a level where they (somewhat) rival the liberal Jewish influence.


Biden waffling on his support for Israel and then stating – again, in public – that he wouldn’t send weapons to our Israeli partners in their oh-so-just war against Hamas was akin to political suicide for the principle-free idiot Biden. Dang, doesn’t he know the good guys from the bad ones? Hint: the bad guys are the ones who murdered innocents by the hundreds and baked babies alive to kill them on October 7 of last year.


There’s no moral equivalence. Would Biden similarly throw his African-American backers to the Ku Klux Klan? If you’re in trouble, don’t count on Joe Biden to help you, folks.


As I mentioned above, this inevitable schism was foreseeable, and there are millions more Never Bidens out there, former Republicans and Democrats alike who’ve felt betrayed by what the current president has done to them and voters like them whether by race or religion or economic class.


Survey after survey shows that previously tight Democrat voter blocs are beginning to unravel. Hispanics used to support Democrats by sizeable margins, now the two parties are about even, a complete game-changer in areas where there are large Latino populations. Similarly, young voters have become agitated over Biden’s blatant lies about inflation and its effect on purchasing power and interest rates for their age group particularly.


Not everyone loves abortion like you do, senile Joe. Your scare tactics will only get you so far.


As I’ve written before, Americans were bound to awaken to the fact that senile Joe Biden isn’t the kindly good-natured man he’s portended to be – and that the establishment media has worked overtime to perpetuate the myth. Instead, Biden’s presidency has revealed him to be the lying old grouch that he’s always been, the type of annoying jerk you’ve encountered many times in your life and put distance between yourself and him when the truth-bending got to be too much.


On Israel, Biden betrayed his greatest friends. It’s immoral. And politically stupid. It makes you wonder, what does the old coot really believe in other than political victories? The same definitely can’t be said of Donald J. Trump.


Unfortunately, not all Never Trumpers are surrendering their illogical prejudices to adopt Trump lest the country suffer under a potentially republic-ending four more years of senile Joe Biden, cackling Kamala Harris and the duo’s Democrat support group. Hard as it is to believe, there’s a small group of Republicans who have endorsed senile Joe Biden outright and another equally limited gaggle who’ve suggested they haven’t made up their minds but would never consider Trump under any circumstances.


According to The Hill, these are: Former Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, Former RNC Chair (who now works as a commentator for MSNBC) Michael Steele, former Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger and former Trump staffer Sarah Matthews (who the heck is that?) have all flat out endorsed senile Joe Biden in this year's election. Others who have vowed not to support Trump but haven't indicated that they'll go for Biden – or won’t go for either -- are January 6 Committee air-headed show-pony fame seeker Cassidy Hutchinson, flip-flopper extraordinaire Mitt Romney, Romney's 2012 running mate and former Speaker Paul Ryan, Liz Cheney and Trump's former Defense Secretary, RINO Mark Esper, among others. Mike Pence has said he won't vote for either, as did fatter-and-louder-than-you and dirigible impressionist Chris Christie.


You gotta love all of their courage, don't you?


It doesn’t take a stretch of the memory to recall, in 2012, both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan pleaded with conservatives to abandon all semblances of limited government principle and get behind the GOP ticket in order to present the best chance to defeat the awful Barack Obama – and senile (even back then) Joe Biden. I myself recall discussing the options with a number of friends who were fence-sitters, arguing that, if Romney/Ryan won, we’d at least get a seat at the policy negotiating table and a semi-sympathetic ear to our concerns.


Now, a dozen years later, the voices of the Romney/Ryan doubters are ringing in my ears and can’t be silenced, along with all of the crapola Never Trumpers spout about honoring the Constitution – what exactly does that mean, anyway? Is it that Trump, at his inauguration ceremony number two wouldn’t put his hand on the Bible and swear to defend the Constitution?


Every single modern president – or at least those in recent memory – treated the founding document as though it played an advisory role on the limits of their powers rather than set-in-stone, easy to interpret words delineating the boundaries of their authority. Didn’t Biden blatantly ignore his constitutional duty to execute the immigration laws that Congresses had passed and to protect United States citizens?


What about the blatantly unconstitutional trampling of Americans’ freedom of assembly rights during COVID? Mask mandates? Vaccine mandates? Firing employees who didn’t comply?


Didn’t Biden also single-handedly propose to alter millions of contracts regarding the necessity of college borrowers to pay back student loans? Hasn’t senile Joe Biden’s justice department trashed the notion of “let the people decide” by trying to put Trump in jail? The list goes on and on. Who’s the true Constitution basher?


People like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger and Romney/Ryan use the Constitution as a crutch for poorly masking their absolute hatred and derangement towards Donald Trump.


Listening to them, they sound like a playground full of grade school kids whining that they didn’t get their way in a game of kickball.


“Teacher! He said mean things about me! He hurt my feelings and made me cry! Send him to see the principal! Write a note home to his mommy!” If none of these entreaties seem to be working, they’ll try, “Deny him food and water! Put him first in the order of battle! Make him live in Gaza as a hostage with Hamas!” Or, the ultimate insult, “Lock him in a room with Joe Biden and force him to listen to Biden’s life story (plagiarized and fabricated, of course).”


In reality, the growing contingent of “Never Biden” adherents are basically the brainy and common sense faction of Never Trump. The concerns that many Americans had involving Trump have largely been invalidated through time, experience and observation from four years of his presidency and the years since he left office.


The only “insurrection” Trump ever called for was at the ballot box. Trump’s more a victim than a perpetrator and his behavior has improved considerably out of power. Is it humility? I’m not sure I’d go that far, but 2024’s Trump has learned that he can’t take hard and fast positions on some issues and hope to win the election.


As the above story demonstrates, never say never when it comes to politics – or at least where today’s Democrats are at issue. 2024’s issues are too important to frivolously eliminate one half of the true choices in November. Trump the human being will encounter the same constitutional limits as every other non-Democrat, and here’s thinking he’ll stick to fixing Biden’s policy errors and doing as much as he can to Make America Great Again. The rest is up to us.

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It has been said that if we were able to time travel to some previous period, we would have to be extremely careful not to do anything that would shift the course of history because everything that followed would be different. That sets me to thinking. Obama was infinitely beatable in 2012 as the economy was static and he was spending a lot of time apologizing for the greatness of America. If Romney and Ryan hadn't been such milk toast RINO's, they could easily have beat Obama/Biden. Would there even be a Trump nomination today? It might be legitimate to say that Romney is responsible for the emergence of Trump. Just a thought.

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