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The Right Resistance: Will Senile Joe Biden leave willingly if/when he loses in 2024?

Will Joe Biden leave the White House?

It’s a question on a lot of Americans’ minds these days as health worries linger and accusations of corruption mount concerning the practically mind-evaporated 80-year-old swamp lizard and his capacity to function in the world’s most challenging job. Senile Joe now stumbles through practically every public appearance he makes and even some in his own party are openly pondering whether he’s “got it” any longer – or if they should make alternative plans to run a person with a functioning brain in the all-important 2024 election.

For now, assume that Biden means what he says and will carry through with his reelection campaign and that time and events won’t intervene to deny him the opportunity to finish what Barack Obama and he started in early 2009. Namely, the transformation and destruction of constitutional government. Also suppose that current polls showing Donald Trump as the semi-runaway frontrunner on the GOP side have staying power and the former president wins his third consecutive Republican party presidential nomination early next year.

Then presume that Trump wins the general election (yes, I know, Democrats and the establishment media talkers would never allow themselves such ridiculous license to dream the nightmare). Trump’s second inauguration day approaches, the bleachers and bunting are installed on the west side of the capitol building and conservatives are ecstatic that Trump will get his shot at making America great again.

But then Biden shouts “Psych!” and outright refuses to leave, holing up in the White House protected by legions of loyalist leftist strike forces (Antifa, Black Lives Matter goons, Barack Obama’s Black Panther contingent and various liberal snowflakes, wimps, shills and angry-as-all-heck limousine liberals) and issues a typed press release delivered through Karine Jean-Pierre: “They won’t take me alive. Joe B.”

Think it couldn’t happen? In a piece titled “Will The Biden Administration (sic) Let Trump – Or Any Republican – Take Office In 2025?”, the always inflammatory but salient Kurt Schlichter wrote at Townhall earlier this week:

“You’ll see House objections to the vote that will go nowhere under McCarthy, but the action will be across the Rotunda. The Democrats own the Senate, so watch Kamala Harris show up to do what Mike Pence – before he became an insufferably prissy collaborator with the narrative over the last few weeks – properly refused to do and try to interfere with the Electoral College count. Do not put it past the Democrat majority to refuse to certify a Donald Trump win in favor of their guy who the Democrats will have, by then, refused to impeach and remove despite a tsunami of evidence of his outright bribery. Then watch them push slates of fake electors, who are once again (as they were in 2000, 2004, and 2016) not just A-OK but heroic defenders of Our Democracy. Yeah, the same kind of people currently being framed by Democrats when they are Republicans will be celebrated when they are Democrats.

“And what happens when this all fails? Will Biden leave the White House? We know that Joe Biden is a black swan souffle of stupidity, senility, and corruption. What if he just says…’No?’ Then we will have a standoff, a constitutional crisis. He’s been ignoring the law for four years to impose things he cannot get passed via the Constitution, so why would he not ignore it to keep his sinecure? And there’s no referee that can compel him not to. SCOTUS orders do not enforce themselves. Is the DOJ going to suddenly arrest Democrats for sedition? Do you expect our garbage military leadership to have the troops sashay up Pennsylvania Avenue to depose the despot? No, they will back Biden’s play in large part because the generals and admirals know their sorry brasses are getting fired before the sun goes down on Inauguration Day.”

Once upon a time, this scenario would’ve been out of the question, but nowadays it seems more likely than not. Like a San Francisco criminal who figures he/she/”it” can waltz into any store and simply remove the contents (with little price tags) without being confronted or arrested (unless the store owners are Sikhs, that is), Democrats simply ignore precedent or tradition – or the law – and do what they please.

Foaming-at-the-mouth Democrats are so rabid with Trump Derangement Syndrome that they’d just as soon chew off their arms at the shoulder rather than accede to allowing Donald Trump to take power once again. There would be news report after news report of Democrats suggesting the end of the world is near and that they simply can’t let it (Trump coming back) happen and just sit by idly without doing something to save us from ourselves.

Recall that in the lead-up to the 2020 election, it’s a well-known fact that liberal thinkers (ironically self-titled the “Transition Integrity Project”) proposed and debated theories over what to do if Trump lost the election and subsequently refused to leave the executive mansion. One can only imagine the conversation at such a gathering of “minds” who thought they were smarter than everyone else and could henceforth predict the future and plan for the aftereffects in “wargames” type style.

(Note: these brainiacs met via zoom because, remember, in 2020 they were all so terrified to come out of their houses due to COVID that they stayed away from each other to “keep everyone safe”.)

The sheer audacity of Trump’s enemies to feel empowered to surmise that Trump wouldn’t honor a legitimate result was a common theme throughout the 2016 campaign – and through Trump’s presidency. Always it was Trump who was depicted as the political ogre, the ideological monster whose egomaniacal personality would compel him to behave badly and bring down the republic with him.

Trump never said he would accept the 2016 results. And he never gave in on 2020, either – not because he wouldn’t defer to a process, but because he figured Democrats would need to cheat, cheat, cheat to beat him. And he was right. We still can’t be sure the “steal” was big enough to sway the entire result, but lots of shenanigans took place.

The same line of thinking still exists today, though no one on the Democrat side seems to be the least bit concerned that their too-senile-by-half party leader and American commander-in-chief is so out of it that he spends more time on vacation than he does fulfilling official functions of the office. What if Joe decides, on a senile whim, that he doesn’t “feel” like turning over the keys to the Oval Office after he loses in a landslide?

Democrat powers-that-be won’t let that – a Biden landslide loss – happen, of course, but would anyone be too far out of line by foreseeing Biden draping himself across the doorway to the office and declining to budge? The Secret Service will have orders not to touch the man lest he vapor lock then and there and initiate the biggest scandal in history over a president who was “murdered” just for peacefully exiting his workspace on the last morning.

For his part, Trump had talked about the “steal” for months prior to November, and when it happened, literally before our eyes, who was really surprised? The “wargames” planners saw their work being played out in front of them and were patting themselves on the backs for being prescient about Trump refusing to leave after the election. In fact, they probably applied for consideration for a Nobel Prize for prognostication and soothsaying.

What if Joe refuses to leave? What could happen? What will happen?

As alluded to in Schlichter’s piece, Kamala Harris will order her people to study Donald Trump’s argument for why the vice president possesses the power to reject electors, and will claim, on the day, that she’s got temporary loss of vision and therefore can’t read her script. She’ll tell the individual state legislatures to toss out the “old” Electoral Votes and adopt new ones being drawn up at Democrat national headquarters.

Biden will surround himself with the cooperative military chiefs of staff and special recruits from the newly constituted “woke” special forces, who will don rainbow combat attire and barricade themselves inside the building so as to engender as much sympathetic news coverage as possible. Collectively they’ll fly the rainbow flags from Pride Month and suggest that anyone who objected is a bigot bent on destroying the LGBTQIA+++ “community”. An army of heavily armed transgenders will surround the White House taunting the police to “come and get them”.

If Biden were to take such a stance on the election, there will certainly be a much heavier sell-job from the media itself, intended to paint Biden as a victim of Republican fraud, a new round of Russian “collusion” – or maybe they’ll try the Chinese this time – and argue that the election results should be tossed out because the votes themselves are “illegitimate”.

“Trump is under criminal charges in four different courts! He lied about the 2020 election and he’s an insurrectionist barred from competing for federal office under the Fourteenth Amendment! He’s been legitimately impeached twice and was acquitted only because Republicans are partisan and have no souls. Except for Mitt Romney, of course. And the transfer of power should be held up until the courts have the authority and leeway to hear the cases against him on the merits. He’s a proven liar, so he won’t be granted the right to an attorney.”

The establishment media will take polls in other countries and display the results of x percent of world citizens think Trump is guilty and should be barred from office. The United Nations will hold an emergency session and send “peacekeepers” to America to stave off civil war. Ukraine will offer to station troops around the capitol and White House to protect senile Joe.

Don’t be shocked if Democrats try to install Barack Obama as a short-term “emergency” president who can preside until the crisis is diffused.

There’s little doubt Democrats will stop at nothing to keep power after the 2024 election, even if they “lose” at the ballot box. Senile Joe Biden refusing to leave is just one possibility to consider. Completely ignoring the Electoral College and nullification are other options for them. There’s no limit to Democrat imaginations in terms of law bending or evil justifications. Stay tuned.

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