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The Right Resistance: You know it’s bad for Democrats when they’re idolizing Liz Cheney

Hey, hey, ho, ho, senile Joe has got to go!

No one could make a credible argument that the news was good for the senile president Joe Biden White House last week. Gas prices topped five bucks a gallon nationally for the first time ever, the inflation rate jumped from 8.3 percent the month before to 8.6 percent in May, the stupid January 6 committee witch hunt show trial was a major ratings dud, the establishment media couldn’t convince the news consuming public that they should care about the thoughts and opinions of Liz Cheney, and there were several reports that more and more Democrats are openly acknowledging that they don’t believe the doddering 79-year-old dunce chief executive should run for another term.

At the White House, it must’ve been like the famous quote from “Magnus Chase and the ship of the Dead”: “I Have Bad News and - No, Actually I Just Have Bad News.”

Jen Psaki’s replacement, the openly lesbian Karine Jean-Pierre, doesn’t appear to be any more adept at deflecting the multitude of attacks on Biden than her predecessor was. It could simply be that the woman is in an impossible position, having to defend a man who’s so brain-dulled and out-of-touch that it’s impossible to predict what he’ll do next -- other than fail, that is. It definitely appears that the more senile Joe is questioned about his desire to run again in two years, the crankier and more determined to do so that he becomes.

The Democrat ship is sailing in an unknown sea and the winds have suddenly shifted in the opposite direction, leaving party leaders at a loss to explain how they’re approaching the future. Even the always good for a quote Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was caught off guard when CNN’s Dana Bash asked her point blank whether she’d support another senile Joe candidacy. One shouldn’t fault the New York “Squad” member for voicing her real feelings on the matter rather than spouting another phony declaration of support for the man who single-handedly is pounding what’s left of the Democrat party’s credibility into the mud.

Things weren’t exactly peachy in Republican-land either, with ten GOP turncoat senators allegedly agreeing to a “bipartisan” framework to enact federal gun control legislation. The list contained the usual RINO suspects, but conservatives couldn’t help but stand back and marvel about how stupid a Republican elected official would have to be to willingly work with “Chucky” Schumer to cut into the God-given rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

You either believe in the right to bear arms, or you don’t. As Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show a week ago, there are a multitude of gun laws already on the books that aren’t being enforced by George-Soros backed inner-city District Attorneys. Tacking on additional criminal shackles that will only impact lawful gun possessors and won’t effectively do anything other than… punish lawful owners.

Would any of these proposals actually stop another determined kook from perpetrating an act? The only real solution is to harden schools against those who might attempt to victimize more kids. Here’s thinking if a nut learns ahead of time that he’s very unlikely to get beyond the one entrance to a school, and even if he does, that there will be guns (wielded by armed teachers) waiting for him, that he’ll look for some other avenue to express his frustration. Democrats aren’t limiting their calls for new leadership to the party dweller in the White House, either. They want Republicans to revert to the old ways of the tranquil swamp, too.

But common sense is in short supply these days. One off-kilter Colorado self-described lifelong Democrat even suggested that we need more Republicans like Liz Cheney. In a piece titled “We need a return of old-fashioned establishment Republicans like Rep. Liz Cheney”, Carli Pierson wrote at The USA Today:

“Republicans used to look a lot more like [Liz] Cheney, [Adam] Kinzinger, Sen. Mitt Romney and the late Sen. John McCain – members of Congress who showed pragmatism, decorum, preparation for their responsibilities and solemnity for the office they are privileged to hold.

“For younger people reading this, you may not know what I am talking about. Perhaps you're too young to remember a time when Republicans weren't sending Christmas cards where they posed with assault rifles, or the protagonists of embarrassing outbursts during the president's State of the Union address...

“The conservatives I grew up with in the '80s, '90s and even 2000s were able to comport themselves in a way that was worthy of the institution they were elected to serve in. Back then, Republicans were not a threat to our democracy. They were not an embarrassment, or a liability, to the country. I miss those conservatives.”

Was this piece supposed to be tongue-in-cheek? Probably not. Imagine that, a confessed liberal longing for the days of widespread Republican sell-outs and soft under-belly compromisers, the people who “got things done” by defying their constituents and going their own way regardless of the promises they’d made in campaign after campaign. These RINOs could be counted on to satisfy their own needy personalities in order to please the Democrats, the establishment media and writers like Carli Pierson.

Pierson either isn’t very smart (likely) or isn’t paying attention (also likely), but there are already a good number of mushy Republicans who lack Donald Trump’s eagerness to mix it up with the opposition to reverse the awful trends in the country today. As alluded to above, ten of them exposed themselves last week -- Senators John Cornyn (TX), Thom Tillis (NC), Roy Blunt (MO), Richard Burr (NC), Bill Cassidy (LA), Susan Collins (ME), Lindsey Graham (SC), Rob Portman (OH), Mitt Romney (UT) and, Pat Toomey (PA).

The only name missing from that grouping is Alaska RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski, but she’s up for reelection this year.

Several voted to impeach Trump last year during Nancy Pelosi’s farce second impeachment trial after the Republican president had already left office (purely to deprive him of the possibility of ever running again -- they’re that scared of him) and one of them, flip-flopper extraordinaire Mitt Romney, also chose to convict Trump the year before on the bogus Ukraine phone call quid pro quo impeachment initiated by Democrat Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler.

If one didn’t know better, you would surmise Trump, as president, had turned Sen. Lindsey Graham from an amnesty supporting eternal RINO into a dogged partisan fighter, but the weak version of Graham has reemerged of late. If there’s a “bipartisan” cause to join, the South Carolinian is usually among the first to jump on it. Very disappointing, especially when hoping that politicians can evolve and improve regardless of the swamp. It’s just not true.

Pierson further lists Reps Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar and Matt Gaetz as examples of Trump-loving Republicans who disrespect Congress and should be the first to be kicked out by the voters, or be compulsorily removed by some unnamed force of government stormtroopers -- all for daring to speak their own minds like they were elected to do by their constituents.

Like with other Democrats, the USA Today writer seems to believe that Donald Trump possesses a mystical power over today’s Republicans, causing them to articulate their principles loudly (including during the State of the Union address like Boebert and MTG did in March), appear on TV frequently to champion conservatism and the Constitution and generally make spectacles of themselves while acting as thorns in the sides of Democrats.

No wonder Democrats like Pierson are openly calling for a return to the days when Republicans in the mold of Romney, McCain and George W. Bush meekly rolled over and exposed their vulnerable undersides for the opposition party to relentlessly peck at and destroy. These were the “dignified” GOPers who bought into the nonsense about the merits of “compromise” and “working across the aisle.”

Liberals idolize Cheney in particular for only one reason: her enthusiastic ability to embarrass conservatives and Trump. They certainly don’t admire Cheney’s voting tally, as her recorded votes reveal her as a mainstream Republican at the very least, a status that Nancy Pelosi and crew would normally roundly criticize and disparage.

Put it this way, to liberals, if Cheney had never said a word against Trump or had led the small Republican band of pro-impeachment outcasts (ten strong), then she would’ve returned to her quiet position as an unimportant and mostly anonymous backbencher whose main claim to fame was being (the hated) former vice president Dick Cheney’s little girl.

Democrats despised Trump -- and continue to do so -- precisely because he represented a departure from the old establishment Republicans who could be steamrolled by the leftists into giving up everything they claimed to believe in. The Bush/McCain generation wasn’t the least bit apprehensive about surrendering. Democrats loved them, even if they’d never say so in polite company.

Thankfully, the results of this year’s primaries have revealed that even the more establishment-aligned Republican candidates are still more or less dedicated to Trump’s MAGA agenda, and so is the House leadership, who adopted the “Ultra-MAGA” label without hesitation. Liz Cheney will go down in flames in two months… who will desperate Democrats turn to then?

Just like senile Joe Biden can’t escape the bad news that follows his administration like a cloud of flies trails a horse manure truck, Democrats aren’t getting used to the notion that Liz Cheney and her brand of establishmentarian aren’t long for the American political landscape. There aren’t many GOP turncoats to save the Democrats these days -- and we’re better off for it.

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