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The Treason At Our Southern Border

Friends in Texas alerted us to a Facebook post by Kelly Perry, President of the Kinney County Republican Women, she is in Brackettville, which is on the border, Del Rio, site of the International Bridge is 30 miles west.

Good Morning KCRW! So if you have not looked at Del Rio Facebook you might want to take a look. There are 6000 illegals under bridge and 20,000 coming. The Border Patrol is being moved from the Rio Grande Valley to Del Rio. They need to find housing for 100 Border Patrol. If you can offer help in any way, please call Rhonda. They prefer hunting lodges but they will need rooms if not. Thanks for stepping up if possible!

Attention KCRW!

With 6000 waiting to be processed and 20,000 coming into Del Rio to arrive today. We have a mess on our hands. Not to mention a giant Covid machine. These people don’t have food, water, not to mention enough restrooms. They are probably 50% infected.

My question? How in the world did authorities miss this??? How can this be a surprise??

I’ve watched them coming in line for months now. They are coming to this area because the warring cartel factions from Laredo to the valley is too dangerous. The cartels are stealing the migrants from each other to extort them.

What a mess! No one saw this coming???”

Kelly Perry’s Facebook post was confirmed on Twitter by Charlotte Cuthbertson, reporting for the Epoch Times.

Bill Melugin of Fox News LA subsequently posted this tweet and video:

And this is now apparently real news, because The Washington Post, one of Biden’s chief sources of media aircover, has begun to report on it:

Illegal crossings along the U.S. southern border remained at decades-high levels last month despite the scorching summer heat, as authorities detained 208,887 migrants in August, according to enforcement data released Wednesday by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

It was the first month since President Biden took office that the number of border arrests did not increase, but the August figure was only a 2 percent decline from July, when 212,672 were taken into custody, a 21-year high. CBP has stopped more than 1.2 million border crossers since Biden took office.

When border arrests rose sharply this spring, the president said the increase was consistent with normal seasonal patterns. But crossings have continued to soar regardless of the extreme weather, and U.S. border authorities have struggled to cope with the health, humanitarian and security challenges of the historic influx, particularly as families and children account for a growing share of crossings.

The Washington Post further reported that:

The latest CBP data shows the percentage of migrants returned to Mexico under Title 42 has continued to decline, and in August, only 44 percent of those taken into custody were processed under that authority.

Of the 86,487 family unit members who were detained in August, just 19 percent were sent back under Title 42, the data show. Most are released into the United States and allowed to make humanitarian claims under U.S. law.

Got that? Most of these illegal aliens have been transported to a Border Patrol station, “processed” and released. Meaning they are now at large in America to take American jobs, overwhelm our hospitals and schools and spread the COVID virus in their wake.

The words “crisis” and “disaster” do not describe the illegal alien invasion happening at our southern border right now, because those words imply some sort of unanticipated phenomenon beyond the control of those in charge – and this is not an unanticipated phenomenon – it is planned and directed by the Joe Biden administration, and it is treason, not a crisis.

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17 sept 2021

Let's face it, the -rat party doesn't care about nor will it lift a finger to protect American citizens, mostly for allowing disease-ridden illegals, possible terrorists, and definite criminals-by-definition because they enter the country illegally. More proof: Joke Biden left at least a hundred American citizens in Afghanistan to be abused and murdered by his new BFFs, the Taliban and their terrorist friends Al Qaeda and Hamas. If you think he won't abandon you too, my fellow Americans...I have a bridge I'd like to sell you...

Me gusta
Contestando a

For only 24 bucks . . . ! Don't forget how we armed the Taliban by leaving behind all that state-of-the-art military equipment, rosie.

Me gusta

The acts of destroying our sovereignty is the result of ignoring the Biden agenda and his absolute and intentional act to create this border crisis by violating every immigration law on the books and crippling our border security....this results in human trafficking, cartel enhancement, terrorist. perverts and murderers, drugs, disease and virus, money making extortion schemes for crime cartels and I have no doubt that there are American politicians who are in on the profits being made by the cartels, this kind of money buys a lot of political CYA and influence, we are not hearing of any political investigations into this kind of illegal influence....yet....Continuing acts by this Faux WH admin are those of malicious intent, they are not…

Me gusta
Contestando a

Great points. McCarthy is just another RINO moderate wannabe. We'd be better served were he the late Senator McCarthy, a patriot and a hero of mine who was vilified for speaking the truth about the threat of communism.

Me gusta

If we would all just take the Biden jab, all our problems will go away, folks . . . ! :)

TRUMP 2024 & 2028!! DEO VINDICE!!!

Me gusta

So, everything is going as planned. Just like the Afganistan surrender.

Me gusta
Contestando a

Bingo! Treason at the border? The Biden administration is nothing but treason . . . !

Me gusta

My wife is from Del Rio and we have many relatives and friends there. We usually visit Del Rio about six to eight times every year, but we are being warned to stay away for now. Del Rio is a community of around 35,000 or so and it simply doesn't have the facilities or resources available to deal with this problem. Two months ago when we visited Del Rio, it seemed like hundreds of state troopers were massed there. Even they are not enough to cope with this influx. I'm glad to see The Washington Post has finally picked up on this problem, but when is the Biden Administration going to recognize it and do something?

Me gusta
Contestando a

The Bidet admin has no plans of securing the rule of law for Americans or keeping any American safe....that is evident...

Me gusta
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