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This Is A Bigger Scandal Than The Red Chinese Spy Balloon

Last week a Communist Chinese spy balloon overflew some of America’s most sensitive military installations, and it wasn’t until public pressure mounted that President Joe Biden

acknowledged the unprecedented Red Chinese spy flights and eventually had the Air Force shootdown the balloon and its payload of spy gear.

The contrast between Joe Biden’s passive response to the Chinese Communist spying and the tough posture former President Donald Trump took toward the hostile actions of Red China could not have been greater, and the former President, and members of his administration, were quick to say if Trump was still in the White House the Communists wouldn’t have dared to try such a thing.

So, it was a huge surprise (but maybe it shouldn’t have been) when “anonymous sources” at the Pentagon spoke-up to derail the “Joe Biden is soft on Red China” narrative with claims that not one, but THREE Red Chinese spy balloons overflew the United States while Trump was President.

These claims sparked outraged denials from Trump and senior members of his national security staff, such as former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, who tweeted:

But the story took an even more bizarre turn when the Gateway Pundit broke a story quoting Rep. Michael Waltz as saying the Pentagon told HIM about Red Chinese spy balloons overflying the United States, but the military chiefs didn’t tell President Trump or his senior staff.

As The Gateway Pundit wrote:

Rep Waltz says current Pentagon officials briefed him over the weekend and said Chinese spy balloons crossed over Texas and Florida during the Trump years.

Waltz then dropped this bomb. Rep. Waltz said that General Mattis was Secretary of Defense at the time and decided not to inform President Trump because the Pentagon thought Trump was “too provocative and aggressive!”

Waltz, who represents Florida’s military-heavy 6th congressional district, has a distinguished military and civilian national security record and is not exactly the kind of guy who can be B.S.ed by some Pentagon flacks trying to cover for Biden.

So, what really happened?

According to reporting by the Daily Mail, the Pentagon claimed on Saturday that three such balloons flew over parts of the U.S. when Donald Trump was president. They were not detected until President Joe Biden took office, an unnamed senior Defense official is quoted as saying.

The Defense Department later said that “Chinese balloons briefly transited the continental United States at least three times during the prior administration.”

And on Sunday, Fox News reported that at least one balloon flew over parts of Texas and Florida while Trump was in office.

Got that?

However, former President Trump. former Defense Secretary Mike Esper, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former NSC Adviser John Bolton, former NSC Adviser Robert O’Brien, former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grinnell and former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe say they never heard of any intrusion into US airspace by Chinese balloons.

But, years after the fact the Biden Pentagon “detected” the Trump era balloons.

President Trump’s former National Security Advisor John Bolton, who famously clashed with Trump during his White House tenure, was quick to call B.S. on the story of the post-election “detections.”

“Well, if it wasn't detected when it happened, how did we detect it more recently? Did the Biden administration invent a time machine?” Bolton asked on CNN’s “This Morning.”

“What is the basis of this new detection? Now, I understand the administration has offered to brief former national security officials from the Trump administration.”

“As far as I know, every Trump administration official who has been asked, has said they didn't know anything about it,” Bolton said of the three balloons.

“I will say this, if there was any actual knowledge that these balloons were over the United States and higher authority wasn't told, that's a serious problem.”

A serious problem indeed, with some longtime Mattis critics calling it treason.

So, did Mattis withhold information from his Commander-in-Chief or is this Democrat operatives at the Pentagon trying to derail the “Biden is weak on Red China” narrative?

It seems clear to us that if Mattis did withhold information about Red Chinese overflights of the United States it is a serious violation of his responsibilities as Secretary of Defense and the principle of civilian control of the military. There’s only one way to get to the bottom of this – call General Mattis in to testify under oath before a congressional hearing.

The Capitol Switchboard is (202) 224-3121 we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators and Representative, tell them you want prompt congressional oversight hearings on Red Chinese espionage in the United States and a thorough investigation into the Pentagon’s alleged failure to inform then-President Trump and senior administration and congressional officials about previous Red Chinese balloon overflights.

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We need the Strangelove general to rescue us, folks. Instead of brilliant generals like Patton and MacArthur, we have idiots like Milley.


There is an old saying that goes something like: "he let all the horses out of the corral before he closed the gate." Joe Biden allowed the balloon to finish its mission before he shot it down. If he isn't in collusion with XI, then I'll give up wine. As for Mattis, if he knew anything and didn't tell the president, he is treasonous and should be hung. We have an underfunded military with too few ships and missile systems that are rapidly becoming out of date. There are still B-52 bombers in our inventory, the newest of which is over 60 years old. Would we put a 60 year old race car in the Indy 500 and exp…

Replying to

Yes we are in big trouble. Communist China may be a bigger threat than the Soviet Union ever was. The GOP is totally at fault here. They deserted President Trump and handed Quid Pro Quo Joe the White House in 2020, and totally collapsed in last year's "red puddle" mid-term election.


Feb 07, 2023

By the way, no Trump Administration official should take up Biden's offer to get briefed on past spy balloons. To tell the truth, Biden's people should not be in charge of the government today. They are there because they rigged an election and got away with it. No Trump person should lend them legitimacy by getting "briefed" by them. A self-serving briefing, because they know this looks bad for them. But I suppose that the "Man with Honor," Mike Pence, will be more than happy to strut on over to receive this briefing.


Feb 07, 2023

I have to laugh at this pathetic attempt here by Little Joe Biden to suggest that the Orange Man also had a problem with balloons. The story, I believe, is false. How does such a thing happen and no civilians saw it? How is it that the rabid media didn't know about it and maul Trump over it? Surely they could have speculated that they were Russian balloons! How is it that the only person who might have known is Maddog Mattis, who didn't tell Trump (The President) and apparently didn't tell anyone else? I don't buy it. But let's say it's true. Trump cannot act on something he was unaware of. The difference is that Biden knew about this…

Feb 07, 2023
Replying to

My wish is for McCarthy to rip up the speech at the end like Pelosi did to Trump, but I'm not tuning in to see if he will (he won't). Biden is illegitimate and I can't stand to look at him or hear him speak. Especially after this last year where he's shown his totalitarian hand.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Feb 07, 2023

The Biden White House response to the Chinese spy balloon is now known as verbal democrat fickle matter, who do these people really represent? Biden family Chinese corruption is now a real question of National Security for our Nation..

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