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Timing exposes China’s weaponization of virus

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) aggressively rejected the World Health Organization (WHO) call for a fresh investigation into the deadly global virus. [] But a closer look raises more questions and

serious problems for the CCP.

Anyone who watches the television series Forensic Files knows that the criminal hides his crimes in order to escape punishment. Such actions as hammering of phones, destroying emails, scrubbing the wet-market, forcing medical experts to change or delete publications all make coverups possible. But, as in Forensic Files, the criminal leaves a trail and any innovative reporter can uncover the tailings.

Unfortunately, too many reporters are lazy or are just following the hand-fed press releases, repeating like lemmings the narrative dictated to them. This article documents a disturbing case in point. It is a story of international intrigue and a global plot to divide the forces of freedom versus the overlords of captive peoples.


A little footnote in a press account of a spat between two political rivals in Brazil [] raises a two-fold flag. Joao Doria, the Brazilian governor of the state of Sao Paulo, is a potential opponent of the populist Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

The governor wanted to embarrass the president and appear like he was taking action to defend his state from the Wuhan Virus. On the other hand, the president did not want to blindly risk the health of his nation’s citizens to the circumspect and dubious actions of the Chinese communist.

In this fight, the Chinese communists saw an opening to divide support for the popular president. After all, President Bolsonaro is no fan of the communists in China. In an attempt to add fuel to the fire, China offered its vaccine to Governor Doria.

This offer reveals two things. It raises the question of how China had a COVID vaccine in a timeframe all pundits said was impossible, but also shows China’s use of the virus and vaccine to ingrain their influence in other nations – something to which the U.S. should not turn a blind eye.

What might a sleuth pull from all these actions by the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA)?

Upon further investigation, it turns out that CNN reported in the summer of 2020 that the Chinese were constructing a massive building to produce the vaccine. In the same general timeframe, the Chinese were giving the vaccine to its own citizens. []

As Sherlock Holmes might say, “it’s elementary, my dear Watson.” The timing here pulls apart much of the drummed-up narrative hoisted upon the world by communist China. Hard evidence of timing is not fudgeable.


Most of us Americans lived through the tortuous election of 2020 and can remember the calls and mockery by renowned medical experts denouncing as lies President Trump’s claims that the vaccine would be developed by the end of the year.

But President Trump tore apart the rule book. He cut red tape and lavished billions of dollars on free enterprise. He called for a new way to make vaccines. The political class and the “science experts” saw his efforts as laughable and outrageously ignorant.

The bellicose critics continued their loud oppositions. Indeed, in 2020, candidate Biden promised that he would not take the vaccine because of its association with Donald Trump. And “expert” Dr. Fauci said there was no way we’d have a vaccine in 2020; that, at the earliest, it wouldn’t be developed until 2021.


As Biden’s spokesman says, “let us circle back” to China and do simple calculations. A reporter can ask any scientist or medical expert if the vaccine could be made in weeks or days. Still, to this day – it’s clear.

The world did not have the skills nor the knowledge to speed development of the vaccine. Even with President Trump’s Warp Speed initiative, it would take the better part of a year, billions of dollars, and a network of global scientists to make the vaccines. Everyone said it was an impossible task to do quickly. The task was bigger than the Manhattan Project. More importantly, the Chinese chose to use the longer traditional method of making the vaccine.

Which brings us to the timing and math. How did China possibly research, develop, and produce a vaccine in less than 2-3 months?

The sale to Brazil was in July 2020, just 10-20 weeks after the CCP said the virus was found. China was administering the vaccine to its citizens in the summer of 2020, just a few months after CCP’s declaration they had the virus.

This timing presents a conundrum raising many disturbing questions. Who made the Chinese vaccine? When exactly was it developed? And, most importantly, why? But there are no reporters investigating this miracle.

Given most experts’ estimates, the Chinese vaccine would have had to be under development by 2019, 2018, or even earlier.

It appears that the vaccine was made months BEFORE the virus was set loose on the world, calling into question the Chinese narrative and pointing directly at a deliberate release of the virus – a weaponization - germ warfare.

This also exonerates the much-maligned and courageous whistleblower, Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan, who all along said it was the Chinese military who developed, released and spread the virus. Most reporters, let alone the World Health Organization, will not ask the hard questions including, how did the communist Chinese have the vaccine before the virus was released?

Any claim that the vaccine was made in days or weeks is absolutely impossible according to the experts who in 2020 said vaccine development would take 2-10 years. Thus, leftists are left with the dilemma – do they continue embracing “experts” who say a lengthy development time is required, or do they acknowledge that China was developing the virus and vaccine at the same time long before the virus was ever released?

This timing points directly to weaponization of the virus by CCP.

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5 Yorum

Weaponization and deliberate use by the CCP. But now we have Biden (who earns a substantial portion of his income via his son Hunter) in the hot seat to deal with the CCP. Do we expect anything positive? This does raise an interesting question. If the Chinese had sufficient time to develop a real vaccine, maybe it actually works and is safer than the current junk being injected into American arms. It sure would be great if the CCP would share it's formula with the rest of the world. Not holding my breath.


It always seems to take years to uncover what we already know to be true. Strange, yes?


Randy Locher
Randy Locher
11 Ağu 2021

China and the Chinese people are the smartest Nation on earth. On the World stage of Chess, China is the undisputed Champion, America couldn't even win a hand playing Old Maid.

Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

I think the Chinese are very industrious and have had centuries to develop their wisdom. Their export products do NOT live up to that age-old wisdom. They are also busy stealing technology from other countries (can't develop their own, inferiority, etc.?): 'smartest' or just cunning and ruthless? And any country that allows the likes of Xi Jinping to be their "leader" seriously can't be considered that smart. Donald Trump had China's 'number' ---- hence the release of the virus. Smartest? I don't think so.


Marky Polo
Marky Polo
11 Ağu 2021

Intelligent people suspected this. Unfortunately, the world is full of idiots and morons.

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